Bambina's Ancestor
English Bambina's Ancestor
Race Ballboon
Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation Eight Kings
Occupation Ruler of Area 7
Personal Status
Relatives Bambina (descendant)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 323
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Bambina's Ancestor was a Ballboon and the ruler of Area 7 in ancient times. During his reign, he became infamous for depleting the original source of the ephemeral soup PAIR. This drastically changed the capture method for PAIR as the soup permanently imprinted itself onto the genes of the Ballboons, becoming an important byproduct of the species' mating rituals. The ability to generate PAIR would eventually be passed on to the current Monkey King, Bambina.


Bambina's ancient predecessor was an ape with spiky, light colored fur that framed his face completely, giving him a wild beard and mustache. His skin was wrinkled and very dark, especially around the lips. Conversely, his broad nose was of much lighter coloration.

Like his descendant, this ancient Monkey King had blank white eyes and pointed teeth emphasized by a habit of wearing a wide and unsettling grin.

It is unclear if Bambina's ancestor habitually sealed part of his power in a 'lesser' form like his descendant does. As such, the form depicted could represent either his 'sealed' or 'true' appearance.



Long ago this Monkey King and his generation of Ballboons completely consumed and depleted the spring of the mystical soup known as PAIR. However, the essence of the soup would live on within the Ballboons' DNA and form within the testicles of males. Ever since, the Monkey Kings have been the sole source of PAIR. The soup can only be extracted from their bodies directly or from the PAIR they ritualistically place on the Birth Cry Tree after their testicles naturally detach following completion of a mating dance.

PAIR Arc Edit

After the successful capture of PAIR by the Heavenly Kings, Area 7 bursts into a celebration, during which the second group of skilled personnel from Human World arrive. Kaka then expounds on the origins of Gourmet Cells, Acacia's Full Course Menu, and the true goal of the mysterious Blue Nitro. When Kaka explains PAIR, she mentions Bambina's ancestor as being the cause of PAIR's change in capture method, making it a much more dangerous task.

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