Barber Gourmet
Barber Gourmet
Japanese バーバーグルメ
Romanized Bābāgurume
English Barber Gourmet
Location Human World
Affiliation Pen
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 159
Anime Episode 85
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Barber Gourmet (バーバーグルメ Bābāgurume) is a barber shop owned by the Gourmet Barber Pen and the one Toriko usually frequents for his hair cuts. The shop is unique in that it not only gives haircuts but also serves high-quality meals to its clients, and despite how it may sound, the barber's skill is so great that not a single strand of hair ever goes near the food, making it a clean and delicious experience where one can get their hair trimmed while filling their stomachs. One full course haircut costs 100,000 yen.


Known items on the menu:


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