Allied Forces
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Alied Forces HQ

Aliases Allied Army Forces
International Federated Army (dub)
Affiliation Janpin;
Human World
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 196
Anime Episode 115
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The Allied Forces are the Human World's primary military force which was formed by the allied nations of the world. The Allied Forces are led by Fleet Admiral Janpin.

They are the world's most powerful military army and as such posses some of the most powerful technological weapons created by mankind in order to defend themselves from major threats to the Human World, such as the dreaded and monstrous animals from Gourmet World.

However, while their military strength is great enough to maintain peace within the Human World, the Allied Forces are completely powerless against the might of the beasts from Gourmet World, whose powers are more akin to natural disasters.


Allied Forces HQ Interior

The interior of the Allied Forces HQ.

The Allied Army Forces Headquarters is a massive futuristic building somewhat resembling a warship. The base has dozens of satellites, guns and cannons stationed in several areas of its surface for defense and surveillance. Several large buildings are located around the HQ and the spotlights that surround the base light up the skies around it. The interior of the base is very high-tech and has numerous large monitors and computers operated by soldiers and surveillance teams from which they keep track of all events happening in the Human World thanks to their Satellite Cameras.


Alied Forces HQ1

Fighter Jets, one of the many military vehicles used by the Allied Forces.

The weapons used by the Allied Forces are some of the most powerful weapons built by mankind and an entire assault from these machines can turn over 10 million square kilometers of the planet into a wasteland instantaneously. All these weapons are piloted by soldier-operated GT Robos in order to avoid unnecessary casualties. However as stated above, these weapons are completely useless against the powerful creatures of Gourmet World.

Fighter JetsEdit

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The Fighter Jets are the Allied Forces' main military aircraft and are used for aerial assault. They are equipped with specialized missiles designed for large-scale beasts.

GT RobosEdit

Main article: GT Robo

The Gourmet Telexistence Robots (or GT Robos for short) make up the Allied Forces' military infantry. They are all operated by actual human soldiers and are mainly used to avoid unnecessary casualties in battle. They all have a simple humanoid design and wear standard military uniforms.

Mammoth TanksEdit

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The Mammoth Tanks are the Allied Forces' main military land vehicles and are used for front line assault. They are massive tanks that posses both great offense and defense.

Satellite WarshipsEdit

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The Satellite Warships are giant satellites in space that are equipped with several powerful laser cannons capable of devastating destruction with an impressive blast radius.


Four Beast ArcEdit

During the Four Beasts attack on the Human World, the Allied Forces rallied together all their military might to combat them, unleashing all their forces from land, sea, air and space to fire on each of the beasts with devastating attack fire. However all their weapons combined proved to be no match against any of the Four Beasts, leaving Fleet Admiral Janpin hopeless, however all their fears were eased upon the arrival of the Four Heavenly Kings.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • The overall layout of the Allied Forces HQ is heavily simplified in the anime, with many satellites, cannons and buildings removed as well as spotlights.
  • Also in the manga, the Allied Forces HQ was shown while it was dark out while in the anime it was shown while it was still daylight.


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