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Area 7
Area 7 Map.png
Japanese エリア7セブン
Romanized Eria Sebun
English Area 7
Aliases Mountain Continent (山の大陸 Yama no Tairiku),
Monkey Restaurant (モンキーレストラン Monkī Resutoran)
Location Gourmet World
Affiliation Bambina (Ruler)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 246
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Area 7 (エリア7セブン), also known as the Mountain Continent (山の大陸 Yama no Tairiku)[1] and the Monkey Restaurant (モンキーレストラン Monkī Resutoran),[2] is one of the eight major continents of Gourmet World and the location of Acacia's soup dish. It is ruled by one of the Eight Kings, the "Monkey King" Bambina, and his subjects: innumerable species of intelligent, fantastical, and powerful primates. Over time the strongest of these primates subjugated the rest of the population under a merciless caste system designed to funnel Area 7's food to themselves.


The absolute safest way to enter Area 7 is by using a Safety Monster to cross a Rainbow Bridge from Area 8. However the only time a Rainbow Bridge can be created is on the rare occasion of the natural ripening of AIR. The Human World's skill personnel cross by riding a Crabbus along Nono's bridge of ice.


Area 7

This continent is located southeast of the Human World, with Area 8 to its north and one of Area 6's three subcontinents to its southwest. After Area 4, Area 7 has the greatest land area of any continent on the planet: an incredible 840 million square kilometers.

The gigantic landscape of Area 7.

Area 7 also contains some of the worlds largest wildlife. Nearly all flora and fauna are absolutely titanic in size, such that humans seem ant-like in comparison. The continent's trees are so large that they pierce the clouds above, and even the relatively 'small' insects of Area 7 are even larger than a Denshark which has a body length of 2 kilometers.

Area 7 is known as the 'Mountain Continent' because over seventy percent of its land area consists of mountain ranges. Area 7 is 'politically' separated into quadrants, each ruled by one of the four mighty Enbu instructors near the top of the caste system, with 100G Mountain at the very center.



A few of the many giant predators of Area 7.

Area 7 is inhabited by a diverse range gigantic beasts and plants that easily dwarf even the largest creatures of the Human World and are near equal in size to the titanic Heracles. These titanic beasts easily have capture levels of around 600, making them quite dangerous to smaller, ill-prepared beings.

The smaller islands separate from the main continent have more proportionately-sized organisms that are much smaller than the organisms from the main continent but are still as large or much larger than most of the Human World's larger organisms (an example of such an island being Zabel Island).

Monkey Restaurant[]

The many apes that make up Area 7's Monkey Restaurant.

The continent's primary inhabitants are a wide variety of primates both big and small who are all led by the "Monkey King" Bambina who does not take an active role in ruling over the continent, instead having his Enbu Masters rule in his place. The primates of Area 7 tend to have varied levels of intelligence, with some being no different than wild animals while others are smart enough to be able to craft simple items such as weapons, tools, toys, cigars, clothes and musical instruments and even hold festivals and follow the social system established by the Monkey King, and in the past some monkeys could co-exist alongside the inhabitants of Area 7's ancient civilization. Some monkeys are even intelligent enough to speak some sort of "monkey language", however this "language" mostly just consists of "ooks", "ukis" and random grunts. Some beings such as a Blue Nitro can learn and understand the monkey language and the monkeys can (to a very small degree) understand the intentions in the words of other beings. Some are even smart enough to give themselves names, however the names are only understood as "ukiuki" or something along those lines.

Known Beasts[]



Known Plants[]


The Kingdom of Hope was one of the legendary Seven Civilizations that existed deep underground within Area 7 before it was destroyed by the Gourmet Nobles. It was inhabited by a wide variety of people who were descended from mutated humans. Red Nitro and members of the Monkey Restaurant also lived within this kingdom.



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