Area 8
Japanese エリアエイト
Romanized Eria Eito
Aliases Rain Continent
Location Gourmet World
Affiliation Heracles (ruler)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 276
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The Area 8 (エリア8(エイト)), also known as the Rain Continent (雨の大陸), is one of the eight major regions of Gourmet World and the location where Acacia's salad dish rests. Area 8 is ruled by Heracles of the Eight Kings. It is a mostly desolate land that constantly experiences all manner of odd and deadly rainstorms and other unusual weather anomalies.


One can enter Area 8 from the Human World by traversing through Yutou Island which avoids the Poison Tide. After reaching the east shore of Yutou Island, one must cross the Gold Swamp before they can enter the continent's mainland.


Area 8 in world

This region is located northeast of the Human World, with Area 2 on its north and Area 7 on its south. The continent of Area 8 is one of the smaller continents in Gourmet World, but still larger than Area 6, Area 3, Area 2, and Area 1, and it is as large as the largest continents in the Human World. The landmass has somewhat of a horseshoe-like shape with one large island within its parted section and four smaller islands surrounding it.

Yutou Island is located just west of the continent's shore which is very close to the Poison Tide, the border between the Human World and the Gourmet World and part of the island extends past the tide and into the Human World. Yutou Island is connected to the main island of Area 8 through the Golden Swamp. There is no ocean at the center of the continent like shown in the map but has a wasteland called Heavy Rain Region where rain falls endlessly which becomes identical like an ocean. Beyond the wasteland lies the Slow Rain Hills where AIR rests


It is mentioned by Mappy that every kind of rain falls on the Area 8 mainland like the Mega Rain, Amedama and the Poison Rain. The rains falling near the coast are relatively mild and not dangerous at all. When one moves beyond the Hex Food World, the magnitude and the type of rain changes drastically with some dangerous types of rain like the Meteorite Rain, Poison Rain, Laser Rain. These rains fall in the Heavy Rain Region which appears to be an ocean though its a wasteland on which rain falls endlessly and there is also the Slow Rain Hills where rain falls at a very slow rate that one can distinguish each individual droplets and appears to be normal rain water. It is also the place where AIR is resting.

Apparently the reason for the all the rain is because of Heracles and its children. As aerovores, they can consume a massive amount of air, and as a result causes a large drop in pressure, with Heracles alone being able to consume around 350 billion tons of air. The only time the continent is completely clear of rain is when AIR (the Air Fruit from the Giant Air Tree at the center of the continent) has ripened and falls, at which point it will release air that will blow away all the clouds on Area 8.



Gold Labyrinth

The many subterranean lifeforms within the Gold Labyrinth.

Area 8 doesn't seem to have a diverse number of fauna on its surface or a large number of beasts overall, other than a dozen or so named species, this likely being due to its intensely harsh weather which makes most of the landmass in Area 8 into uninhabitable wastelands. However the largest number of diverse fauna is located on Nightmare Hill which is home to a wide variety of gigantic horses who are all related to the "Horse King" Heracles, the ruler of the continent. There is also a wide variety of fauna that lives underwater in the Gold Labyrinth, likely having made their homes underground and underwater to avoid the harshness of the surface, and these subterranean creatures are quite diverse and unique however all of them went unnamed.

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Hex Food World is one of the legendary Seven Civilizations that exist within Area 8. Hex Food World is inhabited by a wide variety of monsters who were descended from mutated humans and unlike the local wild fauna, the citizens of Hex Food World are made up of a variety of diverse and unique races as well as other odd beings, such as the undead, living items and aliens. There appear to be many villages surrounding Hex Food World which are home to specific races, such as Mt. Tengu, Kappa Valley and Oniga Village.


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