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Area 3
Area 3.png
Area 3 consists of ocean and a continent.
Japanese エリア 3
Romanized Eria 3
English Area 3
Aliases Cloud Continent
Location Gourmet World
Affiliation Crow King (Ruler)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 246
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Area 3, also known as the Cloud Continent (雲の大陸 Kumo no Tairiku), is one of the eight major regions of Gourmet World and the location where Acacia's drink dish rests. It is ruled by the "Crow King" of the Eight Kings. It is called "the harshest realm in Gourmet World" by Coco.[1]


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Area 3 is located north of the Human World, with Area 4 to its southwest and Area 2 to its southeast. It has the second smallest amount of singular landmass of all the eight areas, with Area 1 being the smallest land. Having the second smallest landmass and being surrounded by water, Area 3 is connected by a unique bridge known as the Developmental Fever Bridge, located within the skies of Area 3 itself.

Cloud Grass



Known Beasts[]


Presumably, one of the Seven Civilizations was once located on this continent, although it is unknown if this civilization still exists.



  1. Chapter 327 - The area is discussed

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