Autumn Mountain
Japanese オータムマウンテン
Romanized Ōtamumaunten
Location Human World
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 82
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Autumn Mountain is a gigantic forested mountain range that is 20,000 kilometers long, making it larger than even the Mors Mountain Range. The incredible length of the mountain range has even affected the prevailing westerlies, making the fall season last much longer than normal in the area, as such all the autumn ingredients in the forest go through an even longer and slower ripening process, making them even more delicious.

The region is home to a wide assortment of wild life and ingredients, especially a large number of plant beasts, with Capture Levels of no less than 30 and only the strongest can survive nearing the beginning of winter. Autumn Mountain is also home to a rare Gourmet World fruit, the Supear which grows at the very top of the tallest mountain once every 38 years.



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