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Air Tree Eps 50
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Japanese エアツリー
Romanized Ea Tsurī
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Type Plant
Capture Level Unmeasurable
Height 30m
Habitat Nightmare Hill (Area 8),
Underground Forest (Area 7)
Related Giant Air Tree
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 112
Anime Episode 50
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The Air Tree is special tree which grows in Area 8's Nightmare Hill within Gourmet World whose fruit gives birth to air and is an essential part of the Phantom Beast Heracs' lifestyle. Air Trees can also be found in the Area 7's Underground Forest.


When they are born, the ratio of components in the air is different so there can be dense oxygen, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. If proper fertilizer is given to the tree, more good quality air can be produced. Only a strong life force can become fertilizer for this tree. It's also an ingredient but it's a "Super Specially Cooked Ingredient".

Despite their ordinary tree-like appearance, Air Trees are classified as plant beasts due to their carnivorous nature and deadliness, as it mainly seeks nutrition by increasing the air pressure around it to kill weaker creatures, and once its prey's body dies it will absorb them into itself for nutrition. Although it seems that it can survive through other methods as well, as Nightmare Hill seems devoid of smaller beasts for the Air Trees to feed on. The Air Tree can also accept "offerings", such as if a being willingly gives itself to it to feed the air tree, and it seems that such an offering can produce enough air to feed even the likes of Heracles for a short time.


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