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100G Mountain
100G Mountain.png
Japanese 100ジーマウンテン
Romanized Hyaku Jī Maunten
English 100G Mountain
Location Area 7
Affiliation PAIR
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 298
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The 100G Mountain is located deep inside Area 7 in Gourmet World. It is a huge mountain, towering far above all the surrounding mountains. Acacia's soup PAIR can be captured there, as it is the place where Monkey King Bambina lives.


100G Mountain Bottom.png

As one approaches the peak of the mountain, gravity becomes 10 to a 100 times greater that of ground level. The mountain-area around the 100G Mountain is nicknamed the Zero Mountain Range, because of the lack of oxygen, which makes breathing impossible. The mountain is a preeminent danger zone, even within the Gourmet World. It is said that when one sets foot on it, descending the mountain is impossible.[1]



The mountain was made out of the crushed remains of hundreds of millions of organisms. Under the mountain, Bambina made a tomb for his deceased mate. According to Coco, Bambina placed the coffin of his mate there because the area of 100G Mountain releases a special magnetic force which reacts to the flesh of living creatures. This way, Bambina made sure its mate would never become hungry, as creatures would always be pulled to her tomb because of the special gravity. Over the years, all the remains that collected on top of the tomb would eventually form 100G Mountain.[2]

PAIR Arc[]

After the Four Heavenly Kings 'battle' against he Monkey King had ended and they had successfully acquired PAIR, the mountain came crumbling down, revealing the small tomb of Bambina's past love. It was then the Four Heavenly Kings understood the importance of the Monkey Dance and what it meant to Bambina, as it reminded him of his departed beloved.[2]


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