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Story Arc Info
Story Arc: AIR Arc
Chapters: 272 - 294
Episodes: None
Description: The Four Heavenly Kings depart along with Komatsu in their first adventure together in the Gourmet World to capture Acacia's Salad.
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Billion Bird Arc
Followed by: PAIR Arc

The AIR Arc is the 18th story arc of the manga series, Toriko.


Departure to the Gourmet World[]

The safety monster Octomelon.

After meeting up with Chichi and getting Ichiryu's message, the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu, ready to head into the Gourmet World, say their farewells to Chichi. Just as they are about to depart, a fairly big Octopus possessing a body pattern like a watermelon emerges. With a Capture Level of 265, the beast's name is dubbed as "Camping Monster", Octomelon. The beast is said to have unbreakable "safe zone" and is to be used by the kings in the harsh environment of the Gourmet World. Sunny expresses his disgust, however finding out Ichiryu prepared it himself for their convenience reduces his distaste. The Four kings and Komatsu then say their farewells to Chichi and hope to cross paths with him once again in the Gourmet World. Chichi tells them baton's been passed to them youngsters as Toriko's party departs for the Harbor where everyone awaits.

Toriko getting farewell wishes from Rin.

The Heavenly Kings and Komatsu arrive to the Toriko Harbor where they find everyone waiting for the. Toriko says his farewells to Rin, promising to bring GOD as their wedding cake. Mansam hands Toriko a bag that containing key things for use in Gourmet World, among them being the new Capture Level Measuring Device. He also explains the method of territory marking and how it is to be used for supplying the human world populous.  Aimaru and Match confront Toriko stating that they will be right behind them (in entering the Gourmet World) and Toriko implies he will be eagerly waiting. Komatsu and Takimaru share some pleasantries as Melk gives Komatsu a grind stone apron and a grind stone shoes through which he can sharpen his knife as many times as he wants. Komatsu thanks her, giving her a promise that he will prepare Acacia's Full Course Menu with the Melk Kitchen Knife, her product. Sunny finishes up with Ponkochi and Zebra has a comedic scene with villagers of Sand Garden when they wish him good luck, he asks who they were. Match says his farewells to Coco promising that they will come to support them soon but they have to eat a good number of Gourmet World ingredients before they can go. Coco guarantees him that they will sending the ingredients soon.

The chefs of Human World ensure Komatsu that he can count on them for cooking the ingredients sent for the Gourmet World, Following this, Yun comes running to Komatsu as the young chef agrees to take him along. Toriko, Sunny and Coco call forth their animal partners who come prepared with a bag around their back. The animal partners enter the Octomelon's "insides" using it as a "room". The Four Kings announce their goals for venturing in the Gourmet World firstly Toriko stating he will get "GOD" and complete his full course menu, Secondly, Coco goes on and declares he will capture "ATOM", Thirdly, Sunny discloses that he will attain "EARTH", Fourthly, Zebra issues that he will eat anything tasty as Komatsu concludes by promising he will prepare it all. Then they head to the third entrance of Gourmet World, Yutou Island, the Harbor of Evil Spirits.

The Harbor of Evil Spirits[]

The working process pf the Riddle Chapter

The Octomelon which Toriko and the others are riding cruises through the ocean. Everyone are residing in Chichi's Tree House which was on the top of the Octomelon. Komatsu is holding a tray and they ask what it was. Komatsu explains that it is a tablet computer terminal which doubles as a food tray and is also the new Capture Level Measuring Device. Toriko asks how it works. Komatsu explains that they have to wear a wristband and then point the a laser which comes out of it to an ingredient and then the tablet shows its Capture Level and other information available. Zebra asks how the tray can show the details of Gourmet World beasts. Komatsu says that it was manufactured based on certain Gourmet ID Cards which were left beside the pillow of Mansam while was sleeping and when he checked the cards, he found that it had data of 300,000 Human World ingredients along many Gourmet World ingredients. Toriko says that only a few people in the world have eaten so many ingredients. Komatsu tells the name of the device as the Riddle Chapter.

The Octomelon trapped passing through the Thorn Sea

Zebra wonders how long they will be able to use it and notices a beast. He asks Komatsu to use it on the beast. Komatsu says that the device has no limit on range as long as the laser reaches a target. Toriko uses the laser and Komatsu gets an input on the Riddle Chapter. Komatsu says that it is a Raliengler Fish which has a Capture Level of 299 and gets worried are supposed to be still in the Human World. Coco explains that the Yutou Island was right in front of them and it might be most likely that the beast made it past the Poison Tide but also that the beast is stronger than the Octomelon. The beast then finds the Octomelon and prepares to attack. Suddenly the Ralienglar Fish is stabbed right into its body. They find that a wave stabbed it. Coco says that they were in the Thorn Sea. Komatsu notices beasts of Capture Level 200 getting stabbed by the Thorn Sea. Toriko asks Komatsu to get in the house. The Heavenly Kings use their attacks to stop the waves which were going to stab the Octomelon. Toriko then notices a Frosh riding the waves unaffected. He tries to point the laser of the wristband he was wearing but fails to do so.

The Geography of Yutou Island

They get out of the Thorn Sea safely. Toriko wonders what that Frosh was. Coco says that they have reached harbor and the third entrance to the Gourmet World, Yutou Island, the Harbor of Evil Spirits. They see a large number of ship wrecks. Coco says that Yutou Island is a continent of mist that deceives all invaders and even the most advanced ships will run aground without ever finding land if they lose their way. Toriko points to a floating ship and says that even spirits are waving at them much to the surprise of Komatsu. Toriko says that Gourmet World has 8 major continents and according to Chichi, they are divided into different areas and they will first enter Area 8 through Yutou Island which is said to have Acacia's Salad, AIR located somewhere within it. They reach the shore and are excited about taking their first step into the land of Gourmet Food.

The Octomelon falling through the air

Just as the Octomelon took the first step on the land, the fog clears up and they fall through it. Just as they were panicking, Quinn comes out of the Octomelon's stomach and grabs a piece of land with its mouth. The Octomelon grabs Quinn and stops the free-fall. But then a school of Torpedo Sausages attack Quinn and almost cut her body into two parts but Kiss timely saves her by drilling into the Torpedo Sausages. Then another beast Armlan Phoelynx flies towards them and catches the Torpedo Sausages. Yun who tries to attack the beast gets scared and flies back to Komatsu. Just as Zebra who was feeling bored and decides to head into the house to take a nap, Komatsu points out to a huge head embedded in a wheel shows up. Then fog surrounds Coco and Toriko and takes them away from the Octomelon by grabbing them. Zebra gets annoyed and uses his Voice Missile at the mysterious head but it dodges them all. Sunny extends his air towards Coco but couldn't reach him. Terry comes out of the Octomelon's stomach but Toriko asks her to stay away and protect the others and asks Zebra to set up a barrier. Komatsu asks Zebra why he is not helping them. Zebra replies that they must avoid being wiped out and Sunny says that Toriko and Coco will be fine and asks if the Riddle Chapter had a communication device. Komatsu says it has it but he cannot get a connection. Zebra couldn't use his Echo Location due to the dense fog but Sunny had made sure to have a tracker on them. Meanwhile Coco and Toriko are being carried away by the fog. Coco notices something and asks Toriko if he can smell anything. Toriko says that it was food. Then they reach a street filled with shops serving hot food.

The Real Mist[]

Toriko and Coco in the street filled with restaurants.

After seeing restaurants lined up in a street in Gourmet World, Toriko and Coco are amazed as even the food was real. Then a Frosh who was sitting at a restaurant says that the Real Mist was neither a lie nor a truth and in Gourmet World all there was believing or disbelieving and only those who believe can eat and asks if they will eat with him. Toriko readily begins to eat the food while Coco isn't quite sure. Since Toriko says he believes and the Frosh decides to treat him. Toriko says that he never found a spot like this during the one and half years he spent in the Gourmet World. Coco finds that there was no poison in the food. When the mist cleared, the frosh commented weather didn't matter as everyday was a perfect day to eat in the Gourmet World. Toriko replies that it was the same in the Human World and asks his name as he never met a frog who can speak. The Frosh explains that whatever common sense they had will be crushed and a new common sense will take its place piece by piece which goes for appearances, smell and even tastes. Coco asks the Frosh what the Real Mist was and it replies that Real Mist is a simple form of weather in the Gourmet World but it holds infinite possibilities.

The Leech Heel talking.

Toriko apologizes for pointing the laser at him in the Thorn Sea. The Frosh assures that it doesn't mind it. Toriko then points the laser at the Frosh and asks why it isn't dodging it now and who he was as he was not the same one he saw at the Thorn Sea. The body of the Frosh suddenly dries up and it says that while everyday was a perfect day to eat, it was also a perfect day to die at the Gourmet World. Toriko tries to contact Komatsu through the wristband. Komatsu gets a connection but he couldn't speak but got some data. Sunny with the tracker he put on them senses that they are surrounded. Back at the restaurant, a mysterious creature comes out of the restaurant and says that the price for the meal was blood and the Frosh's blood was not enough to pay. It then attacks Coco and Toriko. They dodge the attack but soon find themselves surrounded by the beasts.

Coco using his Poison Doll to fool the Leech Heel.

The creature was a Leech Heel having a Capture Level of 307 and it says that they cannot dine and dash on their watch. Toriko's body suddenly gets blood sucked out. After seeing the a leech on the Frosh, removes his shirt and finds leeches all over his body. The street then vanishes and Coco understands the working of Real Mist and why the beasts are not sucking on his blood as it contains poison. The beasts attack him with 'Leech Bullet' but Coco dodges it and uses his Poison Boomerang. But a beast catches him and blasts him with its attack but it just happens to be 'Poison Doll' of Coco. The leeches die from sucking the poison. Coco says that what they have been fighting were his Poison Dolls. Coco says that they were Dolls from the moment they found the town and they should be more aware of what was around them. Coco uses his 'Poison Mist' which he spread using his poison boomerangs. All the Leech Heels die from Coco's poison.

The Soy Road Silks attacking Toriko and Coco

The real Coco and Toriko emerge from the mist and Coco states that the life of his poison doll was almost up. Toriko asks him if it was the power of the monster inside him. Coco explains that his 'Poison Life' animates poison and makes dolls which have same emotions and behavior of the original human and can only make 2 dolls at present as it takes up considerable amount of energy and that it was annoying since Sunny's touches were warning him non stop. Then the boss and mastermind of the island shows which were the same strange Wheel Heads which brought them to the island in the first place. Toriko asks Coco to stand back as it was his turn. Meanwhile Komatsu gets the data in the Riddle Chapter concerning about the beast on which Toriko pointed his laser. Komatsu gets worried on seeing the display which read as "Soy Milk Road" which had a capture level of 487.

Toriko using his mortifying intimidation.

Sunny with his 'Remote Hair' felt that Toriko and Coco were far outnumbered by the beasts. Back at Toriko and Coco, the Soy Milk Roads say that it has been a long time since a Human came to the Harbor of Evil Spirits and they will enjoy eating them. Toriko who knew that they have been seeing illusions from beginning asks the beasts if they like to see his illusions. Toriko then creates an intimidation with his Appetite Devil on the Soy Milk Road. The intimidation was so mortifying that the Soy Milk Roads got a number of illusions of them getting fried, taken in a barbeque stick and made into soup. Due to this the Soy Milk Road loses consciousness and the mist clears up. Everyone gets surprised when the mist clears up as they find themselves on land with Toriko being very near to the Octomelon. Zebra and Toriko already knew the trick behind the mist.

Toriko explains to the rest about the mist and the illusions they saw because of the mist. Coco understands the effect on Toriko during his year and half time in the Gourmet World and applauds Toriko for defeating the beast with just intimidation. Toriko replies that he used his Ultimate Routine and he can handle beast of capture level 500-600 with just intimidation. Zebra wakes up and says that he's hungry.

The Heavenly Kings, their animal partners, Komatsu and Ocotomelon having a meal.

Toriko notices the Soy Milk Road he defeated and says that 'Soy Milk Tears' are flooding from his eyes and the smoke around his body is the 'Tofu Skin'. Komatsu decides to have a meal and cooks all the ingredients they defeated so far and makes tasty dishes. Everyone including the animal partners and the Octomelon have a good meal. Komatsu expresses his happiness upon being able to journey and eat together. Just then a Frog riding a car arrived. It spoke in a language Toriko and the others didn't understand. Toriko and the others don't understand a thing even after it completed speaking.

The Golden Swamp and the Gold Labyrinth[]

The frog upon realizing that Toriko and the others couldn't understand him apologies for speaking to them in frog-speak. Toriko understands that it was the same frog he saw riding a wave in the Thorn Sea. The frog says that Toriko was correct and starts speaking frog-speak again as he was about to introduce himself.

Mappy introducing his Croakswagon.

The frog corrected himself and said he was Mappy, a Travel Frog from the Hex Food World and also introduced his beloved car, Croakswagon. He then said that he came to pick them on the request of the Daruma Hermit. Zebra remembers the Daruma Hermit and so does Komatsu as Zebra's Full Course Menu had an item belonging to him. Mappy says that he is the chief of their village. Komatsu also remembers Brunch and Mappy says that he was also waiting for them at the Hex Food World. Komatsu becomes excited at being able to have a feast at the Hex Food World but Sunny seems less excited as he didn't prefer food that didn't look beautiful. Toriko decides to go and asks Mappy to lead to the way. Mappy and the others climb on Octo-chan and says to follow Croakswagon. Croakswagon disappears in a second and Octo-chan tries hard to keep up.

While traveling through the Yutou Island, Mappy explains that the island is like a maze and is really hard to go through even when the Real Mist clears up and especially during the 'Night'. Mappy says that their basic fighting ability was more than enough as they easily defeated the Soy Road Silk and even made it past the Thorn Sea. Coco says that the coffee break that Mappy took riding a wave is something they couldn't do.

The footprint of Heraku.

Komatsu asks Mappy why the Nights in the Gourmet World are dangerous. Mappy replies that the 'Night' in the Gourmet World is when the Eight Kings become active. Just as Mappy was about to tell them about the current Eight Kings, Toriko and the others felt a strange aura which affected their senses. The Croakswagon went through there as it was a shortcut. Octo-chan quivers at the sight of a large footstep. Mappy explains that Heraku is one of the Eight Kings and the ruler of Area 8 continent and the footprint was the one it made several thousand years ago. Zebra notices that there was not a single blade of grass growing on the footprint. Mappy says that Heraku might have been angry when he made that footprint and further explains that depending on the mood of the Eight Kings, the footprints can become flower fields or beautiful lakes. Komatsu says that a single footprint like that would be enough to be registered as a World Gourmet Natural Heritage site in the Human World.

Mappy says that the beasts become stronger and the environment harsher during the Night and among them are travel paths that have been formed since ancient times by creatures that pioneered the Gourmet World avoiding harsh environments and the Eight Kings known as Gourmet Highways which are some the very few safe roads in the Gourmet World which don't cover the whole Gourmet World and also have some dangerous places in them too.

A typical example of a Gourmet Highway which avoids the dangers

Toriko wonders if he and Komatsu entered a Gourmet Highway during their stay in the Gourmet World. Mappy says to him that without exceptional Food Luck, one may never enter a Gourmet Highway and the Gourmet Highways connect the Seven Civilizations that once existed in the Gourmet World and one of those civilizations still exist in the Area 8 which is the Hex Food World. Coco says that Chichi mentioned that the items of Acacia's Full Course rest where once the Seven Civilizations existed.

Mappy says to them that they have reached Golden Swamp which was made out of gold dust with high specific gravity and also one of the Gourmet 100 Famous Views. He adds that passing the swamp will take them to the Area 8 mainland and the Hex Food World. Everyone is enjoying the beautiful view of the swamp especially Sunny when Mappy notices something in the sky and panics. Mappy says that Steel Clouds are descending and they need to dive into the Golden Swamp and if that do so they are guaranteed to die.

Steel clouds raining down

Mappy says that they have to cross the swamp fast as the Iron Foot is coming down. Countless number of steel foot land on the swamp making Octo-chan panic and dodge them. Mappy explains that Steel Clouds are clouds made of steel which have accumulated due to the island's Real Mist and due to their weight they descend slowly and almost touch the ground and to float back up, they release steel thunderstorms which are called Iron Foot. Toriko tries to counter the steel foot but fails as they were extraordinarily hard.

Meanwhile the Croakswagon returns and says something to Mappy. Mappy asks everyone to get in it as they will go inside of Octo-chan's body. Octo-chan quickly changes to 'Diving Mode' and dives into the swamp.

Mappy being pretty demoralized.

Toriko and the others join up with Terry, Kiss and Quinn and find the inside of Octo-chan to be very spacious. They find a lot of Flora and Fauna thriving in the Golden Swamp. Mappy becomes very demoralized and goes into the tadpole stage. Toriko enquired why he is so disheartened. Mappy says that there is no hope left for them as as it is impossible for them to get through the Golden Swamp underwater as there is a huge cave to which the gold dust flows which was the entrance to a maze which one can never come out of, the Gold Labyrinth. Toriko suggests to wait in the swamp till the Steel Clouds ascend again. Mappy says that they won't do so until for some years and it is impossible to resist the flow of the gold dust as Octo-chan can't swim while in the 'diving mode'. Octo-chan gets swept by the gold dust into the cave.

Mappy says that one cannot reach the exit with strength and only those who possess luck can hope to get out of it. The Four Heavenly Kings turn to Komatsu and say that his turn has come up.

Octo-chan attacking a beast.

Coco notices a map and says that there is a pilot cabin where they can control how Octo-chan moves and then they reach the pilot cabin. Komatsu agrees to pilot Octo-chan at the request of the Heavenly Kings. Zebra then uses his Hankyou Map to find the structure of the Gold Labyrinth. Zebra finds the  maze to be enormous with all kinds of dangers lurking in it. Komatsu chooses a path and they encounter a giant beast. Komatsu unknowingly presses a button on the steering rod and Octo-chan releases a beam at the beast. The beast gets angry upon the attack and chases them. Mappy who was still demoralized thinks why they are having fun when they can get killed in the giant maze. He then thinks why they are having fun as if they know where the exit of the maze is. He then thinks maybe their footprints were on the Track to Success.

Meanwhile in some certain spot in the Gourmet World, Joie takes a step in empty space and soon a path illuminates. The path which opened up is the Track to Success which leads to the Dining Planet which is the dining table of Gourmet Nobility. Joie enters the Dining Planet and speaks about Acacia.

The blue nitro seated in the dining planet.

He says that Acacia during his trivial days learned something by accident and realized the quantity and the enormity of the things he did not possess or see and it was Food Luck which made him realize this. A Blue Nitro which was seated on a raised pedestal said to Joie that he is the second human to carve the path to their location. Joie asks if the first person was his mother Froese. He then says that he could see the path since long ago though his members who were waiting at the coast may not be able to even sense it. He then asks if this power of Food Luck will bloom if he consumes Acacia's Full Course. A second Blue Nitro answers his question that there was a condition but it will cause it to bloom. Joie decides to acquire Acacia's Full Course without letting anyone get it. He then proposes to the Blue Nitros to send out members and they the Gourmet Nobility can rest easy as the ark is already complete.

At the coast where the members of NEO were waiting get a call from Joie and Shigematsu orders everyone to take their positions as Acacia's Full Course was awakening. Kousairouasks how the path illuminated in the empty space as Joie took a step. Uumen replies that Joie could see it from the beginning. Nakaume also senses the path but also many others along with the illuminated one. Back at the Gold Labyrinth, Octo-chan is swimming away from a beast which is chasing him. Coco notices a bright spot and says it could be the exit. Octo-chan swims through and they reach the exit.

Octo-chan landing on the Area 8 mainland

Mappy understands that Komatsu could really see the path to escape the Gold Labyrinth. Sunny points out to the treasure chests they found in the hidden rooms of the Gold Labyrinth. Komatsu notices a tin can and just as he was going to ask about it, a giant water drop hit Octo-chan.According to Mappy it was the gigantic rain nicknamed as Mega Rain and every kind of rain falls on the Area 8 mainland. Toriko notices how a demoralized Mappy in tadpole stage got better and back to the adult stage. Komatsu proposes that they too have a bath. Everyone has a bath and then a dinner. As Octo-chan was traveling Komatsu notices a strange rain to which Mappy says is the Amedama, the rain of souls. Komatsu then notices an eyeball  to which Mappy says is a Medama which came to greet them from the village. Mappy then says that they have reached the entrance to his village, the Hex Food World.

Arriving at the Hex Food World[]

Toriko's party reach the entrance to the Hex Food World. As they are welcomed with bizarre fireworks, Brunch orders his employees, a pair of bird-like entities, to prepare a feast and welcome the Four Kings and Komatsu. The animal partners are told to stay put near Octo-chan until the Kings' and Komatsu's return. Mappy inquires whether or not the kings have brought along ingredients. He then explains the system of Bartering and its use in the Gourmet World as an equal exchange of materials. Some Eyemud showed up as they were walking in the cave, these beings are pretty rare as said by Mappy.

They walk through the cave and finally reach the Hex Food World, a medium-sized town with buildings and paths made of rock and soil.

Toriko's party arriving at the Hex Food World

A welcoming party welcomes them to their town. They were happy as a long has passed since a human last visited them. Mappy introduces some of the citizens to Toriko's party. Sunny doesn't like their appearance and decides not to get involved with them. Toriko smells some food which was takoyaki and then with Komatsu he went towards the direction of the smell. There was a Takoyaki Vendor who welcomed them to his shop. He asked them how many they want. Toriko asks him to serve all he's got.

Coco looking at the shop's merchandise.

The vendor flips 2000 takoyaki balls at once and then serves them Eyeball Takoyaki which Toriko and Komatsu find delicious but Sunny refuses to touch them. Komatsu notices a cooking equipment store and goes there to have a look at the products. He finds the products to be of good quality and finds a striking resemblance to the knives. The shop keeper reveals that he learned how to make them when a large taciturn man taught him when he visited the village. Coco looks at the items displayed at an Armor and Weapons shop and gets interested in the Dark Bandages as they seemed to have good defensive power in them. Sunny who was fed up with gross stuff spots a stall where 18+ products which were good for beauty were sold. He picks up a can and opens it and to his horror he finds the Pistachio Princess inside. Then they head to the Eyeball Zosui Shop.

Meanwhile Brunch who had a feast prepared for them gets vexed at their delay. Toriko eats his serving of Eyeball Ojiya and finds it very delicious. Sunny shows displeasure at the presence of eyeballs in the dish and decides to have a banana.

Toriko drinking the Hex Food Beer.

Sunny to his dismay he finds a strange banana, and they say it is a Bananattou. Mappy proposes they visit the village chief next. Zebra refuses it and says he wants to drink booze. Then they visit the Hex Food Bar where Coco drinks Ghost Au Lait and Toriko enjoys the Hex Food Beer. Komatsu finds the alcohol to be strong and feels drunk. Zebra orders all the drink the bar owned. After drinking all the alcohol, everyone feels drunk and decide to get going while Sunny who didn't drink feels they forgot something. Suddenly Brunch who was irritated shows up. Brunch angrily asks them how long they will take to reach his shop as he has food prepared for them and it was for the first time in a while that he prepared food.

Komatsu becomes happy after seeing Brunch but vomits as he had drank too much. Brunch tries to calm him and then Coco also starts to feel sick as he had Ghost Au Lait. Brunch stops him from vomiting as Coco's vomit would be no less than a poison vomit.

Brunch tries to calm Coco and Komatsu.

Brunch then takes them to his restaurant, the Tengu Castle. He serves them the IE Tea which sobers up people in a drunken state. Sunny stated that he got sobered up by just looking at it. Komatsu is overjoyed for visiting the Tengu Castle for the first time. Brunch explains that his store does not have any branches in the Human World and moreover all the food is made from Gourmet World ingredients but one in a while during the Hex Food Product Exhibition, people from the Human World can taste his cooking. During this event, Brunch got his ranking based on the food he served.

Brunch holding the Takoyakintama.

Toriko recalls that Brunch provided Human World with food during the food crisis following the Meteor Spice's attack and thanks him for his deed. Brunch remembers it and says that since he gave away most of the ingredients to the Human World, for a while all they had to eat in the Hex Food World were the Takoyakintama. Brunch then curses the Bishokukai's Boss for wrecking the Human World and vows to smash his head if he ever meets him. Toriko says that it will be a load off him if he actually did that as when he had gone to fetch Komatsu from him he felt that he powerful enough to destroy the whole world if he left like it and also the most hungriest person out there.

Coco then says to Brunch that they came to meet the Daruma Hermit. Brunch says that they are luck as the Hermit was sick and could die any moment.

The Daruma Hermit in a bad condition.

He further explains that the Hermit was taking a cure bath at the Kappa Hot Spring and has a famous doctor from the Human World looking after him. Just then Mappy comes running with bad news that the Daruma Hermit was in a bad condition. They all rush to the Bizarre Valley where the Kappa Hot Spring is located. Brunch tries to speak to the Hermit but he doesn't speak anything and then loses his consciousness. Brunch tries wake him up and the Hermit opens his eyes and then closes them again. Brunch gets irritated and asks him to either live or die. A women in doctor's outfit explains that the hermit was alright and is a little over excited as he peeped into the Kappa's Female Bath. Brunch gets angry hearing this and curses the Hermit to die. Komatsu recognizes the women to be Atashino. Sunny becomes serious as he heard that she could cure any illness or injury with a single kitchen knife and is also one of the strongest Gourmet Hunters in the Human World.

Melk after the timeskip.

Atashino after the Timeskip.

Coco also remembers that she was a member of the 0th Biotope and she went with Ichiryu to find Acacia's Full Course a year and half ago. Atashino says that she was not the only one to be saved. Toriko notices Melk standing at a distance. Komatsu remembers the kitchen knives he saw at one of the shops and guessed that it would be him who taught the shop keeper. Melk says something but Komatsu and Coco couldn't hear it as he said it in a small voice. Zebra who was not with the group arrives and translates what Melk said to them. According to Zebra Melk said that he would tell them what happened a year and half ago and the method to capture Acacia's salad, AIR.

The four paths to Slow Rain Hills[]

Zebra and Brunch are walking through the Area 8 mainland. Brunch comments on how the Daruma Hermit roped him in. Zebra says that he had to eavesdrop some female darumas for getting his full course's Dessert. Brunch then says that they have reached the Stardust Hill where the Meteorite Rain falls. Back in time, Melk asks the Heavenly Kings to split up into four teams. Komatsu asks the reason why they have to split up if their aim was the Slow Rain Hills.

The location of Slow Rain Hills.

Atashino explains that to avoid the risk of everyone dieing simultaneously as when 'Night' arrives, the weather becomes quite severe in the Area 8 mainland. She further explains that the region gets heavier as one goes towards the center of Area 8 and the maps show an ocean but its actually an wasteland where different kinds of torrential rain fall. She then asks the Heavenly Kings to split up into four teams since they don't have members to form more teams. Sunny asks how they will they will reach their target as they don't know about the region. Mappy says that the three Hex Food Beast Knights will go with them. He first introduces Dinner, a native of the Oniga Village and is a Saiseiya by profession.

The current three Hex Beast Food Warriors.

Then he introduces Nosh who hails from the Kappa Valley and is a Gourmet Hunter by profession. Lastly he introduces Brunch who has a shady past and hails from Mount Tengu and is a Chef by profession. A Kappa says that the current elite are not as good as the old era when Mappy, Takeshi and Nope-kichi were the beast knights. Sunny doesn't believe when he hears that Takeshi and Nopekichi were strong. Mappy says that he will be their fourth guide and the person going with him must come prepared. The Daruma Hermit who was in a bad condition asks Mappy to try his best to capture AIR while being careful and not risking his life.

Nosh leads Sunny through the Plains of the Bees' Nest as his guide. Sunny who is unhappy about risking his life to capture AIR for the Daruma Hermit complains about the clothes he is wearing. Nosh explains that it was a Monster Feather Cape made out of the mystery bird, Monster Noko which has the best defensive abilities in all of Hex Food World. Something suddenly hits Sunny on his back which stings him a little. Soon the Laser Rain begins to pour down. Dinner is leading Coco through the Poison Rain Prairie. Dinner who came to know that Coco was designated as a dangerous creature in the past relates himself as he too shared what Coco faced, Coco asks about the whereabouts of the other civilizations which flourished in the Gourmet World. Dinner replies that the places where the civilizations settled have suffered great damage in the past and the Pioneers starved to death and it was the laughter in their village that saved them but they can only laugh truly from their hearts is when they eat AIR, the continent's treasure. Coco then assures Dinner that he will capture AIR no matter what the cost so that everyone in the village can eat it. Then the Poison Rain pours down as Coco and Dinner continue to walk.

Meanwhile, Mappy is taking Toriko and Komatsu on his Croakswagon on the fourth path. Toriko asks Mappy if anyone from the village has ever eaten AIR. Mappy replies that no one did so far and only the village chief knows how to cook it as he learned it from network of sources. Toriko then explains the procedure of capturing Acacia's Full Course which has some proper order and route. According to him, they cannot capture Acacia's Soup, PAIR as the Area 7 continent will be hidden unless they eat AIR.

The Nightmare Hill

Mappy then tells them some rumors relating to obstacles one need to clear in order to capture Acacia's Full Course which include a mountain range which one cannot breathe on, a cave where one ages 200,000 times the normal speed, a door through which only souls can pass by and a valley where one's thoughts slip by. Toriko suddenly starts trembling and sweating, so does Komatsu. Mappy explains that they have reached their destination, the Nightmare Hill, the nest of Heraku, ruler of Area 8. Eight horses of different shapes and sizes stand in a vast plain. Mappy then explains that the reason why their unique civilization developed was because the eight kings protected them each time they gave a sacrifice and in the whole of Gourmet World, one cannot go to capture the continent's food king without the permission of the ruler.

Toriko begins to get desperate as the air around him became too heavy to breathe. He looks at the Riddle Chapter's wristband and concludes that the Horse King's level cannot be measured with the device.

Mappy and Toriko looking at the Air Trees.

Mappy introduces Heracles, one of the Eight Kings to Toriko and Komatsu. Toriko couldn't breathe easily as the air is thin in the Nightmare Hill. Toriko notices an Air Tree and remembers seeing it at the Underground Forest.   Saying that the Horse Kings want more air, Mappy bids farewell to Toriko and Komatsu  to become fertilizer for the Air Trees. Since the Air Trees can produce more good quality air if they have a strong life force as nutrients, Mappy intends to sacrifice his life. Mappy's Croakswagon becomes sad on seeing Mappy ending his life. Mappy cheers him up and then asks Heracles if the sacrifice of his life alone will be enough to let them capture AIR. Toriko wants to stop Mappy from giving up his life understands that fighting Heracles is his only option while Komatsu finds something interesting on the Air Trees.

Meanwhile near the eastern side of Hex Food World, the Daruma Hermit is taken for a walk on a wheelchair by Melk and Atashino to the Atmosphere Garden. Atashino reveals that the Hermit has altitude sickness like sickness and the area is optimal for his treatment.

A child Heraku.

A baby Heraku along with a Janus Unicorn and Daruma Horse are grazing on the grass nearby. The Daruma Horse then says that the Horse Kings enjoy breathing air and for them breathing is like eating and for Heracles a single breath can keep him moving for a month and live for a year on a single breath if he's idle. The Hermit then explains the reason of endless rain on Area 8 which is caused by the breath of Heracles occurring once a year. Next he explains that during the event of childbirth of a Horse King, 100 times of normal fresh air is required and the source which gives this much air at once is none other than Air Fruit on the Giant Air Tree, Food King AIR. He then talks about AIR saying only one AIR grows every several hundred years and the moment it hits the earth after maturing, all the clouds get blown away and the continent gets connected to other continents of Gourmet World and a rainbow of 100 colors forms and the Horse targets this event and gives birth to a child which runs on a rainbow bridge to other continents while letting out a loud call to let everyone know the power of the Horse King and in time to be feared as Heracles.

The Giant Air Tree and the Air Fruit.

But there was no record of a Horse King foal crossing the rainbow bridge in the past few ten thousand years. Melk states that the Nitro have found a way to harvest AIR before it falls and hence has been carried off every time it ripens. The Hermit expresses his inability as though he took the technology for preparing AIR, he could not win against the Blue Nitro and hence couldn't harvest AIR and even Heracles can't do anything about it as if he went too close to it then its likely that the Air Fruit will rot in an instant. The hermit then predicts the end of the continent as the decline of the member of the Eight Kings marks the end of the continent and the only thing they still can do is to become fertilizer for the Air Trees and become food for the Horse Kings. Just as Melk was about to say something, the Amplifier Stone that he was holding rolls over and falls making his voice too quiet to hear. Back at the Nightmare Hill, Komatsu hears the Voice of the Ingredients and takes out his Melk Kitchen Knife. While Mappy is scared, Toriko grins as he knew Komatsu found something. Heracles gets enraged at this event and prepares to attack.

Mappy gets restless as Komatsu hears the Voice of the ingredients in the direction of Food King AIR. Heracles gets even more angry as AIR is off limits without his permission. He sends out a strong gale of wind while still sitting on the ground. Mappy stops Toriko from taking any rash action as AIR is equivalent to the Horse King's life. Toriko isn't interested in sacrificing Mappy's life and asks him take Komatsu and head for AIR riding on his Croakswagon.

Heracles gets enraged at Toriko's taunts.

Before Mappy could protest anymore, Toriko reminds him that they cannot eat AIR together if he dies. Toriko then prepares to confront the Horse King and asks Komatsu to go as AIR was calling him. Komatsu drags a protesting Mappy into his Croakswagon and requests him to go as fast as he can. Mappy's Croakswagon protrudes two wheels between his front and rear wheels on both sides and inhales a large amount of air and changes to 'Top Gear'. Before a huge Daruma Horse could step on them, Mappy zooms past the area within a second. Toriko taking this opportunity uses his kugi punch on the ground to stop any of the horse beasts from pursuing the Croakswagon. Toriko then taunts Heracles and challenges him to get this attention. Heracles stands up and Toriko prepares to fight him with everything he has got.

Toriko and Heracles clash[]

Back at the Stardust Hill Zebra is having a hard time to destroy all the Meteorites raining down. Buranchi then uses his technique 'Taiden Jishaku' to attract all the meteorites towards him and Zebra destroys them all with his new technique, Voice Eruption. Then they make haste to travel through the Stardust Hill. Elsewhere, Nosh and Sunny are braving the Laser Rain. Sunny deflects the lasers but still gets hurts a bit and so does his hair while Nosh dodges every single one. But the Laser Rain forms laser squalls making Nosh use his technique 'Sara Tate' bouncing off all the lasers with the plate on his head.

Heracles walks away defeating Toriko without moving a muscle.

Sunny gets impressed by Nosh's abilities but Nosh asks Sunny to take care of him as he would not be able to move for sometime because of using 'Sara Tate'. Sunny then grabs Nosh and rushes forward. At the Poison Rain Meadows, Coco makes himself an umbrella made of poison to get shelter from the poison rain. Dinner revives an Antidote Flower to get shelter from the rain. But then poison hail which can dissolve any object begins to fall prompting Dinner and Coco to go faster. Mappy's Croakswagon breezes through the Horse King Hill and is just a little far away from the Slow Rain Hills. Meanwhile Toriko and Heracles are ready to clash with Toriko forming a huge intimidation. Toriko then moves forward to attack Heracles. Heracles just snorts off some air from his nose towards Toriko's right. Toriko suddenly finds his vision be halved. Toriko then finds a deep crater just right of where he was standing and then finds his right half of body missing. Toriko begins to bleed and loses consciousness and falls down. Heracles leaves unimpressed by Toriko's abilities.

In a flashback, just as the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu were about to leave Chichi's Tree House, Chichi remembers something important and gives each of them a small bottle of Cure Water which can pretty much heal all of the external injuries if the user has Gourmet Cells. Chichi then notices Toriko's unique blue hair and asks him if he was born with it. Toriko replies that he was born with black hair but at some point, it turned blue. Chichi explains that there might be more than just the red Appetite Devil and other incredible monster might be lurking inside of him. Back where Toriko was lying unconscious, a bottle of Cure Water is shown broke. Toriko's cells multiply and divide in drastically and soon sprout over the part where his body was missing. Heracles stops and looks back, not because of Toriko's regeneration but a change in one of the Air Trees there. The Air Tree began to release more amount of air and let out a sweet fragrance. Heracles couldn't understand on what brought out this change.

In Toriko's subconsciousness, The Red Demon which often came out in form of his Intimidation, opened a door leading to another individual. The individual comments that it was a rare sight of him coming there. The Red Demon explains that it came there because if the main body dies, everything is lost. The Red Demon expresses his inability to defeat Horse King Heracles as in his present state, it is not possible for him. The Blue Demon questions him if Toriko can hold out if he takes over. While sweating, the Red Demon explains that the Cure Water has made Toriko's injuries back to zero but they just need to eat a single ingredient and hold out for a few minutes.

The Red Appetite Devil Meeting the Blue Appetite Devil.

The Blue Demon decides to play with Heracles for the time being. Toriko's right hand begins to expand slowly and vibrate. The Air Tree which Heracles was observing then combines all its branches and makes a single fruit and drops it. Heracles understood that Komatsu had cooked it back then. The Blue Demon takes over the right half of Toriko's body making Toriko regain his consciousness. The Blue Demon expands his arm and catches the Air Fruit and makes Toriko eat it. It then comes out of Toriko's body while keeping one of its legs still attached to him and expands its right arm intending to punch Heracles. Heracles snorts out some air again but the punch goes right through it and punches Heracles on his face. It then mocks Heracles for displaying such a funny face. Heracles's anger reaches its ultimate point.

The Blue Demon launches a 'Devil Fork' on Heracles but he counters it with his 'Herac kick'. This single clash causes a huge Emperor Ring to form over Nightmare Hill. A lot of beasts start running away and appear to be leaving the continent. Inhabitants of Hex Food World also get concerned over the events taking place. At the Atmosphere Garden, the Daruma Hermit couldn't understand the cause why Heracles is fighting as it was preplanned to give Mappy as a sacrifice to him.

The Blue Demon launching the Devil Fork on Heracles.

The animal partners of the Heavenly Kings who were waiting at the entrance of Hex Food World, begin to move forward to the place where the calamity happened. Back at the Nightmare Hill, Toriko's Blue Demon gets impressed by Heracles's kick as it had enough power to send him to space if he had took it directly. He then explains to Toriko that he and the Red Demon are originally the appetites present in his body. Toriko who was still recuperating from having regenerated his body listens on.

Mappy's Croakswagon is still speeding through the land taking Mappy and Komatsu to Slow Rain Hills. But then he slows down and comes to a halt. Mappy announces that they have reached their destination, the Slow Rain Hills. Komatsu gets off but finds it difficult to walk. Mappy explains that they must be close to the Giant Air Tree as the effects of the Air Fruit makes the air very dense and causes them to feel high resistance.

Komatsu arrives at the Giant Air Tree.

Then Zebra arrives who feels that Air Fruit is ripe due to the resistance he faced. Komatsu asks where Brunch was. Zebra replies that he went to pick up a kitchen knife. Komatsu understands that Brunch had gone to pick up the knife Melk had made. Zebra thinks that he had come too fast when Sunny and Coco didn't arrive yet and he asks Komatsu about Toriko. Komatsu replies that Toriko had engaged Heracles in a fight and he has to cook AIR fast as Toriko won't be able to hold on for long. Zebra then uses his Jet Voice and takes Komatsu and Mappy with him. Somewhere in Slow Rain Hills, Brunch is trying hard to pick the knife that Melk had made and Ichiryu had dropped. Brunch feels the weight of the knife to be too much for Komatsu to handle it. When he picks the long knife, he feels it power and he becomes sure that it can easily cut the continent into two halves. Meanwhile Zebra,Komatsu and Mappy reach the Giant Air Tree.

The preparation of the Food King AIR[]

Brunch flies through the dense air of the Slow Rain Hills with electricity. While flying he notices Sunny and Nosh also traveling with ease. Sunny launched many 'Remote Hairs' ahead and then pulled himself by linking each of them and conquered his inability to travel at high speeds with 'Hair Pull'.

Brunch Slices Air apart with Melk's knife.

Sunny scolds Nosh and asks him to do something too. Nosh picks up some ingredients he found on the way. Meanwhile Brunch notices Coco and Dinner traveling in Mappy's Croakswagon but realizes that it was not as Coco made it by his Poison Doll. When everyone joins up with Komatsu, Komatsu says that the Air Fruit was ripe yet. Nosh and Dinner are enamored by the mere sight of the heavenly ingredient. Komatsu explains that the cooking method Melk had taught him would only make the taste of AIR up to 70% of its original taste and to bring out to its best taste, it must be prepared when it is fully ripe and before it hits the ground. Mappy states that they don't have much time to waste as Toriko is in a life and death circumstance as he was fighting Heracles. Brunch then reveals the knife that Melk had made and explains that due to high density of air, the ripening of the fruit is also slowed down and to make it fast, they air around the area must be prepared by slicing it with the knife. Brunch swings the knife and Komatsu feels easy to move after Brunch swings the knife.

Brunch then says that he will prepare the atmosphere around the Air Fruit. Komatsu thinks that they must give some nutrients too. Zebra shows some Kompyang Stars he found among the Meteorites. Dinner and Nosh also take out the Zuccizucchi and Sweet Potatsnails they gathered.

Dinner and Nosh show the ingredients they had gathered.

Dinner then says that he will revive the ingredients to make them more nutritious for the Air Fruit. Nosh decides to stay underneath the Air Fruit to catch it in case it falls. Mappy becomes overwhelmed by the things that the others were doing and decides to do something too. Back at the Nightmare Hill, Toriko is struggling while the his Blue Appetite Devil is fighting Heracles. The Blue Demon then reveals that Heracles was pregnant as it could not hide it completely. Heracles couldn't remember the last time something like this happened, the formation of a huge Emperor Ring. Heracles then inhales in some air even though it was just slight sling, the air around Nightmare Hill disappeared in an instant. The Blue Demon couldn't handle anything without air an quickly goes back into Toriko's body as without air to breath, he won't last long..

Life quickly perished when the Horse King created a vacuum. 'Destroy Breath' was the Horse King's trump card. But Heracles gets surprised when Toriko doesn't die. Back at the Giant Air Tree, everyone is busy doing what they can. While Brunch is preparing the air around the area, Dinner was giving nutrients to the tree. Komatsu then prepares to dig a hole on the top of the fruit with his Melk Kitchen Knife. Air leaks out of several places and Zebra rushes to plug the holes with his 'Cork Voice'.

Coco partly lets his Appetite Devil take over his body.

Komatsu explains that the original method was to let air escape little by little while cooling the fruit and sealing the good taste inside but by getting the fruit ripe while keeping the 100% taste from escaping and stopping the fruit from exploding and maintain its shape and even the air escapes, the good taste will remain inside and would have ripened even further. Komatsu then asks Sunny to secure the fruit with his 'Hair Lock'. Komatsu then asks Coco to give it a moderate poison since the ripening has been too smooth. Everyone do their task anticipating the fruit to ripe fast. Komatsu then begins to dig through the Air Fruit to make a hole for the air to escape. Since the texture of the fruit was different, Komatsu had to do the work with great concentration. Meanwhile Zebra is having a hard time because there are too many spots from where was leaking. Nosh has positioned himself directly beneath the Air Fruit while bracing for it to fall. Sunny could barely manage to complete his hair lock over the giant fruit while Coco's Appetite Devil was taking over his body was he was applying poison to the fruit due to the good taste of the fruit.

Nearby the Giant Air Tree, wild beasts were gathering as they were charmed by the Food King as well.

The cooked Air Fruit releases enormous amount of fresh air.

A Hell Kong pack came close to the Giant Air Tree and then Mappy then engaged them to keep them at bay. Soon enough, the Air Fruit began to break away from the Giant Air Tree and began to fall. While everyone were panicking, Komatsu asked them to stop the fall for a minute as he was done. As everyone were helpless on stopping the fruit from falling, Sunny yells out to Nosh who instantly prepares to do something. Nosh uses his 'Platter Shield' and when the fruit landed on his head, Nosh feels it to be too heavy for him to handle. While Komatsu tries to complete the job, Nosh feels it too hard to continue any longer. Just as Komatsu was about to give up, his form changes and he completes the job in an instant and loses consciousness. Somehow they make it in time and as the Air Fruit lands, the air escapes from the hole Komatsu had made. The humongous amount of air that escaped blew away all the clouds covering the continent

Toriko's Salad[]

In the Nightmare Hill where life had perished suddenly and Toriko was struggling to be alive in his fight against Heracles, Heracles does his finishing strike at Toriko as a sign of respect. Heracles suddenly stops as she senses fresh air coming from the Slow Rain Hills. She shelves the fight with Toriko as it was her once in a lifetime chance to give birth.

Heracles' foal right after its birth.

Heracles then inhales the air which blew through Nightmare Hill after a long time. Back at Hex Food World, the residents are amazed by the clear weather and in Atmosphere Garden, the Daruma Hermit thinks that Toriko's party failed but Melk says to him that they succeeded. Near the Giant Air Tree, Komatsu regains consciousness and wants to convey the message to Toriko and Heracles. Mappy says that this moment was something the Horse King looked forward more than anyone else in the continent. Several Rainbows had formed in the sky but the inhabitants of Nightmare Hill waited for something else and even Toriko out of respect watched. He also notices Terry, Kiss and Quinn had come to watch. Heracles gave birth to a new member of the Eight Kings and its cry resounded through the world. Then Heracles' Foal galloped across the rainbows. Its cry reached to every member of the Eight Kings and also to those living in Human World. Mansam acknowledges the route to Gourmet World to be open.

Back at the Slow Rain Hills, the once barren ground blooms with greenery and flowers. Toriko arrives with the animal partners. Komatsu and Mappy cry with joy at the sight of Toriko. Coco congratulates Toriko for being the main reason they captured AIR. Coco feels Toriko and Komatsu have changed in the short span. Toriko says that the Horse King took in air and gave birth and is now satisfied. Then all the villagers and Octo-chan reach the spot. Brunch asks the Daruma Hermit about his health to which he replies that he is healed by just looking at AIR. Toriko then appeals to everyone that they should start eating AIR.

Acacia's Salad, AIR.

Komatsu states that even after the air escaped, the prepared Air Fruit is still so humongous that it could feed the entire Hex Food World and even still, some can be sent to the Human World. Toriko feels the weight of AIR to be incredible while Komatsu feels it to be more close to meat than a cabbage wrapped in layers. Toriko smells AIR and he could space as clear as day. Toriko couldn't believe this occurrence and understands that the increased oxygen level increases the ability of his vision. Toriko says to Coco that Acacia's Full Course has some incredibly extreme power hidden within it. Coco, Sunny and Zebra find Toriko to be more familiar with his Appetite Demon as they were yet to see the faces of their own. After eating AIR, Toriko yells that he decided. He and Komatsu then remember the Ozone Herb and that when he held of making it his salad but now he has decided as AIR was perfect. Toriko and Komatsu then announce that they are making AIR as their salad.

NEO's attack on the Slow Rain Hills[]

The party celebrating AIR.

The celebration of eating of AIR continued in the Slow Rain Hills. The people of Hex Food World were enjoying the clear sky which was filled with bright stars. Brunch serves some dishes he made out of AIR to Dinner and Nosh who tell him that heating it was not a good idea. The Daruma Hermit's health becomes better after he eats AIR while Komatsu is excited about finding the full potential of AIR. After eating AIR, Coco finds certain changes that has occurred in his body. According to him his healing power has increased and also he can manage to live without breathing for some time. Sunny notices something on Coco's hand and asks him about it. Coco finds out that his left arm became his Appetite Devil's hand. Sunny also notices the change in his left arm and Zebra explains that they can now control the Appetite Devil's power and may eventually control their whole bodies. The Daruma Hermit explains that even in his village very few have an Appetite Devil lurking in their body and those people who were not killed by the Gourmet Cells are the descendents living there. Toriko asks the Hermit to explain more.

The Hermit says that their ancestors were originally Humans who were kidnapped by the Four Beast and made into slaves of the Nitro. He then says that the Nitro located the ingredients which would later make the Acacia's Full Course and Nitro created the Four Beast to kidnap a large number of humans at once.

The Four Beast attacking the people.

He then says that Nitro injected Gourmet Cells into every last human they captured and the reason is not known. The Hermit then says that there are two methods to inject Gourmet Cells of which the first is 'Feeding Injection' where a person has to eat the cells little by little until they integrate into the body which was safe but also it may never integrate while the second method was 'Direct Injection' where the cells are injected directly into the bodies which takes less time to integrate but if they don't then they may turn into monsters or die and the ancestors of people of the Hex Food World were those who turned into monsters and became the Nitro's slaves. Sunny says that their ancestors were impressive as they were able to escape the Nitro and live on. The Daruma Hermit says that it was possible only because of the Eight Kings as even the Blue Nitro would not carelessly put a hand on the Eight Kings. The Hermit becomes worried on why the Blue Nitro didn't arrive this time.

The Daruma Hermit and the people of Hex Food World convey their gratitude to Toriko's party for the pleasure of eating AIR.

Toriko watch in horror as Teppei stabs Komatsu.

Suddenly all the people of Hex Food World become unconscious and fall on the ground. Then Teppei emerges undetected behind Komatsu and stabs Komatsu with his hand. Meanwhile in the subconscious of Toriko, the Blue Appetite Devil opens a door and walks across a street and enters an open restaurant filled with empty chairs and tables. He walks towards the red Appetite Devil who was eating at a corner. The blue Appetite Devil asks the red Appetite Devil if he liked the salad. The red Appetite Devil replies that the salad was incredible and part of his body has resurrected. The Blue Appetite Devil vows to kill Heracles the next time it meets him. The red Appetite Devil feels the blue Appetite Devil took pleasure going outside after a long time but the blue Appetite Devil wants to eat soon. The blue Appetite Devil becomes jealous as the red Appetite Devil can get to show the powers of his left hand.

Meanwhile after Komatsu gets stabbed, everyone take out their Cure Water bottle but Teppei breaks them before they can use it. Then Shigematsu emerges with a beast and compliments those who were still standing after they faced the 'Breath of Eternal Sleep'. Boneless and Kariu also show themselves. Shigematsu tells them that they came on behalf of NEO to take AIR. Toriko asks them not to say a single thing until their death which will come soon. Brunch applies 'Denki Shock' on the unconscious villagers. Sunny uses his 'Hair Wing' to make his hair into wings and swings them at Shigematsu's Beast and Zebra kills it with his 'Chain Bomb'. Atashino and Dinner attend to Komatsu's injuries while Toriko prepares to attack. Before Boneless and Kariu could do anything, Toriko kills them instantly with his transformed left hand. Toriko then attacks Shigematsu with his 'Infinite Nail Punch'.

Komatsu's Life Crisis[]

Shigematsu gets blown away while the attack on his body continues. A nearby Horsnapping Turtle notices him and swallows him but he just flies through its head killing it. As he was flying, a group of Angler Birds spot him. In a flash back, Toriko expresses his desire to bring the people manipulated by NEO back to normal. Mansam explains that Joie had etched a wound on their Gourmet Cells which cannot be erased and he cooked the people's tastes and changed. According to Mansam, the only way to bring the people back is to do greater damage to the Gourmet Cells which carries the risk of the person dying.

Toriko and Teppei clash.

Meanwhile Shigematsu comes back to his original self and asks the forgiveness of Ichiryuu and gets eaten by the Angler Birds. Toriko then attacks Teppei who defends himself. Toriko then uses his new technique 'Jet Fork' but Teppei evades it and binds Toriko's arm with vines. Toriko then launches another attack 'Jet Nail Punch' but Teppei manages to block it as well. When Teppei feels Toriko was too powerful to defeat him, he decides to withdraw and report to Joie. Teppei then disappears the same way by which he appeared. Coco couldn't understand how Teppei did this without any trace. The Daruma Hermit is amazed because someone could still travel through the Back Channel. Toriko rushes to Komatsu where Atashino expresses her disability to restore the tissue of the wound while Dinner says that the space where his heart was disappeared.

The Daruma Hermit the says that they will have to find a new heart. Toriko couldn't understand what he was saying.

Dinner and Atashino treating Komatsu's injuries.

The Hermit then explains that the only ingredient that can save Komatsu now is Acacia's Soup, PAIR which rests in the next continent Area 7. He then says that its nicknamed as the 'The drop of two sides of the same coin', the Food Treasure that rests in the mountain continent. Then everyone head to the Island of the Future which is south-east of the mainland. The Daruma Hermit expresses his displeasure at Toriko leaving so soon. Toriko concerned over Komatsu's survival apologizes to the Hermit. Atashino and Dinner have placed an artificial organ to pump blood in Komatsu's body but warn that it was a temporary measure. Brunch finishes packing many ingredients of Area 8 along with AIR so that Octo-chan can them transport back to the Human World through the Food Bridge. Melk asks Toriko's permission to pilot Octo-chan so he and the Hex Food Beast Knights can prevent any dangers befalling Octo-chan. Toriko thanks Melk for his help. Brunch becomes unsure if he can deliver a specific thing back to the Human World. Toriko encourages him by saying that he is the only who can transport it.

The Daruma Hermit notices something and announces that the new Camping Monster has arrived. A shark emerges from the water who rear body was attached to a long train. The beast's name is Denshark. The Denshark sniffs Toriko and then opens its mouth revealing rows or razor sharp teeth ready to devour Toriko. Toriko doubts if it will be able to do its job.

The safety monster Denshark.

The Daruma Hermit assures Toriko that the beast provides an even better safe zone than Octo-chan and beasts of fairly strong power of Area 7 won't be able to find them at all. As then Denshark continues to try to eat Toriko, he expresses his doubt again. The Daruma Hermit says that it will calm down willfully or not once it enters Area 7 as it was a place where undiscriminated predation was not allowed. He continues and says that strong and intelligent apes rule Area 7 nicknamed as the Monkey Restaurant and the one who stands at the top of the society is one of the Eight Kings, Bambina whose power is said to even surpass that of Horse King Heracles. Toriko, Sunny and Coco are shocked when they hear this. The Hermit says that in order to capture PAIR, fighting with the Monkey King is inevitable.

The Heavenly Kings head towards the next continent, Area7.

Toriko replies that they are prepared and the Monkey King should prepare. Mappy asks Toriko if he would like to take a charm with him which he always carried in his backpack. Mappy also asks him not to die. Toriko thanks Mappy for his guidance but suddenly remembers that the Steel Clouds are still active at the Gold Swamp. He turns to Octo-chan and asks him if he would be okay. Octo-chan shivers at a sight from behind. The Horse King Heracles shows up surprising everyone. Heracles snouts out a air blast which instantly disperses the steel clouds. Mappy notices a rainbow forming on the Island of the Future. The Hermit remembers it to be the bridge of hope that the Horse King once crossed. Toriko's party boards the Denshark. Toriko thanks Heracles who turns his head away. The Denshark then gets on the rainbow and heads towards Area 7.




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