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Other Ancient Cookbook
Creator(s) Jiji
Owner Komatsu
Purpose To instruct others on how to properly prepare special ingredients
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 135
Anime Episode 64
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The Ancient Cookbook is an old text written thousands of years ago by the "Flavor Sage" Jiji during his time with the ancient Nitro civilization in the Human World. It holds detailed instructions on how to prepare many Specially Cooked Ingredients, however it is written in the language of the Nitro which is impossible to translate. The book is currently under the ownership of Komatsu who discovered it deep within the ruins of Gourmet Pyramid.

Listed IngredientsEdit

Many of the ingredients listed in the book are also present on many hieroglyphics within Gourmet Pyramid.



Mellow Cola ArcEdit

The ancient cookbook was first discovered by Komatsu after he became lost within the labyrinth-like Gourmet Pyramid. Upon stumbling into an ancient Nitro tomb, he found the book on top of a pedestal and became amazed by its contents. However he was soon attacked by an ancient Nitro, forcing him to flee. After reuniting with Zebra and Toriko after his run-in with the Salamander Sphinx, he realized that the book was actually a cookbook, and used what little he understood from it to guide Toriko and Zebra on how to defeat the Salamander Sphinx.

Four Beast ArcEdit

This book was later sought out by the mysterious man who attacked Teppei. Having gone to Gourmet Pyramid to find it only to discover that "someone" already acquired it.

Cooking Festival Arc Edit

The ancient cookbook, whilst it did not play any major roles, was one of the subject items which the secret organization known as NEO were looking for. Because the mysterious man, later revealed to be Joie, traveled to Gourmet Pyramid in search of the book, he discovered that Komatsu already has the ancient cookbook and proceeded to take Komatsu away from Starjun after Toriko's defeat. Joie knew the value of the ancient cookbook itself however it also saw the potential within Komatsu and aimed to gain both the cookbook and Komatsu, however due to being outclassed due to the presence of Jiro, Setsuno and Starjun, he failed to gain both.

PAIR Arc Edit

When the Heavenly Kings travel to Area 7 after the ambush of NEO in Area 8, the group meet a mysterious Nitro who spoke the human language. This Nitro, who goes by the name of Kaka, knew about the ancient cookbook which Komatsu found as Kaka, along with another Nitro, were in cryptobiosis within Gourmet Pyramid when Komatsu found the cookbook. Kaka awakened from cryptobiosis and managed to escape the pyramid before the Four Beast destroyed it, and after having escaped the place, traveled in Gourmet World and awaited for the Heavenly Kings to arrive with a heavily wounded Komatsu.

Because Kaka knew it was Komatsu whom had acquired the ancient cookbook, Kaka felt it was necessary that Komatsu be healed quickly due to Komatsu's mind being filled with the information from the cookbook, Kaka also states that Komatsu, combined with the knowledge from the cookbook, is the hope for all ingredients in the world.


When the Four Heavenly Kings and their support group arrived in Area 6 and met up with Jiji he quickly recognized the old book Komatsu had with him as his own but let Komatsu keep it to aid him on his journey.

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