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This article pertains to the drink in Acacia's menu. For the Nitro of the same name, see ATOM.
Mushroom.png  ATOM  Sushi.png
IGO Icon 2.png Name IGO Icon 2.png
Japanese アトム
Romanized Atomu
English ATOM
IGO Icon 2.png Statistics IGO Icon 2.png
Type Poison
Capture Level 7000
Location Cloud Mountain (Area 3)
Price 100ml/35 million yen
Mushroom.png Debut Appearance Sushi.png
Manga Gourmet 341
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ATOM (アトム Atomu) is the Drink in Acacia's and Coco's Full Course Menus. The way that leads to ATOM is the Developmental Fever Bridge and is guarded by the Emperor Crow, Crow King.

Cooking Method[]

The source of ATOM comes from a Cloud Mountain in Area 3. Jiji stated that next to GOD and ANOTHER, ATOM is one of the most difficult ingredients to prepare due to amount of toxins and poisons that must be removed.


ATOM color scheme.

ATOM erupts from the Cloud Mountain as stream of liquid lava, presumably of golden color. The eruption is the most powerful one in the entire world and the lava reaches way up to the space. While in space, it picks up all the toxic materials and falls back down in the form of a massive waterfall of pitch black, tar-like liquid. When prepared, it changes to lighter color and becomes sparkly. As a testament to its appearance, even Sunny called its prepared form beautiful.

As Food[]

Consuming ATOM fully awakens the Gourmet Cells of the torso and head, excluding the heart, tongue, and brain, which are awakened by CENTER, ANOTHER, and GOD, respectively.[1]

Those who drink ATOM also develop the ability to see invisible Gourmet Matter.[2]


Meteor Garlic Arc[]

Coco originally comes to the Gourmet Casino in hopes of finding information regarding ATOM. Livebearer informs Coco that Joie has information on the elusive drink. However, Joie leaves the Jidar Kingdom before they have a chance to meet face to face.

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

In the meeting of the members of Biotope 0 in Gourmet World, Ichiryu tasks Kousairou with locating its whereabouts and also has Atashino ready to prepare it when found.[3]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Malisman and Sakura are assigned to capture ATOM, but as they march onward on Developmental Fever Bridge, they are confronted by Boneless and Kariu from the Gourmet Corp. who assure them that they will not acquire ATOM.[4] The result of their battle is unknown; however, both Boneless and Kariu are later seen unscathed while in NEO's ranks.


When the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies arrive in Area 6, they are divided into teams to seek out each of Acacia's ingredients at a faster rate. Coco and Tylan are teamed up by Jiji to seek out and capture ATOM.[5]

In Area 2 The Four Heavenly Kings, Komatsu, Starjun, and Aimaru consume the Drink together.[6] Afterwards, Coco announces to Toriko and everyone else that he will add ATOM to his Full Course Menu with only the Main Course left.



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