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Armlan Phoelynx
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese アームランフォリンクス
Romanized Āmuran Forisokusu
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Type Demon Bird
Capture Level 251
Length 60m
Weight 700t
Price 1kg/500,000yen
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Gourmet World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 274
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The Armlan Phoelynx (アームランフォリンクス Āmuran Forisokusu) is a demon-bird beast from Gourmet World of Capture Level 251 that roams near the Harbor of Evil Spirits.


It possesses a demonic face with a nose that makes it resemble a Karasu Tengu demon, along with a dark, long and pointy horn on its forehead. The Armlan Phelynx has a pair of wings as arms and a single but big strong claw in place of a tail and legs.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

With its moderated capture level, it is a formidable beast that can catch its prey with the leg-claw it has and it will not bother in attacking another creature of low level like a young Wall Penguin when it has a stronger opponent.

As FoodEdit

Meal at Yutou

Fried Armlan Phoelynx (middle)

Its flesh can be fried to obtain a crunchy meat that can get more delicious with Garlic Onion and Mellow Plumb Mayonnaise. Zebra stated that it tastes pretty good.


AIR ArcEdit

While Quinn is being ambushed by several Torpedo Sausages, Kiss bifurcates one of the fish beasts and Yun bravely flies to aid the Mother Snake. But suddenly, an Armlan Phoelynx appears and catches the upper half of the Torpedo Sausage that Kiss drilled through, and it scares off the young Wall Penguin. While licking its prey, this demon bird keeps Kiss cautious for a possible responsive attack. Eventually it is defeated and later cooked and served by Komatsu as a meal for the Four Heavenly Kings.


Armlan Phoelynx submission

Armlan Phoelynx Submission

  • Its first name makes reference to the single big claw that it has as legs while its second name is a portmanteau of the japanese words for "Phoenix" (フェニックス Fenikkusu) and "Lynx" (リンクス Rinkusu).
  • The Armlan Phoelynx was created by Harigane Atama of Ehime prefecture.

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