Area 6
Area 6 Continents
Japanese エリア 6
Romanized Eria 6
Aliases Sea Continent (海の大陸 Umi no Tairiku)
Kitchen of Food Spirits (食霊たちの厨房 Shoku Rei-tachi no Chūbō)
Location Gourmet World
Affiliation Moon (Ruler)
Blue Grill
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 325
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Area 6 (エリア6(シックス)), also known as the Sea Continent (海の大陸), is one of the eight major regions of Gourmet World and the location where Acacia's fish dish rests. It is ruled by Whale King Moon.


Predominantly a vast region of ocean, Area 6 cannot be accessed via land-based Safety Monsters or vehicles. Further, the presence of Mother Tornadoes (created long ago by the Mother Snake of the Eight Kings) in the region's skies renders only a narrow band of space directly above the water viable for aerial transport. To fully explore Area 6, a vehicle or Safety Monster capable of both aerial and underwater transport is most efficient.


Area 8 in world

Area 6 is located just south of the Human World, with Area 5 to its west and Area 7 to its east. It has the second smallest amount of landmass of all the eight areas, with Area 1 being the smallest land. Like Area 2, Area 6 is not actually a continent but a whole region of ocean that has three smaller continents in its territory, with one continent on its south, one on its east and one on its west.



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Blue Grill is one of the legendary Seven Civilizations that exists within Area 6. According to Jiji it is the biggest, most beautiful and most prosperous civilization in Gourmet World, being recognized as the Underwater Gourmet Capital whose status rivals that of the Human World during its Golden Age. This giant city in the deep sea is inhabited by many masterful chefs.



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