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This article pertains to the salad in Acacia's menu. For the Nitro of the same name, see AIR (Nitro).
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The largest Air Fruit, AIR
IGO Icon 2.png Name IGO Icon 2.png
Japanese エア
Romanized Ea
Aliases Food King (しょくおう Shoku-Ō)
IGO Icon 2.png Statistics IGO Icon 2.png
Type Air Fruit
Capture Level 6,200
Location Slow Rain Hills
Length 500m
Weight 10,000,000t
Price 1kg / 100,000,000 yen
Mushroom.png Debut Appearance Sushi.png
Manga Gourmet 287
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AIR (エア Ea) the "Food King" (しょくおう Shoku-Ō) is the salad dish in both Toriko and Acacia's Full Course Menus. It can be found in the Slow Rain Hills in Area 8 of the Gourmet World. AIR is in actuality a giant Air Fruit which grows on the branches of the humongous Giant Air Tree and long ago AIR supplied an abundance of life giving air to the planet's atmosphere and the native life of Area 8, but that was before the Blue Nitros began to harvest all the AIR fruits prematurely using their technology, and they have been continuously doing so for thousands of years which has kept all AIR fruits from ripening and releasing their air ever since. After Komatsu, the Heavenly Kings and the Hex Food Beast Knights completed the true preparation of AIR, it now stands not only as part of Acacia's Full Course Menu but also stands as part of Toriko's own Full Course Menu.


AIR is a gigantic Air Fruit that has the appearance of a giant ball of clouds that are swirling around each other. AIR is gigantic in size and is around 1/3 the size of the Air Tree that it grows on. It has a perfectly round shape and its stem is quite thin yet still able to support its size. AIR weighs in excess of 5 quadrillion tons as it contains 5 quadrillion tons of air in addition to the fruit's solid mass which possesses a density similar to that of lead.

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Once AIR matures, it falls from the Giant Air Tree and once it hits the ground, air will burst out from it and blow away all of the clouds on the continent. One fruit has enough air in it to provide an atmosphere to blanket an entire planet. It is even capable of blowing around the thick mist and clouds that hang over Area 8. This also creates several tangible "Rainbow Bridges" to the other continents of the Gourmet World. AIR also makes the air surrounding it so dense that Rain falls at a slow pace and even people have trouble walking through the region.


Being an item of Acacia's Full Course Menu and Area 8's Food King, AIR's preparation difficulty is very high, with Froese and Komatsu being the only known people to be capable of preparing it. Currently only the Daruma Hermit knows the method to prepare AIR which he learned from some particular contacts. Melk the First made a knife capable of preparing it. The fact that it took Melk the First, the best knife sharpener in the world, six years to create a knife capable of preparing it shows just how difficult AIR's preparation is.

The Daruma Hermit of the Hex Food World knows how to prepare it, but hasn't gotten a chance to since the Blue Nitro always take it before the residents of Hex Food World can.

Komatsu, after reaching the ingredient itself, instantly realizes that AIR itself should be fully ripened in order to unleash the ingredient's true potential taste, reaching up to 120% of taste if prepared correctly. By preparing it the moment it hits the ground, it would unleash the most desirable of taste possible. Melk The First created Ichiryu's knife with the most incredible sharpness, not only to prepare AIR with but to also lessen the time it takes for AIR to ripen. By cutting the intense amount of air that the ingredient unleashes around them using Ichiryu's Knife, the dense air is removed from the area, allowing for ease of movement and for AIR to ripen faster.

There are two methods to prepare the fruit itself depending on the desired level of taste.

Incomplete Method[]

AIR's cooking Incomplete Method.

The first method can be used before the fruit fully ripens and is both quicker and easier, but as a result, it loses a lot of its flavor. This method involves letting AIR release the air within it in order to cool down the fruit, sealing the 70% of the remaining good taste within. However since the this means having areas of the fruit being broken due to the number of areas where the air escapes, the remaining 30% of the good taste escapes along with the air that it releases. 

This method also severely damages the ecosystem by hindering AIR's role in purifying Area 8's atmosphere of the Horse King's toxins.

True Method[]

AIR's cooking True Method.

The second method is much more difficult, and can only be done when the fruit fully ripens, but as a result, the flavor is beyond 100%. The method discovered by Komatsu, which unleashes up to 120% of the desired taste, is to prepare AIR itself by actually letting the air inside escape through a single hole therefore maintaining the fruit's shape and form without having any other areas being broken. By allowing the air to escape from the single hole, the air inside unleashes into a single stream like burst when it hits the ground, allowing the fruit to cool down and sealing in all of the taste as the fruit itself maintains its form without having any other broken areas where the air can escape. With this method, the taste which usually escapes from the fruit are kept inside as there is only a single escape area and since the air inside rushes to escape when it hits the ground, the remaining taste cannot escape through the single occupied hole that the air is escaping from. 

The True Method also has the same effect as dropping AIR without preparation, and has no negative effects on Area 8's ecosystem.

As Food[]

AIR fully prepared.

Being the Salad Dish of Acacia's Full Course Menu, a properly prepared AIR is similar to that of a cabbage when being prepared as food except gigantic in size. Its skin comes in large number of layers that can be removed piece by piece. The layer of skin itself is large enough to provide many servings of AIR itself as well. A small, plate size slice weighs the same as lead but has flexible properties to it. Unlike most salad based dishes, AIR's actual texture is much more similar to a high class creature's meat instead of a fruit or vegetable . A small portion of AIR has enough concentrated oxygen to increase ones vision to the point where they can see space as clear as day for a short duration of time.[1]

Consuming AIR fully awakens the Gourmet Cells of the left arm.[2]

When one consumes AIR in a meal, the nutritional values of AIR allows to fully utilize the atmosphere around them. Simple breathing can heal a person's body from simple cuts to deep wounds and bone damage and along with these regenerative capabilities, AIR provides a person with the ability to spend many hours without breathing. It is likely that the fresh air within AIR also has these kinds of nutritional values as the Horse King Heracles is capable of living thousands of years without breathing.[3]

Many cooked forms of AIR

AIR can be prepared into many kinds of dishes despite being a salad in Acacia's Full Course Menu. Due to its different properties that not only match many high quality ingredients but also match ingredients of different categories (example is having meat properties despite being considered a fruit) AIR is an ingredient that can be very versatile when being cooked into dishes such as AIR Steak, Coleslaw Style AIR Salad, Stir Fry AIR & Basil ,Deep Fried AIR and AIR & Hell Kong Amakarani. Though it is noted that it loses some of its flavor when heated.[3]

Other Uses[]

Because of AIR's high qualities and different properties, it can also be used for certain supplementary uses other than being food. One of the notable uses for AIR that doesn't involve consuming is the use of AIR as a potential safety capsule bed which regulates oxygen to the person within the capsule. The first instance that AIR was used in such a manner is during the Heavenly King's trip to Zero Mountain Range, the Heavenly Kings used AIR as a capsule bed for Komatsu after sending some of AIR itself within his stomach to keep oxygen regulating around Komatsu as they enter Zero Mountain Range.



Bubble Fruit Arc[]

Ichiryu asks about the knife for preparing AIR, and Melk the First answers that it's complete.[4]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Ichiryu, Melk the First, and Atashino arrive at Slow Rain Hills to prepare the Salad Dish,[5] but are interrupted by the arrival of Midora.[6]

AIR Arc[]

Toriko and Komatsu eat AIR and decide to add it as Toriko's Salad Dish.[1]

Octo-chan is tasked with travelling between the Human World and the Gourmet World to deliver AIR and other Gourmet World ingredients.[7]

PAIR Arc[]

In preparation for travelling through the Zero Mountain Range, Denshark is fed AIR and Komatsu is force fed and wrapped in pieces. The Four Heavenly Kings eat it multiple times to replenish their strength.[8]

Brunch travels to Gourmet Corp.'s base, the Sea Mountain,[9] and delivers AIR to Midora[10] and Starjun.[11]


AIR from First Kitchen

When Komatsu visited Blue Grill's Kitchen of Eternity, he helped finish the cooking of AIR.[12] The Ten-Shell Five ate the Salad Dish and complimented Komatsu's ability.[13]

GOD Arc[]

AIR and Ozone Herb

At Toriko and Rin's wedding reception, the Salad Dish, is served atop of some Ozone Grass.


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