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Alfaro. GGB
Japanese アルファロ
Romanized Arufaro
English Alfaro
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday 26th June
Status Alive
Height 217 cm
Weight 275 Kg
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk Gourmet Corp.
Occupation The Waiter of the Gourmet Corp. and Midora's personal aide
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 92
Anime Episode 36
Japanese Umezu Hideyuki
English John Swasey
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Alfaro (アルファロ Arufaro) is the waiter of the Gourmet Corp. and Midora's personal aide. Despite his position as waiter, he is in fact one of the strongest members of the Gourmet Corp. and was one of the first select few capable of entering the Gourmet World without a GT Robo before the Gourmet Corp.'s rise in power. As Midora's personal aide he holds a high standing within the organization and his praise is something that even the Branch Chiefs of the Gourmet Corp. appreciate and take with honor. He was a side-antagonist during the Century Soup Arc and Cooking Festival Arc.


He is tall man with very pale skin and has a very large nose and eight arms, giving him the appearance of a spider. He has long black hair and wears two red earrings that are fashioned after kitchen tools, the one on his left ear appears to be designed to resemble a corkscrew and the one on his right appears to be designed after a bottle opener, whether they can be used as the items they resemble is not mentioned.

True to his occupation as a waiter of the Gourmet Corp., he dresses in very formal attire which consists of a black tuxedo ensemble and a black cape. Underneath his cape he keeps hidden numerous plates that function like shurikens.

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He is a serious and calm individual who is completely loyal to his boss Midora and the Gourmet Corp., and will fulfill any task given to him by his boss without question. Like most Gourmet Corp. members, he cares little for the lives of humans or animals and will ruthlessly kill anything that proves to be a bother.

Powers and Abilities[]

His attacks are based on the plates he keeps hidden in his tuxedo, which he is able to throw fast enough to cut both the Parasite Emperor and Hellboros (each with capture levels of 81 and 72 respectively) literally to pieces. He is one of the few Gourmet Corp. members capable of entering the Gourmet World, as shown when he brought Midora his soup inside the Gourmet World. He has also been seen to resist the intense cold of Ice Hell while wearing just a tuxedo and a cape. Alfaro is a very intelligent fighter knowing that a fight with Setsuno would result in them losing the Century Soup; this is indicated by Setsuno's ability to shatter Alfaro's plates with a glance.

Hunting Method[]

Alfaro has a set of plates in his coat which he uses in conjunction with his 8 arms to attack his opponent, cutting the target to pieces thanks to the speed at which they spin. It is also noted that Alfaro's plates functions like boomerangs in the way that they return to the thrower.


  • Gold Plates (金の皿 Kin no Sara): A set of eight plates made of Gourmet Material, they are much sharper than the ones he usually wields.[1]


Alfaro Plate Shuriken small

Plate Shuriken (皿手裏剣 Sara Shuriken): Alfaro throws several plates at a target at high enough speed and with enough force to cut through multiple targets with just one throw.[2]


Century Soup Arc[]

Arriving in Ice Hell[]

Alfaro first arrives on the continent of Ice Hell shortly after Yuu steals the Century Soup from Komatsu. After meeting up with Yuu, Alfaro praises him on a job well done. He witnesses the ongoing battle between the Hellboros and the Parasite Emperor but quickly dismisses them as a nuisance and kills them without effort. Surprisingly, however, he finds vice-chefs Barrygamon and Bogie Woods among the remains of the beasts, as they were swallowed alive by the Hellboros. After finding out about Tommyrod's defeat, Alfaro decides to finish of Toriko and the others, but is stopped by Setsuno.[3] They talk about Midora, and Alfaro moves to attack Setsuno, who easily overpowers Alfaro by destroying his shuriken plates and warns him to leave and not harm Toriko and his friends. Seeing no other choice, he complies as he does not wish to risk losing the Century Soup, and leaves with the soup and the unconscious Tommyrod.[4]

Delivering the Soup[]


Alfaro arrives to deliver the soup.

After the events of Ice Hell, Alfaro made his way back to Gourmet World to deliver the Century Soup to his master Midora, the boss of the Gourmet Corp.[5] Alfaro humbly serves the Century Soup to Midora, who quickly grabs it from him in the blink of an eye (even shocking Alfaro with his blinding speed) and is pleased with its flavor. He then orders Alfaro to distribute the soup to more members within the organization in hopes of increasing the number of men capable of entering the Gourmet World so he may achieve his goal of obtaining GOD and take control of all the world's ingredients. Alfaro, however, ponders on the amazing power boost his master received from just one gulp of the soup, but at the same time is shocked that the soup had such a small impression on him and did not even smile at its taste which brings smiles to all who drink it. He then deduces that the only ingredient that can satisfy him is GOD, and wonders on another possible ingredient but mentions no further from there.[6]

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

When he hears of Ichiryu approaching Gourmet Corp.'s Gourmet World HQ, Kuromado sends for Alfaro to tell Midora.[7] Alfaro is shocked when Midora says that they should let Ichiryu through.[8]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Alfaro and a handful of Nitro face off against Megarodras and Goblin Ramon in the Food Region Forest. The bandit challenges his partner to kill the most opponents. Alfaro expresses surprise that the Biotope 0 has criminals like those two in its staff, and states that the records of both are going to be zero kills.[9]

He later returns to the Gourmet Corp.'s Gourmet World HQ, appearing at the gathering of all of the chefs, and tell them that they will make Midora's meal as they no longer have the freedom to make their own choices. He then tells Starjun that the traitors of the Gourmet Corp. were hypnotized just like Grinpatch, who is standing unresponsive. Starjun questions Grinpatch about his current state asking him if he was fed anything but receives no answer. Alfaro states that anyone who stops working for the Gourmet Corp. dies and suggests that the captive chefs start cooking quickly unless they want to be killed.[10] Alfaro along with the crowd gathered before Midora are alarmed by the collapsing of the Headquarters. He is further shocked by Midora's sudden outburst of laughter after eating Komatsu's cooking, noting that he did not even crack a smile after eating the Century Soup.[11]


He travels to NEO Headquarters with Midora and showcases his new set of golden plates.[12] He supports Midora in the fight until Joie arrives and they leave for the Landsea, leaving him as the sole Gourmet Corp. operative among the NEO members.[13]


Alfaro CAD

Alfaro's CAD


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