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An Air Tree growing several Air Fruits
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English Air Fruit
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Type Vegetable
Capture Level Unknown
Location Slow Rain Hills
Related Air Tree,
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Manga Gourmet 283
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Air Fruits are white spherical fruit-like vegetables that grow from Air Trees and upon ripening they release a large amount of air.


A full bloomed Air fruit

Air Fruits are perfectly round 'fruits' that are usually white, cyan or light blue in color and emit the same faint glow that surrounds their tree. Air Fruits are quite large and are easily larger than a person's head and despite their size they hang from very thin stems.

The Food King, AIR is the largest Air Fruit in the world as it grows from the massively gigantic Giant Air Tree which grows in the center of Slow Rain Hills. Unlike most Air Fruits, AIR's surface appears to be surrounded by what appear to be clouds or cloud-like shapes.


After maturing, Air Fruits fall from their branches and upon hitting the surface they release large amounts of air which can supply nutrition to aerovores such as the Phantom Beast Heraku. Even before ripening Air Fruits appear to be capable of producing enough air for an area without falling, however the Air Tree from which they grow causes the ratio of components in the air to be different from normal, so there can be dense oxygen, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide, likely due to the large amount of air the fruits and the trees produce. Air Fruits can only thrive if their trees are properly fertilized by a strong life force.

AIR, the largest Air Fruit can supply even more air than standard Air Fruits, enough to supply an entire planet with an atmosphere.

As Food[]

Air Fruits are normally inedible and the air they produce is the only thing that is consumed by wild life. However the actual fruit itself can be eaten when its tree receives fast and precision cuts in certain areas which will cause the fruit to become heavy and swollen at which point it will fall to the ground due to its new weight and can be eaten instantly. When eaten by someone like Toriko the Air Fruit was able to give him enough stamina to manifest his Blue Appetite Demon. The only person shown capable of preparing the Air Fruit was chef Komatsu, one of the top 100 chefs in the world who was able to prepare it with his Derous Knife in an instant with his incredibly fast speed, but whether the Air Fruit requires a high level of speed and a strong knife to prepare it is uncertain.

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