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This article pertains to the Fish Dish in Acacia's menu. For the Nitro of the same name, see ANOTHER (Nitro).

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IGO Icon 2.png Name IGO Icon 2.png
Japanese アナザ
Romanized Anaza
Aliases Fish Treasure (魚宝 Gyohō)
IGO Icon 2.png Statistics IGO Icon 2.png
Type Fish Treasure
Capture Level 7800
Location Stardust River (Area 6)
Height 12 m
Price 100g / 80,000,000 yen
Related Moon
Mushroom.png Debut Appearance Sushi.png
Manga Gourmet 246
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ANOTHER (アナザ Anaza), the Fish Treasure (魚宝 Gyohō), is the mysterious aquatic creature that makes up the Fish Dish of Acacia and Zebra's Full Course Menus. It is stated that it resides in the glimmering Stardust River within Gourmet World's Area 6. ANOTHER is known to move faster than light and have preposterously long preparation time.

ANOTHER, much like PAIR, is multiple in numbers as the fully grown ANOTHER bears many children during its life, causing many Stardust Rivers to appear as these young ANOTHERs roam the waters of the Black Triangle. The parent ANOTHER only appears once every hundred years.[1]

In order to eat ANOTHER, one must eat PAIR before, in order to gain the ability to go into the World of Souls.


Not much is shown of ANOTHER's appearance, other than the fact it obviously has the body of a fish. Its body looks almost like a shark's, albeit without the normal fin. In all of its depictions so far, ANOTHER is illustrated as some kind of shining fish. Its size is as of yet unknown, nor its weight is revealed. It is demonstrated though that these many children may have quite a variety in their size compared to one another, shown when some of them appeared in the World of Souls.

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Powers and Abilities[]

ANOTHER is known to be an important ingredient in the eyes of the Blue Nitro as they believe it holds a vital key for the revival of the Appetite Demon within Acacia.

As the fish itself, ANOTHER's extremely high-quality gives it the ability to leave light trails within the Black Triangle, the darkest sea in all of Gourmet World, and the these trails became known as the Stardust River. In fact, it was ANOTHER itself that created the Back Channel long ago when attempting to escape mighty predators such as Whale King Moon (whose pull was like that of a black hole's), as it was able to move at such speeds that it was able to exceed the speed of light, entering and creating a different plane of existence in the process. Long ago, ANOTHER stayed near the Seven Beasts in order to hide from Whale King Moon, making the area around them ultimate safe zones. The Back Channel can now be used by other living beings to escape predators or travel long distances in an instant, as well as serving as a link between the physical and spiritual planes.[2]


ANOTHER has the single greatest length of any preparation method introduced in the series. The preparation method is so difficult that it earned the ingredient its incredible Capture Level of nearly 8000. According to Asarudy, there are several steps which need to be followed, including:

  • The cooking can only start after the fish is exhausted after swimming at the speed of light, which can take 10,000 years.
  • Removing its scales takes 50,000 years.
  • Removing its organs and washing the dark-red flesh takes 100,000 years.
  • The initial boiling process takes 300,000 years.

Together, the complete preparation of ANOTHER takes 600,000 years.
Even with Komatsu's prodigious preparation time shortening abilities, with the greatest effort and the help of numerous great chefs, he was only capable of shortening the preparation method to 65 years.

As Food[]

Consuming ANOTHER fully awakens the Gourmet Cells of the tongue,[3] making it, in a way, more important than GOD or CENTER. It also gives one the ability to comprehend tastes that were previously inedible[4] and reawakens tastes that were forgotten.[5]

Much like PAIR's ability to allow one to see and enter the Back Channel as well as the World of Souls, ANOTHER is the only ingredient that can be fully transported into the World of Souls where physical ingredients cannot usually be brought, giving ANOTHER the epithet, the Suspension Bridge (かけ橋 Kakehashi) that connects the physical world to the World of Souls via Back Channel.[6]

Even after it is fully prepared, ANOTHER is so full of flavor that one can literally see the flavors busting from the dish in the forms of many ANOTHERs swimming. One can actually taste ANOTHER this way with their own body as oppose to eating it. This way still triggers ANOTHER's ability to reawaken forgotten tastes, as well as forgotten memories.

And even unprepared, ANOTHER has such incredible deliciousness, that it is the source of the great-tasting water of the entire Black Triangle.


Cooking Festival Arc[]

Rala, Love, and Tack of the 0th Biotope are assigned to capture it, but the Gourmet Corp. Head Chef Kuromado and his Nitro minions are sent to intercept them.[7] In the end, Kuromado is able to defeat them and, with his rivals for ANOTHER subdued, leaves Stardust Road to join his comrades at NEO.[8]

PAIR Arc[]

After the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu successfully capture PAIR, they come face to face with the spirit of one of the legendary Flavor Sages, Kaka, who begins explaining to them the mysteries of ANOTHER and the world.[9]


After Kaka's disappearance caused by Joie, Kuriboh steps in to explain more details about ANOTHER, revealing that ANOTHER isn't located in this world but the Back Channel. Kuriboh explains to all of the Human World skilled personnel that ANOTHER is not Acacia's legendary Fish Dish but also an ingredient that holds a vital key to the revival of Acacia's Appetite Demon, Neo. Other denizens of the Spirit World add that strength isn't required to capture ANOTHER, but uncommon cooking skills and high levels of luck (most likely Food Luck). Komatsu volunteers to venture in alone while everyone else gathers the rest of Acacia's ingredients.[10]

ANOTHER River.jpg

Upon arriving in Blue Grill and being given permission by Jiji and Don Slime to enter the World of Souls with the Five 10-Shell Cooks, Komatsu and the Human World chefs venture fourth into the world beyond.[11] ANOTHER approached Komatsu to be cooked. At the World of Souls, the chefs began preparing the Fish Dish, and Komatsu, with help from Froese's Appetite Demon, was able to reduce the time needed. After a perceived time of 65 years, the cooking was completed.[12] Bursting with savoriness, the completed Fish Dish spawned a multitude of smaller ANOTHERs, which swept across the World of Souls and returned the memories of Asarudy and of the other Food Spirits. The chefs picked up ANOTHER and fled through the Food Spirit Door as the overflowing savoriness destroyed the door and closed the World of Souls. Asarudy eats ANOTHER and the rest of Acacia's Full Course cooked by Blue Grill's project, thus reviving Don Slime.[13]

Some of ANOTHER is taken back to the Human World while the rest of the group travels to pick up the Four Heavenly Kings and their tasked Dishes. After they reach Area 3, Brunch takes bits of the gathered Full Course to Midora.[14]

The Four Heavenly Kings, Komatsu, Starjun, and Aimaru sit down and eat ANOTHER. Toriko, whose tongue has morphed into the Red Demon's, sees rocks as food and eats them and almost eats Starjun, having seen him as food. Starjun remembers being in the womb with Toriko. Zebra's, Sunny's, and Coco's tongues have also morphed, and Zebra drools over how tasty Komatsu looks.[15] After the feast, Zebra added ANOTHER to his Full Course Menu due to its ability to gain new taste.

GOD Arc[]

Fish Dish

At Toriko and Rin's wedding reception, the Fish Dish, Ougai is served with King Vinegar sauce and slices of Puffer WhaleShining GouramiMadam Fish and ANOTHER.


ANOTHER the Flounder?!

  • In Chapter 319.5, Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro made an omake where he jokingly discussed with a co-worker on how to present Area 6's King and ingredient. One of his ideas was to make it a little flounder before deciding to pick a fanmade design.


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