Appetite Energy
Appetite Energy
Japanese 食欲のエネルギー
Romanized Shokuyoku no Enerugī
English Appetite Energy
Alias Gourmet Energy (グルメエネルギー Gurume Enerugī)
Class Offensive
Related Gourmet Cells
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 61
Anime Episode 21
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Life energy is savoriness.

—Coco's Appetite Demon to Coco, Joa to himself.

Appetite Energy, or more correctly Gourmet Energy is a fundamental energy of the universe, embodying good taste, desire for food, and even life force. The energy is as old as the universe, it cannot be destroyed, and it is the source and origin of Gourmet Cells, their power and everything that came from them.


By focusing its overwhelming hunger and desire to devour prey, a predator can emit this energy outside of its body and shape it for various purposes. Ichiryu has stated that only the strongest predators at the top of the food chain are capable of doing this, and that when used offensively the resultant energy can effortessly mow down all manner of ingredients. Beasts that use this energy typically emit it from their mouths as destructive beams or bolts to kill their prey.

Appetite Energy is highly versatile, having offensive, defensive, and useful supplementary applications. It can be emitted directly from the body to manifest semi-solid weapons and instruments (as in the case of Toriko's Fork and Knife and their derivatives, Chinchin's Spoon, or Ichiryu's Chopsticks). These manifestations possess, for the duration of their existence, properties comparable to the substances they emulate. When taking the form of Fork or Knife, for instance, Toriko's Appetite Energy can actually be 'melted' by temperatures which exceed the melting point of the iron cutlery being emulated. The energy can even manifest with the forms and behaviours of living creatures, as in Jiro's Rising Wolf Guinness Punch technique. In the anime, Appetite Energy resembles light-like energy of varying colours, the most common being yellow.

Appetite Energy can also be infused directly into particular body parts, increasing their strength and even generating beneficial mutations. Sunny, for example, can infuse his hair directly with Appetite Energy to temporarily morph his feelers into Devil Feelers for his Satan Hair ability. When used in this way Appetite Energy lives up to its name by imparting not only increased strength and near indestructibility to the hair, but a ravenous appetite facilitated by millions of micro-jaws which manifest along each strand. Controlling this use of Appetite Energy is difficult, as the independent appetite of his hair fights Sunny's mental control and threatens to consume his body.

Nitro using Appetite Energy

A powerful beast using Appetite Energy.

In perhaps its ultimate offensive application, 'weaponized' forms of Appetite Energy are abandoned to take advantage of the unique quality of its sheer ravenousness. Techniques such as Rising Wolf Guinness Punch or the Four Heavenly Kings' Dinner of Kings (王食晩餐 Ō Shoku Bansan) manifest as animate predatory animals or even abstract, floating jaws to simply devour their prey with extreme ferocity. Such manifestations tend to take full advantage of their pseudo-corporeal nature to utterly dominate and even toy with their prey, darting about at extreme speed as blasts of light, effortlessly dodging attacks, and even flying into their target's body to devour them from within. In the case of Dinner of Kings, Zebra goes so far as to claim that the moment the technique is released, any fight ceases to be a fight at all, and instead becomes a meal.


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Leg Fork Ichiryuu small
Toriko's Leg Fork
Leg Knife Ichiryuu small
Toriko's Leg Knife
Frypanch small
Mansam's Frypanch
Chinchin's Spoon
Chin Chinchin's Spoon
Koppowo knife attack1
Koppowo's unnamed knife (anime only)
The Four Heavenly Kings' Appetite Energy
Giraffebird attacking
Giraffebirds shooting Appetite Energy blasts
Ichiryuu demonstrating Appetite Energy
Ichiryu demonstrating Appetite Energy (anime)
Ichiryu demonstrating Appetite Energy (manga)
Beast appetite energy
A powerful beast using Appetite Energy
Ichiryuu using his Chopsticks on the beasts
Ichiryu's Chopsticks
Hungry Space
Midora's Hungry Space
Ou Shoku Bashi
Ichiryu using Ou Shoku Bashi
Giraffebirds fire Appetite Energy
Giraffebirds fire Appetite Energy
Scum Beasts using Appetite Energy
Scum Beasts using Appetite Energy

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