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Bar Heavy Lodge
Bar heavy lodge.JPG
Japanese ヘビーロッジ
Romanized Hebīrojji
Location Gourmet Town (Human World)
Affiliation Morijii
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 68
Anime Episode 25
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Bar Heavy Lodge (ヘビーロッジ Hebīrojji), also known as The Meeting Bar (出会いの酒場 Deai no Sakaba), is a bar where Bishokuyas congregate to find food information and work. The bar's owner, Morijii, has a special sense that enables him to "see" how strong different Bishokuya are. He connects the gourmet hunters with corporations and other clients requesting ingredients. In the storage room of the bar, there is also a hidden entrance to a weapons room, where Morijii stores various swords, Knocking Guns, and other high-level equipment to sell to Bishokuya. Toriko seems to be a frequent customer at the bar, as Morijii and most of the customers recognized him when he visited during the Century Soup Arc.


Century Soup Arc[]

Takimaru and Match about to fight in the bar.

After receiving a tip from Setsuno, Toriko and Komatsu go to Bar Heavy Lodge to receive Colonel Mokkoi's request for Century Soup. At the time, Match, Takimaru, Zongeh, and a mysterious masked man are also at Bar Heavy Lodge, and in fact, just moments before Toriko and Komatsu enter, Match and Takimura are about to fight over Takimura's seat.

After Colonel Mokkoi leaves, Morijii shows Toriko and Komatsu to the weapons room, where Komatsu sees the Knocking Gun that Coco used on the Puffer Whale, retailing for 276,000 yen. One of the newest arrivals, which Toriko had never seen before, is the Gourmet Stick, and Toriko buys it for 34,650,000 yen.


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