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BB Corn Arc
BB Corn Eps 20
Story Arc Info
Story Arc: BB Corn Arc
Chapters: Chapter 55 - Chapter 62
Episodes: Episode 18 - Episode 22
Description: Komatsu must find an exquisite sauce to top a dish of very rare fish, and Toriko prepares to venture deep into the deadly Wul Jungle in search of food fit for a Battle Wolf, the Blue Blood Corn!
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Regal Mammoth Arc
Followed by: Century Soup Arc

The BB Corn Arc is the fifth arc in the series.





  • Breath Gun
  • Breath Bazooka
  • Knife
  • Flying Fork
  • Flying Knife
  • 10-Ren Nail Punch


In the Manga[]

  • Toriko and Terry go to the Wul Jungle to capture the BB corn(Blue Blood Corn) originating from the Gourmet World which Toriko thinks that Terry ,who has refused to eat anything,will eat.Toriko and Terry travel to the Northern Wul Continent in a helicopter.Arriving at Wul Jungle,Toriko told Terry that it was fine for her to move on by herself and not to concern herself with him.Toriko was bombarded by bird droppings containing a tree seed and had to use Knife to slice the growing plant off due to it sucking the nutrients from Toriko's body.Then,as Toriko was slightly distracted,a Goblinplant sneaked up behind him and was about to catch him with its roots.Terry ,pushing Toriko away from the roots,was caught instead.Toriko decided that Terry should take the Goblinplant down by herself because she concerned herself with Toriko ,thereby breaking the promise made before entering the Wul Jungle.Terry's speed made her able to take down the Goblinplant but not without some trouble.Climbing up the roots,the two found the BB corn and Toriko found that he couldn't pull it out.After taking a kernel of corn,the two of them travelled to the Wul Volcano to try to cook it into popcorn.After cooking it into popcorn,Toriko decided that it would be his Full Course Menu 's Hors D'Oeuvre.Then,Bishokukai Sous Chef Grinparch arrived and sucked up all the popcorn.An intense battle then ensued with Grinparch retreating due to a summon from Head Chef Kuromado .

In the Anime[]

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