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Japanese アシュラサウルス
Romanized Ashurasaurusu
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Type Demon Beast Pterosaur
Capture Level 4220;
4990 (Original Species)
Height 350m (Original Species)
Weight 30000t (Original Species)
Price 100g / 3,500,000 yen (Original Species)
Habitat Area 2 (Gourmet World)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 15
Anime Episode 6
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The Ashurasaurus (アシュラサウルス Ashurasaurusu) is a legendary demonic dragon of horrifically tremendous power native to Area 2 of Gourmet World. It is the Meat Dish in Jiro's Full Course Menu.[1] In Setsuno's full course it is prepared roasted.



Full view of the Ashurasaurus.

The Ashurasaurus is a large imposing dragon with a long lean muscular build and four massive wings on its back. Its tough and scaly skin is dark green in color and its legs are large and muscular while its arms are shorter and skinnier by comparison. It has three clawed digits on its arms and legs, and its wings are bat-like in appearance and have small claws near the top of their ridges. Its head and maw are lean and extend forward, with its mouth full of sharp teeth, and it has two small appendages near its mouth which have what appears to be small horns or claws of some kind. On the top of its head it has a long golden mane which goes down its neck. It has several spikes on the sides of its neck and on the sides of its long muscular tail. It also possesses four red eyes, with the extra pair being near its nostrils.

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Its behavioral traits are unknown, but it appears to not be aggressive or inclined to fight other creatures of high strength if the situation does not warrant it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It has a CLVL of 4220, suggesting it is an extremely powerful creature even by Gourmet World standards and possesses the fourth highest capture level seen so far. It is also part of Jiro's Full Course Menu, which further suggests its extremely high power. Its large wings are strong enough to fly it through the sky with ease.

As FoodEdit

Ashurasaurus Roast

Ashurasaurus Roast

The meat of the Ashurasaurus is a legendary delicacy of unmeasurable status, it is even the meat dish on the full courses of Knocking Master Jiro and his partner Setsuno. The meat can be roasted as seen by Setsuno preparation of it on her course and is glazed with an unknown sauce which is turned into an Ashurasaurus Roast (アシュラサウルスロースト Ashurasaurusu Rōsuto). The only location in the Human World where the meat of the Ashurasaurus can be eaten is at the Setsuno Dining Hall, however reservations and the order of said ingredient must be made years in advance due to the rarity in which Setsuno opens her restaurant and that she needs to call upon Jiro to get her the ingredients.


Puffer Whale ArcEdit

The Ashurasaurus is first mentioned by Coco when he lists the ingredients in Jiro's Full Course Menu after he realizes that Jiro is the one who saved Komatsu.[2]

Century Soup ArcEdit

The Ashurasaurus is mentioned once again as being part of Setsuno's Full Course Menu which she shares with Jiro, and it is one of the ingredients she sometimes serves at her dining hall.[3]

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

A living Ashurasaurus is seen for the first time flying over the skies of Gourmet World as it passes over a massive Ficasdaltonphant. It then lets out a mighty roar as it continues its trek through the skies to parts unknown.[4]

GOD ArcEdit

Having hidden in the Deer King's horns, a purebred Ashurasaurus and other beasts ambush Acacia within the Deer King's Back Channel.[5]

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • The anime depicts the Ashurasaurus with three sets of eyes, the third pair actually being its nostrils in the manga. This is likely due to its nostrils not being perfectly visible at the time.


  • Its name Ashura means "tenth" in Arabic.
    • Its name may also come from the Asura, a race of demonic gods from Hinduism and Buddhism which are often depicted with three faces and multiple limbs and are usually seen as evil and power hungry when compared to Devas.


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