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Japanese 鮟鱇鳥 (あんこうどり)
Romanized Ankō Dori
English Angler Bird
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Type Bird
Capture Level 303
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Near the Slow Rain Hills
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 294
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The Angler Bird (鮟鱇鳥 (あんこうどり) Ankō Dori) is a species of beast that lives near the Slow Rain Hills of Area 8 in the Gourmet World.


It is a vicious-looking creature whose body is a hybrid of a bird and an angler fish, having the overall body structure of a bird but with the face of an angler fish. However unlike a regular angler fish, it has four anglers.


Angler Birds fly together in flocks and when spotting potential prey they will consume it together. They reside near Slow Rain Hills on Area 8, showing that they may be adapted to its unique and dangerous weather.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Having a capture level of 303, Angler Birds are likely quite strong and the fact that they fly together groups likely only adds to the danger of encountering them. They have very strong teeth and jaws, able to easily tear apart a powerful figure like Shigematsu to ribbons, although Shigematsu's body had already been greatly wounded by Toriko's Infinite Nail Punch. The fact that they are capable of living in Area 8 shows that they are able to survive its harsh weather conditions.


AIR ArcEdit

After Shigematsu is defeated by Toriko's immensely powerful Infinite Nail Punch, his body is sent flying through the air. While in midair he regains control of his body from Joie's Taste Change and in his final moments he wishes that mother nature would consume him as penance for his actions. His wish is granted by a flock of Angler Birds who quickly devour his body.


Angler Bird Submission

Angler Bird Submission

  • The Angler Bird is the work of a fan from Saitama.

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