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Four Heavenly Intimidations
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Japanese 食欲の悪魔
Romanized Shokuyoku no Akuma
English Appetite Demons (Viz)
Aliases Appetite Devils
Appetite Monsters (食欲の化物 Shokuyoku no Bakemono)
Gourmet Cell Demons (グルメ細胞の悪魔 Gurume Saibō no Akuma)
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Type Monster Troll
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Manga Gourmet 2
Anime Episode 2
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We Gourmet Cell Demons... are "appetite" itself... We simply eat and eat... We have no ability to reproduce... In place of leaving behind descendants... We revive... We become the "appetites" of other creatures...

—GOD revealing the nature and purpose of Monster Trolls, the Appetite Demons

Appetite Demons (食欲の悪魔 Shokuyoku no Akuma), also known as Gourmet Cell Demons or Appetite Monsters, are a unique type of Monster Troll spirits who are born out of the Gourmet Cells' appetite, and chose a living host with Gourmet Cells to inhabit.

When Gourmet Cells have matured to a certain point, Appetite Demons can be projected by their hosts in the form of grotesque monsters as a form of Intimidation. However, the more the cells grow and develop, the stronger these manifestations become, to the point where they can end up gaining a will of their own, becoming beings that can exist as separate sentient entities within their hosts and even outside of them for a certain amount of time. Not much is known about the extent of their powers, but it has been implied that they play a major role in mastering the use of Gourmet Cells. According to Coco, they use Appetite Energy to manifest a body for themselves. In some chosen individuals, there exists more than one type of Appetite Demons, like Toriko who has a Red Demon, Blue Demon, and White Demon.


Four Heavenly Kings Intimidation Aura

The manifested Appetite Demons of the Four Heavenly Kings.

Appetite Demons do not have common traits or features among them, each manifesting in diverse and unique forms that can only be described as something akin to monsters, ghosts or demons with an ominous aura of energy emanating from them. It is unknown if these are forms they choose themselves or if their forms are whatever their hosts imagine them to be, however Toriko's Blue Demon possessed its own form despite its host never knowing of its existence indicating that they do indeed choose their own forms which can then be influenced by their hosts.

Zebra arrives to battle

Zebra's Appetite Demon with a cloak and scythe.

Appetite Demons also appear capable of stretching their limbs when they manifest, indicating that they can manipulate their appearance if they choose to do so.

Some Appetite Demons can manifest themselves with things such as clothes, cloths or cloaks, or items such as forks, knives or even a scythe. Sunny's Appetite Demon was able to manifest itself in a completely different form as an unseen creature inside a large jar where it appeared as a shadowed entity with small bright eyes and numerous golden hair/feelers, resembling an octopus in a pot trap.

Behavior and IntelligenceEdit

Sunny's monster on the jar

Sunny's Appetite Demon taking on a more sinister form and nature.

When first manifesting, Appetite Demons appear to be nothing more than an aura of energy projected by the user's cells that simply appear to be extensions of themselves, but as the user advances their cells their Appetite Demons reveal that they are actually sentient and intelligent, and when the host's cells grow strong enough the demons can mentally converse with their host in their language and even have control over the power of their host's cells. Appetite Demons have a strong gluttonous desire for delicious food, something they can crave so intensely that they may even go wild and posses their hosts when in the presence of something truly delicious, such as an ingredient from Acacia's Full Course Menu. However, Appetite Demons appear to have their own preferences and in the occurrence that two Appetite Demons share the same host they will have a craving for different kinds of food.[1]


Toriko's red Appetite Demon in a rare instance of showing genuine calmness and wariness.

Appetite Demons can make deals and arrangements with their hosts, asking them for things such as delicious food in exchange for allowing them to use the full potential of their power. Coco and Toriko's Appetite Demons are notable for implying that they posses knowledge that not even their hosts are aware of, such as knowing what lies deep within the planet and that consuming Acacia's Full Course allows one to master their Gourmet Cells. Indicating that these two Appetite Demons are ancient Troll Monsters who once existed among the living in their own bodies before dying and choosing human hosts.

Some people may gain the unique trait of having three Appetite Demons, such as Toriko's Red, Blue, and third unknown Demons.

Despite their feral natures and their tendency to react wildly to high quality ingredients, Appetite Demons can show some form of respect towards others of their own nature. During the capture of the Acacia's Salad AIR, Coco had instantly noticed that Toriko's own demon shows itself with little to no side effect on its host. But what really caught Coco's attention is that despite being in the presence of one of the legendary ingredients, Coco's demon, along with Sunny and Zebra's, have not reacted in any way shape or form despite the fact that they had gone out of control when originally presented with a tiny scent of a legendary ingredient within an apple. Coco hypothesized that it wasn't out of fear that they did not go out of control but rather respected that it was Toriko and Komatsu that the Food King AIR had smiled upon, reflecting the belief that it is the ingredient that chooses its consumer and chef.

Appetite Demons, much like other intelligent beings, have their unique personality. For example, Toriko's Blue Demon seems to be very confident of blue Gourmet Cells superiority over the red ones and is often enthusiastic, his White Demon is rather polite and well-mannered, Sunny's seemed hesitant and shy, and Don Slime was highly self-confident and had strong relationship with Ichiryuu.


Red and Blue Devils

Toriko's Red and Blue Demons in color

Jiji reveals that there have been rare occasions of a mighty individual able to host more than one Appetite Demon within one cell.[2] The current one is Toriko - he possesses three Appetite Demons.[3] The Demons awaken depending on the situation. During the battle against Heracles, the strength of Red Demon is not enough so it asks Blue Demon to lend its power. During the battle against Bambina and Neo, the Red Demon pops out automatically to defend Toriko. It proves that by eating more powerful ingredients (Acacia's Full Course, for example), the strength of the Appetite Demon returns to its peak, when the Demon is completely revived.

The origin of the Appetite Demon is also variable, which can be guessed by the color of its cells. Neo is from another universe, as Don Slime notices its cells are a different color, which PAIR confirms.[4]


  • Devil (デビル Debiru)
  • Ogre (オーガ Ōga)
  • Satan (サタン)
  • Troll (トロル Tororu), some of which have earned the title Gourmet Nobility thanks to their cooking.[5]


As Appetite Demons are only spirits bound to the host's Gourmet Cells, they can never use their true power. The only way for them to achieve their true form and individuality from their host is to eat the Planetary Full Course Menu. As its ingredients come from the very core of Gourmet Cells and the good taste of the very planet itself, they have the power to "awaken" the Gourmet Cells. When a host of Appetite Demon eats an ingredient from the Planetary Full Course, a part of the Demon will revive. This not only enhances their power, but also allows the host to turn parts of their bodies into the Demon. The process of returning the Appetite Demon as shown in the manga, is as follows:

First, the host has to eat AIR, PAIR, ANOTHER, NEWS, EARTH and ATOM to awaken the Demon's left arm, right arm, tongue, left leg, right leg, torso and head. This will then allow the user to fully turn into their Appetite Demon and use great portion of its power.

Neo True Form

Neo's true form, seperated from its host, Acacia.

Then, the host eats GOD, which revives the Demon's brain, brings the Demon out of their body and manifests it as a seperate living being, in its True Form. This form is different to the form seen inside the host or while using intimidation, in most cases, this form is the appearance they had during their lifetime (except for Neo, who was never seen in its True Form during its life). At this point, the Demon is mostly revived, along with their power. This power difference is great, as seen when before eating GOD, Neo had trouble fighting against the Eight Kings, while after eating GOD, it was capable of defeating them easily.
The host then proceeds to eat CENTER, which supposedly revives the Demon's heart and puts the user's body in a state of "resurrection", where hairs cover their body and fly off, leaving them completely hairless. Following this, two possible results can happen:

Ogre revived

Ogre's true form, seperated from its host, Toriko.

If the Demon eats the host, their body will be fully resurrected, with power as great, or greater to the power they possessed in their lifetime.

If the host eats the Demon, or the Demon willingly feeds itself to the host, they will become one. In this scenario, if the host has previously eaten their "compatible ingredient", that is, an ingredient that is wholly decided by themselves, a decision that even their own Appetite Demon cannot affect, they will remain in control of their body, and gain the Appetite Demon's power. However, if the host has not eaten their "compatible ingredient", they will be overtaken by their own Appetite, resulting in their body and their mind being corrupted.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Toriko piercing Starjun

Toriko's Red Demon physically manifesting itself and attacking Starjun.

When projected by their host, Appetite Demons can instill fear into any beings or creatures weaker than them to the point where they may even be able to paralyze them. When seen by others, an Appetite Demon may appear in its most basic form, but on occasion especially if its opponent is heavily outclassed, the Appetite Demon will be seen either wearing a bib or proper attire while holding a fork and knife in a civilized manner, likely to show its prey how outclassed they are and how far above them they stand.


Toriko's Blue Demon bonded to Toriko's body as it materializes

Being a manifestation of their host's Gourmet Cells, they can feed off their host's body from the inside when their host has run out of calories, allowing their host to begin the process of autophagy which greatly boosts their physical strength at the cost of the Appetite Demons using the cells to slowly eat away at their host's bodies.

The most powerful ability of an Appetite Demon however is that under certain circumstances it can actually make its projected form materialize to a point where it can physically harm an opponent as though its body were solid rather than simply intimidating them. When physically manifested, it can stretch out its projected limbs to strike from a distance, suggesting that it can manipulate its projected form to suit its needs, it is also capable of using projectile attacks such as when Midora unleashed Meteor Spice, it was his own Appetite Demon that had unleashed the spices.

Toriko manifests Red and Blue

Toriko using his Appetite Demons to fight against the Blue Nitros

The physical materialization is not limited to a physical form of intimidation and the Appetite Demon can materialize itself by physically taking over its host to the point where they are physically bonded together. If the Appetite Demon is strong enough, it can be manifested itself as a weak materialization while is in a dormant state within its host (an example of this is Toriko's Blue Demon that materialize itself even when it is not active by turning Toriko's original black hair to blue). Chichi demonstrated the physical overtaking of the host by presenting the Heavenly Kings with an apple with a scent from one of Acacia's Full Course. The demons are clearly shown as being bonded to their hosts when they turned wild. This overtaking is again demonstrated later on when Toriko had been defeated by one of the Eight Kings, Heracles where Toriko's Blue Demon takes him over in order to consume an Air Tree fruit. Toriko's Blue Demon showed an advanced form of materialization, able to completely separate itself from Toriko as an individual to fight alongside him however the risk of this materialization seems to put the host at intense risk to the point where the host could be killed. How it attacks is similar to the Red Demon when it struck Starjun as an individual but far more advanced as Toriko does not seem to control its action in the same manner to the red Appetite Demon. The blue Appetite Demon within Toriko describes itself as Toriko's own appetite, meaning that it is Toriko's own appetite taking a physical form similar to how the combined appetites of the Heavenly Kings form their join attack, Dinner of Kings.


Midora shoots Meteor Spice

Midora's Demon unleashes Meteor Spice

The strength of an Appetite Demon varies depending on its classification. This is first shown when Toriko's Red Demon indicated he can't use his complete power yet and Heracles is to much for him currently but his Blue Demon, the more powerful demon, managed to land a powerful blow to Heracles even after Heracles had shot it with the same powerful breath that tore Toriko's body. It is unknown how large the gap is between a red and a blue Appetite Demon's power is however it clearly shows that the blue variant exceeds the red to the point that it can match one of the Eight Kings but also endanger its host due to the immense power it holds along with it's much wilder nature. 

Since powers of the host come from the Appetite Demons, They can also use techniques similar to them as when Toriko's Blue Demon used Devil Fork on Heracles. These techniques are immensely powerful as it matched Heracles' Herac Kick

Some Appetite Demons have abilities unique to their own. One demon, Acacia's demon Neo, possess an unpredictable revival method which cannot be determined even when using Acacia's Full Course Menu. Other demons such as Don Slime have shown the ability to create a replica of his host's original body.

Special TraitsEdit

Appetite Demons possess some unique traits along with their immense strength and abilities. One such trait is their respiration system. Human respiration usually happens through the mouth and the nose with skin respiration being so small that it is negligible. However, Appetite Demons are completely different in that most of their breathing process are done through the skin thanks to the power of the Gourmet Cells within the host. This is one of the special traits which Appetite Demons have and unlike human respiration, the amount of air that is inhaled and exhaled from the Appetite Demon's skin give enough force to match that of a jet, allowing their host to use their breathing process as a powerful tool in combat by amplifying their techniques with the force of the Appetite Demon's inhuman breathing process. 

Another unique trait of Appetite Demons is that they are capable of choosing their host. Appetite Demons are spirits of passed Monster Trolls and when they become spirits, they are capable of either existing once again once a physical form (known as a "vehicle) has been created (like the Nitro) or they can instead choose a host to carry them along and become part of their host's power, provided the host carries Gourmet Cells within them. Unlike Monster Trolls that are given a new physical form, Appetite Demons are spirits that can be physically manifested by their host and their Gourmet Cells whether as a separate being which can fight along side its host (as demonstrated by Toriko's Blue Demon) or as part of the host itself. Having a host also means that whenever a host consumes food, the Appetite Demons can also consume the same food their host eats as they practically share the same body. However some Appetite Demons can choose not to consume what their host eats despite sharing the same body, this is shown when Toriko's Red Demon eats AIR but his Blue Demon does not.

Appetite Demons also revive parts of their body as their hosts consume Acacia's Full Course. Each body part is determined by what part of the Full Course the host eats and when the host revives these parts, they can use their demon's strength via Manifestation without any dangers. Acacia's demon Neo is unique in that Neo revives any body parts rather than having a determined body part revived when it eats Acacia's Full Course Menu.


Despite being such powerful manifestations of an individual, Appetite Demons have weaknesses as well. One of the most notable weaknesses of Appetite Demons is their host's own power. Proven with most Appetite Demon users, if the host itself is not powerful enough, despite possessing an Appetite Demon, then an Appetite Demon's strength cannot be fully utilized. At most, the host can only manifest their demons as a form of Intimidation with differing visions of the demon being portrayed depending on what the host wishes for its opponent to see. Despite being capable of creating the vision of an intimidating demon, Intimidation merely portrays the host's Appetite Demon and it cannot physically touch the opponent, and if the opponent's power is much stronger, then the host is at a disadvantage as its opponent will not yield. Because Appetite Demons are created by their own host's appetite and given form by Gourmet Cells, it is vital for Appetite Demons to have a strong host who can utilize their strengths and be able to control them at will as it is the host itself which utilizes the very power of the demons even if the said demon manifests itself as a separate being from its host.

For hosts who have never experienced (or simply gained Gourmet Cells without their knowledge) using an Appetite Demon, the toll becomes much heavier in comparison to those who have used them extensively. The gap between people who can use their Appetite Demons as Intimidation and those who cannot even manipulate their demons in any way, shape, or form is actually much larger than one may think. This is proven true with Komatsu himself who had almost no knowledge of his Appetite Demon but unconsciously uses it in order to capture AIR. Komatsu becomes completely drained of his energy and has almost no recollection of even using his Appetite Demon in order to capture AIR. Chin Chinchin even confirms that Teppei did not simply attempt to execute Komatsu during NEO's botched ambush but rather he destroyed the old heart of Komatsu and revived it into a stronger, more powerful heart.

World within the hostEdit

Appetite Demon World

An elaborate world for Appetite Demons.

Whenever Appetite Demons manifest themselves within their host's consciousness, they create an imagined world that exists within the host itself. This imaginary world that exists within the host becomes highly altered depending on the situation which the current host is experiencing. So far Toriko's Appetite Demons have explored different revisions of this world due to the different things that Toriko has experienced. During his fight with Starjun, Toriko's Red Demon shows a world filled with the food Toriko has consumed (all prepared by Komatsu). Later on this world would take the form of a single room which held Toriko's Blue Demon which the Red Demon would awaken within Toriko's subconscious. And lastly, when Toriko finally eats one of the legendary ingredients, AIR, the world expands into a large outdoor area filled with numerous tables and plants and even sets of stairs which Toriko's Blue Demon would visit so that it may converse with the Red Demon. The details of the world becomes more elaborate as the host continues to grow, creating a more detailed scenery albeit sinister.

The world within the host itself holds connection to the World of Souls itself however due to their nature, it is difficult to determine just what their true connection is like. During the travel of the chefs into the World of Souls, it is shown that their bodies remained in the physical realm while their souls traversed the World of Souls. During Komatsu's experience in the World of Souls, he meets Toriko's Appetite Demons, showing that the World of Souls and the world that resides in a host are, in fact, connected however due to the obscurity of this connection, it is unknown just how they are connected to one another as the main difference between the World of Souls and the world within a host is that the world within a host is residence only to a host's Appetite Demon (for example, Toriko's three Appetite Demons are strictly the only demons seen within Toriko). This connection is further proven during Ichiryu's time in the World of Souls as Ichiryu observed Acacia's Appetite Demon, Neo, while Acacia himself rampaged in Gourmet World. It is possible that the very connection between the World of Souls and the worlds within a host work in the exact same manner as that of the Whale King Moon's stomach leading straight to the World of Souls.

Known Appetite DemonsEdit

Toriko Intimidation 1
Toriko's Blue Demon
Third Demon profile
Toriko's White Demon
Coco's Intimidation
Coco's Poison Devil
Sani's intimidation
Sunny's Hair Monster
Zebra's Intimidation
Zebra's Voice Demon
Mansam's Appetite Demon
Starjun intimidation
Starjun's Appetite Demon
Tommyrod's Appetite Demon
Buranchi's Intimidation
Brunch's Appetite Demon
Setsuno's intimidation
Setsuno's Appetite Demon
Midora's Intimidation
Midora's Appetite Demon
Komatsu's Appetite Demon
Komatsu's Appetite Demon
Acacia's Appetite Demon
Joa's Appetite Demon
Joie's Appetite Demon
Don Slime
Froese's Appetite Demon
Aimaru's Demon
Aimaru's Appetite Demon


  • Chichi describes Toriko's red and blue Appetite Demons as Oni, a direct reference to the popular ogres from Japanese myth and folklore. The colors red and blue are also a direct reference to the folklore as these are known to be the most common colors which an oni is depicted in.
  • The colors to determine Toriko's Appetite Demons are similar to how one can determine a Nitro's subspecies. 
  • It is interesting to note that Sunny's ability to change the form of his hair allows him to create a physical replica of his Appetite Demon however this form is simply his hair creating a body in the form of his demon in order to fight and is not his actual demon physically jumping out like Toriko's.
  • The fact of a non-human creature appearing behind the character and being the materialization of their power is similar to the Stand ability in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga and anime. However, the nature of both concepts are different: Stands are heavily linked to the user life energy and form part of them, while Appetite Demons and their users are different entities with the Appetite Demons travelling through Gourmet Cells into hosts to manifest.


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