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Area 2
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Area 2 consists of a collection of small continents
Japanese エリア2
Romanized Eria 2
English Area 2
Location Gourmet World
Affiliation Guinness (Ruler)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 246
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Area 2 is one of the eight major regions of Gourmet World and the location where Acacia's main dish rests. It is ruled by "Wolf King" Guinness of the Eight Kings.


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Area 2 is located just northeast of the Human World, with Area 3 to its west, Area 8 to its south, and Area 1 at its heart. Area 2 actually is a collection of smaller islands of continents, formed in a circle around Area 1. Within Area 2 lies the Continent of Beginnings

On its hundreds of thousands of islands are all the different environments (their climates, ecosystems, everything) from around the world.[1][2]



Known Beasts[]


Presumably, one of the Seven Civilizations was once located on this continent, although it is unknown if this civilization still exists. Currently the only man-made settlement that is known to be active in Area 2 is NEO Headquarters where the members and staff of NEO reside.



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