This article pertains to the Nitro. For the fish dish in Acacia's menu of the same name, see ANOTHER.

Japanese アナザ
Romanized Anaza
Aliases ANOTHER (codename)
Race Blue Nitro
Age Unknown (over millions of years)
Status Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Gourmet Nobility
Occupation Gourmet Noble
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 279
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ANOTHER (アナザ Anaza)[1] is the codename of one of the infamous Blue Nitro that is part of the Gourmet Nobility. As its name suggests, it is in charge of "Fish Treasure" ANOTHER.



ANOTHER color-scheme.

ANOTHER is a slim and apparently elderly Nitro with round wide eyes and curly, pointy hair resembling horns and wears a full body suit with frilly sleeves and a frilly neckline, along with earring-like pendants and a headband.


Being a part of the Gourmet Nobles, ANOTHER's only concern is acquiring Acacia's Full Course and doing whatever it takes to further the Nobles' goals. As one of the Blue Nitro, ANOTHER is completely loyal to the Nobles' cause, having remained true to their goals since ancient times all for the sake of reviving the Neo and sealing it away once and for all.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Blue Nitro, ANOTHER is an individual of incredible strength and skill. Being one of the Gourmet Nobles, ANOTHER is a very knowledgeable being, having access to all the valuable information known to the Blue Nitros. ANOTHER is also capable of speaking the human language. It appears to think highly of its skill, thinking that it may be a match for someone like Jiro.


ANOTHER possesses a rope and knife made of savory material.[2]


One Light-year Spiral Grating

One Light-year Spiral Grating (一光年螺旋おろし Ichikōnen Rasenoroshi): ANOTHER swings a Golden Knife, releasing a spiraling cut.[3]





At an unknown point, after PAIR had met the future "Bishokushin" Acacia in the continent of Area 7, the Nobles made an agreement with Acacia, teaching him how to acquire GOD in exchange for aiding them in their goals.

Gourmet WarEdit

Around the time of the Gourmet Solar Eclipse, while Acacia and his family were at their home, the Blue Nitro surrounded their home and escorted Acacia and Froese to the location of GOD.

AIR ArcEdit

After Joie reaches the mysterious Dining Planet, he is able to meet with the powerful Gourmet Nobility who sit around a meeting table placed on an immensely tall pillar. NEWS points out that Joie is the second human to ever reach them after Froese. When Joie asks if he is able to reach them because of his Food Luck and if his blossoming Food Luck is also due to the awakening of Acacia's Full Course, ANOTHER speaks up and tells him that the course is indeed a condition for the awakening of Food Luck but it will be the impetus that will truly make Food Luck blossom. Joie with this information realizes that he cannot let anyone else claim the divine Full Course and calls his NEO subordinates to begin preparations, claiming that he shall take care of the course so the Nobles do not have to sully their hands. He then informs them that NEO's Ark is complete.[4]

After the Four Heavenly Kings, Hex Food Beast Knights, and Komatsu successfully capture AIR, Heracles gives birth to a healthy foal and the Rainbow Bridges form across the Gourmet World, reviving the legend known as Herac's Response. When Heracles' Foal performs the sacred ritual, the whole world feels its call, including the Blue Nitro.[5] When day turns into night upon Area 8, the people of Hex Food World feast on AIR. When the Daruma Hermit tells the history of the Nitro, he feels alarmed as the Blue Nitro did not attempt to take AIR. However, unknown to everyone, the Blue Nitro did not take AIR but instead gave the task to NEO to take the ingredient when it has been prepared properly.[6]

PAIR ArcEdit

While the Gourmet Nobles discuss the recent events surrounding AIR and the Four Heavenly Kings presence in Area 7, ANOTHER marvels at Komatsu's skill and method in preparing AIR and wishes to try the true tastes of the planet's Full Course.[7]


ANOTHER is present in the Farthest Kitchen along with its fellow Nobles as they prepare Acacia's Full Course Menu for Neo in hopes of completing his revival. However, Neo soon begins to rampage and kills AIR before disappearing. Jiro then arrives and begins to question the Nitros as ANOTHER confronts him and questions his own intentions.[8]

During the fight, Jiro has ANOTHER by the throat.[9] ANOTHER and another Nitro try to behead Jiro but fail. After Jiro withstands NEWS's Mantle Shot, two of the nobles question if he is actually an Appetite Demon, but ANOTHER points out that despite his large amount of dark Gourmet Cells, he has reproductive organs.[10] When faced with a fully unsealed Jiro, the nobles decide to cook him and then seal him away, so they pull out their various pieces of Golden Cookware. ANOTHER binds Jiro with its Golden Thread and explains to him that Nitro thrived because of their cooking abilities. Jiro breaks free and begins attacking the nobles again. ANOTHER slashes at him with a Golden Knife, but he paralyzes the Nitro with Knocking Breath and then punches it into space with Big Bang.[11]


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