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This article pertains to the Nitro. For the drink in Acacia's menu of the same name, see ATOM.

Japanese アトム
Romanized Atomu
English ATOM
Aliases Kaka (カカ)
Race Blue Nitro
Status Unknown Status
Professional Status
Affiliation Gourmet Nobility
Occupation Gourmet Noble
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 298
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ATOM (アトム Atomu)[1] is the codename of one of the infamous Gourmet Nobility. It poses as the "Flavor Sage" Kaka in order to get close to the Four Heavenly Kings and kidnap Komatsu. It oversees ATOM, the Drink from Acacia's Full Course Menu.

Due to its actions, ATOM can be considered the main antagonist of the PAIR Arc.


True Form[]

ATOM's face color-scheme.

ATOM is a vicious-looking and muscular Nitro with dark, veiny skin and a very large afro. Being a Blue Nitro, its mouth splits open vertically as opposed to horizontally. Its face is a light green color and its fur is black. When angered, the skin around its eyes become heavily wrinkled and the color of its face becomes darker. It is capable of opening its mouth extremely wide and growing spikes from its body. A pair of eyes can be seen inside its mouth.

As "Kaka"[]

While posing as Kaka, it takes the form of a slender Nitro with long lashes and sharp eyes. Its outfit consists of a turban covering its head, a cloak that covers its body and a dark colored poncho with bright flame like designs. Its lower body is covered with a red and black skirt that matches the same description as its poncho, with cloth covering above it. While disguised as Kaka, its fur and face were a light-golden color while its cloak and turban were beige.


As "Kaka"[]

While posing as Kaka, ATOM appeared to be a very intellectual individual who was willing to pass on its own knowledge to anyone whom it deems an ally, sharing as much information as it can from telling of different locations, to telling the history of the area it currently resides in. ATOM remains calm in most situations even when it is in the face of danger however it does become slightly shocked at the sight of unsuspected danger such as when the Monkey King revealed himself the instant the group arrived at 100G Mountain.

It is straight to the point when it comes to the reality of an event, making no pity remarks when the Heavenly Kings fell defeated against the Monkey King. ATOM would even go as far as make the Heavenly Kings lose confidence after they experience such a heavy defeat. It was even willing to teach them Enbu, albeit only because it would further its goals.

The outer personality of Kaka is highly regarded as friendly in nature despite some of its more straight to the point attitude but its motives as well as its true nature seem opposite in nature. It hides its true nature of being a Blue Nitro behind its facade very well, going as far as to assist the Heavenly Kings and train them in the ways of Enbu in order to attain PAIR however not everyone was fooled by its fake personality as Coco seemed suspicious of her during their travels and even kept hidden the true nature of Enbu to Kaka.

Real Personality[]

ATOM is in actuality a very violent and temperamental being, especially when things do not go according to plan. It detests those that stand in its way and will not hold back if anything gets in its way. Although this trait is also its greatest weakness, as it makes it quite reckless and even foolish enough to challenge Bambina in a moment of rage. When shocked, it will briefly revert back to its Kaka facade before resuming its grotesque and enraged appearance. The Blue Nitro is also still as intelligent as when it was posing as Kaka, however its more rash nature when not posing as Kaka causes it to make reckless decisions.

Despite these traits, when training the Heavenly Kings, ATOM genuinely praised their abilities and referred to them with honorifics, showing that it may have garnered some genuine respect for the Heavenly Kings during their training together and it was also willing to spare their animal partners, preferring to only intimidate them rather than slay them, showing that it may have some standards and was not entirely brutal unless greatly angered. In the end though, despite having apparently respected the Heavenly Kings' skills, it was still willing to slay them unless they heeded its demands to hand over PAIR and Komatsu, showing that it puts its goals above anything else.

Powers and Abilities[]

ATOM in an intimidating state.

After being revealed to be a Blue Nitro, ATOM shows a higher level of strength in comparison to when he is pretending to be Kaka, challenging the Heavenly Kings' animal companions (who are descendants of the Eight Kings) without any sign of fear (likely due to the special item in its possession). The Blue Nitro even has the resolve to challenge the Monkey King, a member of the Eight Kings, and manages to survive a powerful swipe of the Monkey King's tail and even latch onto it. However he is easily blown away by Bambina's powerful energy blast. Despite this, the Blue Nitro survives the blast, eventually deflects it, and is visibly unscathed, although he does admit that Bambina is beyond the power of the Gourmet Nobles.[2]

ATOM knows not only how to obtain the legendary soup PAIR but also the fact that PAIR itself is a part of the Monkey King Bambina's body. He also knows how to teach Enbu, although it is unconfirmed if he can practice it too. He has been shown to be capable of erasing his presence to a level where Terry, Kiss, and Quinn, despite being fully on guard, fail to detect it walking past them.[3]


  • Sandoriko: As "Kaka", ATOM is always seen with this small plant, which releases deadly spores that cause victims to release all the water in their bodies, killing them in a matter of moments.

The unknown skin used by ATOM.

  • Unknown creature's skin: ATOM possesses a mysterious piece of skin that appears to have belonged to a creature of tremendous power and vicious bloodthirsty ferocity. Just showing this little piece of skin could invoke paralyzing fear in the hearts of Terry, Kiss, and Quinn.
  • Twin knives with guards, made of savory material.[4]


AIR Arc[]

After Joie reaches the mysterious Dining Planet, he is able to meet with the powerful Gourmet Nobility, who sit around a meeting table placed on an immensely tall pillar. Joie informs them about the completion of his Ark, which is to be used on the day of the Gourmet Solar Eclipse. He requests that NEO be allowed to capture AIR, and the Nobles approve his request.[5]

PAIR Arc[]

When the Four Heavenly Kings are ambushed by a group of different monkeys after reaching Area 7, "Kaka" uses her abilities to secure the group's safety by instantly causing them to fall to the underground civilization. Because of this, the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu were saved. Kaka introduced herself to the group and proceeded to tell the history of the civilization the once flourished within the ruins which the group had fallen into. It then continues its story in regards to its past and how it, Chichi, and Jiji were a group called Flavor Sages who proceeded to continue researching food for endless days. It then proceeds to tell that unlike the current day Nitro, the Nitro of the past were known to be harmless and very much capable of speech as well as living peacefully with humans as well as the monkey residents of Area 7. Due to the actions of the Blue Nitro, the now known species, Red Nitro, were forced into slavery much like the humans of ancient times. Her story is cut short however as Komatsu's critical conditions worsen. The group manages to stabilize Komatsu however with the current situation at hand, the group only have one week to obtain PAIR. Kaka offers to keep look of Komatsu however Toriko rejected the offer as he felt that the only way the group can protect Komatsu at this stage is by keeping him in close grounds. Kaka proceeds to tell the group of the dangers they are about to face however Toriko stood his ground in bringing Komatsu with him. With this, Kaka had no other remarks as the group prepare to venture to the deadly 100G Mountain where Bambina lies in wait.

As the group depart once more for the surface of Area 7, Kaka proceeds to inform the group more about the land which they are currently exploring. One important information which Kaka shares with the group is about the odd little flower which it carries around with her and how if mishandled, it could kill everyone near it. Kaka states the name of plant, the Sandoriko, and informs the group of how the plant had caused a number of mass extinction within the continent. Because of these mass extinctions which the flower had caused within the continent, the plant itself has been deemed extremely dangerous by the different creatures that inhabit Area 7. Kaka shows a demonstration of this to the group by showing the plant to a Sapphire Ant, which instantly fled the scene after a mere gaze of the plant. Surprised, the group questions as to why the plant was deemed dangerous, Kaka continues to explain that the plant it carries actually causes deadly pollen allergy reaction to creatures, Sunny accidentally causes this allergic reaction when the plant becomes slightly agitated, causing all of the Heavenly Kings to catch the pollen. As everyone catches the pollen, they began to tear and sweat heavily, Kaka proceeds to give the group the anti-allergy as well as Super Reservoir Sea Cucumbers to instantly hydrate themselves. After experiencing the reaction, Kaka explains that the pollen themselves cause the moisture within the body to instantly leave the body, causing the host to become instantly dehydrated, afterwards it states that the pollen with which the Heavenly Kings have caught was a weakened revision created through selective breeding and that the natural one would kill any who catches it in mere seconds. Kaka finalizes that the plant is their trump card against the creatures of Area 7, stating that it is not something to be used as a weapon as almost every creature within Area 7 has a great fear of the plant to the point where it is etched within their very genes. With the realization of the true dangers of the plant, Coco states that the baptism of the group within Gourmet Worlds never end.

As they reach further inland, the Denshark rides on one of the Megaton Dandelions. The group headed towards what seems to be a mountain with a bowl on it. Kaka introduces this as Pot Mountain and explains that the contents of the pot within the mountain itself is none other than Knocking Master Jiro's Soup Dish, the Magma Consomme, much to the surprise of the group. Kaka continues to explain the geography of the Mountain Continent to the group and as it continues, the group finally becomes informed of the true nature behind the hierarchy within the continent. Kaka states that it was not the Monkey King itself that actually created this hierarchy but rather the four ruling Enbu Instructors. The Instructors created four sections within Area 7, with each section ruled by a Master. The northern area which the group were currently exploring was ruled by Gorilla Taurus as Kaka states. When Coco realizes that a group of monkeys had died on the foundation of Pot Mountain, the group decided to investigate the matter, Kaka observes as the group hypothesizes what had happened. When a lone Iai-Aye comes to the scene, Kaka gives Toriko the Sandoriko flower in order to see whether the Iai-Aye's resolve is stronger than its fear. Proving its resolve stronger, the Iai-Aye attacks, and the Sandoriko proceeds to spray its deadly pollen, causing the Iai-Aye to heavily tear and dehydrate. Toriko proceeds to heal the lone monkey much to Kaka's surprise, however this action has alarmed the leader of the northern section, the Enbu Master Gorilla Taurus.

When the Gorilla Taurus makes its appearance, the Heavenly Kings proceed to fight the gigantic beast. Kaka observes as the group work together to fight the opponent. As the Gorilla Taurus reveals its true form, it attacks with a large beam attack. Surprised by having survived the attack, Kaka observes Sunny's arm, shocked to see its form. As Sunny proceeds to redirect the Gorilla Taurus' attack back to it, the rest of the group launch a full on attack. Kaka observes more as the group dispatches the gigantic beast, it also attempts to offer the Sandoriko flower to finally finish the battle however Coco rejects the offer, instead using his own special ability to poison the Gorilla Taurus. With the battle concluded, Kaka finds hope that the group may well be able to match the Monkey King.

After the fight with Gorilla Taurus, Kaka and the group head towards the 100g Mountain to which Kaka explains about the origin of PAIR. It reveals that Bambina is a Kintamamandrill and that PAIR is the Monkey King's testicles. Though the group are shocked by this revelation, Kaka also reveals the stars in the birth cry tree are also PAIR's, but they are incomplete versions and to acquire PAIR, it knows how to cook it to its full potential. Once they arrive Toriko tries to get used to the gravity of the mountain, but Kaka and everyone reacted horrified as Bambina appears in front of them. After Sunny tries to see its power level, in just 0.1 second, Bambina obliterates everyone except Sunny and Kaka.

After Sunny finds all the Heavenly Kings alive, Kaka explains that it was luck that they all survived, mentioning that there was no "fight", but instead the Monkey King was playing a "game" with all of them. It played "rock, paper, scissors" with Zebra, considering his punch "rock" and its parry "paper", so after "winning" it pointed at a direction with its finger, according to the rules of "acchi muite hoi". The air moved by its finger caused the Poison Doll's head to spin half a dozen times before being torn off. Bambina appeared behind Coco's Poison Doll, mutilating it with "hiza kakkun", and finally severing Toriko's arm with "arm wrestling". It states that now that they know of the dangers of the Monkey King, if they learn Enbu, then they wouldn't have 0% chance of loss and they still have four days till Komatsu's time is up. With that, Toriko agrees and tells Kaka to train them immediately.

With their resolve finally restored, Kaka soon trains the Heavenly Kings in the ways of Enbu. It first teaches the Heavenly Kings the concept of Enbu itself which is not as simple as doing a technique but rather is something that is done using each individual cells. As the Nitro continues to describe how each cells gain differing emotions or personalities in different situations, Coco asks why one must need to use each individual cell in order to ward off damage. Kaka continues its teachings by answering that by unifying each individual cell within the body of a being, it removes the stagnation of energy allowing to ward off any kind of power at high levels of efficiency, including those of gravity. With this revelation, the Heavenly Kings become shocked at the fact that the Iai-Aye was able to jump with ease despite the high levels of gravity within 100G Mountain, Kaka then translates for the Iai-Aye as it introduces itself. Possessing the information that is given, Coco states that the ways of Enbu work on a similar ways to that of a colander that sieves water through it. Toriko questions Kaka on how they can create unison on a cellular level and Kaka shows the group the BB Pill Bug. With the BB Pill Bug, Kaka tells the group that they would be using the bug as a juggling ball in order to start their Enbu training. It tells the Heavenly Kings of how the BB Pill Bugs can change their natural properties depending on any situation and that it is a delicacy, commenting on the fact that the group's food luck is good as it was able to find many numbers of BB Pill Bugs. It hands Toriko a single BB Pill Bug and tells him to throw and catch it, Toriko attempts to do so and fails as the bug changes its properties to stop midair and drop instantly to the ground. Surprised, Kaka describes once more that the BB Pill Bug changes properties depending on the situation and also warns the group of the poison it excretes which can be deadly if not released within 0.1 of a second. With these knowledge, the Heavenly Kings soon begin their training, attempting to juggle a single bug with Zebra declining the training. As the Heavenly Kings train themselves, Kaka shows that the Iai-Aye is capable of juggling three of the BB Pill Bugs already, she also states that the number of bugs juggled determines the rank of an Enbu practitioner. She then states that for the Heavenly Kings, they would be capable of learning the fundamentals within two days even though it would take several months for a practitioner to do so, however due to their circumstances they do not have the time and she tells the Heavenly Kings to make haste and that their goal is not to defeat the Monkey King but rather become a playmate. With this, Kaka continues to help the Heavenly Kings train in Enbu.

As the Heavenly Kings continue their training, Toriko asks Kaka on the number of BB Pill Bugs Enbu practitioners can juggle, Kaka answers the question and stating that an Instructor is capable of juggling up to fifty BB Pill Bugs. Unable to grasp the ways of Enbu, Kaka states that the Heavenly Kings' numerous battles may serve as a clue to grasping the ways of Enbu however the Heavenly Kings were unable to grasp the ways of Enbu as the first day of their training ended. With the Heavenly Kings contemplating on how to grasp the ways of Enbu, the Monkey King sends them the clue and with it, the Heavenly Kings were finally able to perform juggling a single BB Pill Bug, Kaka then welcomes them to the Entrance of Enbu.

With the second day of their Enbu training, the Heavenly Kings quickly perform the juggling of BB Pill Bugs in rapid succession, Kaka becomes amazed as each Heavenly King can perform the juggling with ease except for Zebra who simply ate the BB Pill Bugs. With Zebra commenting on the taste of the BB Pill Bug, Kaka states that the taste of the bug will become even more delicious as it is juggled. Now grasping the basics of Enbu, Kaka tells the Heavenly Kings that they will continue their training as they climb 100G Mountain. Before they can do so, the Denshark which carried the group performed Autotomy in order to completely conceal itself, surprised by the feat everyone, including Kaka, are shocked and Kaka even states that it could possibly avoid the effects of gravity itself despite being unable to move. With Denshark unable to move but providing the best Rest Room, Sunny carries the shark as the group climb 100G Mountain. Kaka instructs the group to perform their Enbu training by juggling the BB Pill Bugs as they climb so that the application of Enbu do not falter. As they climb, Zebra also joins in juggling the BB Pill Bugs, with Kaka guaranteeing the taste of the BB Pill Bug being more delicious. As they climb, they are followed by the Iai-Aye which Kaka states had recruited its fellow monkeys in order to assist the Heavenly Kings in their training as a form of thanks. With the monkeys accompanying the Heavenly Kings, Kaka tells the group to practice their warding skills in real combat against the monkeys and to continue juggling the bugs as they continue to climb. As they finally reach the top, the group is met with a wrestling ring.

With the wrestling ring assembled, Kaka worries over the situation. The Monkey King falls from the sky and instantly plays the same games with the Heavenly Kings once more with the Heavenly Kings finally being able to win against the Bambina. Surprised by the performance, the group soon hear a celebratory sound approaching the top of the mountain. As the sound approaches closer, Kaka soon realizes that her worry has become true and that the ring is for the festival which the monkeys of Area 7 celebrate, the festival that celebrates the a serious combat between an Enbu practitioner and the Monkey King, the event known as the Monkey Festival.

With the Monkey Festival being celebrated, Kaka describes to the Heavenly Kings of what happens during the festival. She states that it is originally seen as an event to show how one's Enbu training has improved however as time passed it became an actual wild battle with the throne of the Monkey King being the prize. With this, Kaka also explains that the type of match is different with each Monkey Festival and the current match chosen is Monkey Wrestling. With the Heavenly Kings seeing themselves at a disadvantage, the Monkey King uses PAIR in order to even the playing field. Kaka also tells Toriko before the match that he shouldn't use his Appetite Demon while performing Enbu as it causes the whole application to collapse due to the differing behavior of the Gourmet Cells whenever they come into contact with high quality food.

As the Heavenly Kings fight against the Monkey King and continue to barrage him with attacks, it is shown that Kaka stated beforehand that in order to take PAIR, one must entertain the Monkey King in order for PAIR to dampen and become easier to take and the only way Bambina can be entertained is through combat and even with the damage to the Monkey King being minimal, continuing to attack and even using the Enbu Secret Technique will entertain the Monkey King. As the Heavenly Kings continue, the eventually manage to pin down Bambina with Kaka being surprised. Toriko goes to in to take PAIR but Kaka attempts to stop him as it was too early to do so. As Toriko grabs PAIR, Kaka soon realizes that the situation has turned for the worst as Bambina soon shows his true form.

“Kaka” surprised by Komatsu awakening.

With the true form of the Monkey King revealed, the world feels a sense of unease. Kaka leaves the Heavenly Kings to fight off Bambina's true form and proceeds to the location of the Denshark. With her eyes shrouded, she passes Terry, Kiss, and Quinn easily, with the animals not even sensing her. As she enters the Denshark, she approaches the sleeping Komatsu and attempts to get hold of him. Before she could do so, the young chef awakens, much to her shock.[6]

As the fight between the Heavenly Kings and the Monkey King continued, Sunny hid the wrestling ring using his Hair Dome in order to prevent anyone from seeing what is truly happening inside. As the Heavenly Kings kept themselves hidden with no potential escape, Kaka continues her mysterious act within the Denshark. With Komatsu awake, she begins to open her mouth in a similar manner to the notorious Blue Nitro. As she slowly opens them, Komatsu begins to melt away, revealing Coco used Poison Doll to fool her. Terry, Kiss and Quinn are alerted and turn to the Denshark where inside, Kaka has revealed her true face as a Blue Nitro.

As the Poison Doll Komatsu melts away completely, Kaka realizes that not only was Komatsu gone but also his Wall Penguin Yun. Without any notice, the Denshark's Autotomy ended, instantly being dragged by the immense gravity and taking Kaka along with it. However, the force of gravity along with the Denshark's weight was not enough to stop Kaka as she forces herself out of the hole which was created by the Denshark. Outside, Terry, Kiss and Quinn were already prepared, knowing that the hostile has revealed herself to them. With no one else to turn to, Kaka attempts to stop the descendants of the Eight Kings from getting in her way and threatens to eat them if they do so, however her threats simply agitated the descendants of the Eight Kings.

When the Heavenly Kings failed to complete the dance with Bambina, they fell into the base of 100G Mountain where they are about to be dealt with Bambina himself. When Bambina finally catches the Heavenly Kings and proceeds to bite them, Toriko bites Bambina himself, causing them to see visions of a parallel plain of existence. PAIR falls and Komatsu as well as Toriko finish preparing it in order to gain the 100% taste of PAIR. Kaka, showing her true face as a Blue Nitro, shows up just when the Heavenly Kings were trying to heal Komatsu. She questions when the Heavenly Kings had suspected her but felt it was unnecessary to answer, the Heavenly Kings however, replied that they were suspicious of the Nitro from the start but were not interested in her motives so they never questioned her. Seeing a fully prepared PAIR, Kaka states that the 100% PAIR stood out from the conventional PAIRs and demanded the Heavenly Kings to hand over both PAIR and Komatsu and the Heavenly Kings should simply die. Despite the demands and the threat, Toriko simply warned the Blue Nitro to halt her approach as it would get in the way of the Monkey King's dance. Too late to bear the warning, Kaka bears her fangs and brushes onto the Monkey King. Angry that someone interrupted his dance he rounded on her with a death glare, only for the Blue Nitro to challenge him. Bambina whips Kaka with his tail but the Blue Nitro latches on to it; resulting in Bambina releasing Appetite Energy to blast away the hostile Nitro, Kaka screams at the Monkey King once more before she disappears, seemingly being killed.

In truth though, "Kaka" survives and eventually deflects the energy attack after a certain amount of time. After finally getting rid of the attack, "Kaka" is greeted by his fellow Gourmet Noble, PAIR. "Kaka" then tells PAIR of Bambina's monstrous strength and that he has grown too powerful for the Blue Nitro to handle. A frustrated PAIR remarks how bothersome "Bambino" has become before recalling his name change. "Kaka" removes its disguise, revealing itself to be ATOM, and speaks about how the meddlesome Ballboons dried up the phantasmal soup PAIR's source and how truly annoying the Eight Kings are due to their meddling. PAIR reminds it that they must acquire the recipes to PAIR and in order to do so they must recapture the traitorous Flavor Sages and Komatsu before the next and final Gourmet Solar Eclipse, which he claims even Acacia is waiting for as well.[2]


After Neo attacks and devours AIR, whose stamina had been depleted by cooking the Full Course, ATOM advocates talking it down and tells Neo that the Earth is nearly ripe and it should wait a few more days to get what it wants. Not satisfied, Neo sends out seven Gourmet Cell monsters to track down Acacia's Full Course.

ATOM tells Jiro that he cannot be allowed to take out Neo until it has been fully revived, while also warning him that he is becoming cocky in thinking he can take out either the Blue Nitro or Neo by himself. When Jiro releases his Knocking, ATOM and the rest of the Blue Nitro become visibly threatened by his surge in power.[7]

ATOM hopes to tell Jiro more about Neo's origins before he goes too wild.[8]

GOD Arc[]


  • While his true nature was not revealed until long after his introduction, "Kaka" is never seen moving "her" mouth while speaking, a trait that has only been seen among Blue Nitro and could've served as a hint of "her" true nature.


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