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Japanese バリーガモン
Romanized Barīgamon
English Barrygamon
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday April 29th
Age 28 (start of the series);
32 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 230cm
Weight 250kg
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk.png Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Gourmet Corp. 4th Branch Chief
Cookware Supply Team
Partner Bogie Woods
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 63
Anime Episode 22
Japanese Kimura Masafumi
English Mark Fickert
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My antifreeze is smoother than the vaseline a boxer puts on his face.

—Barrygamon, to Match in Ice Hell.

Barrygamon (バリーガモン Barīgamon) is the Chief of Gourmet Corp.'s 4th Branch, the Cookware Supply Team. He accompanies Tommyrod and Bogie Woods to Ice Hell in order to steal the Century Soup.


Barrygamon Expressions.png

He is a muscular man with a mustache and beard. He has tusks on his mouth. He wears a special armor made from the shell of a Crush Turtle as his helmet covers his balding head. During the Cooking Festival Arc, his armor has become more spikey and larger due to the increase in power.

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He considers weak people to be garbage as he was shown to spat on Match subordinates. He is also lazy as seen when he fell asleep in the Ice Hell while waiting for Bogie to arrive.

Powers and Abilities[]

Barrygamon's massive body grants him great strength and durability. He appears to possess a remarkable amount of stamina, since he fights against four Yakuza members without breaking a sweat.


His body can produce a natural anti-freeze, which prevents his body from freezing in cold environments and reduces the friction of his opponents' attacks.[1] In addition, a special protein keeps his body temperature high, enabling it to perform at peak level.[2]

Crush Turtle Armor[]

The armor over his forehead, forearms, shins, and waist enhances both his offensive and defensive capabilities. This armor is very durable and is made out of the shell of the Crush Turtle.[3] Furthermore, on the chance that his armor pieces are broken through, his tissues have Gori Scallions implanted in them. The adhesive substance from the scallions can paste together cut skin and organs.[4]

Hunting Method[]

Barrygamon relies on his strength combined with the armor he wears.


Barry Oil Shock again small.gif

Oil Shock (オイルショック Oiru Shokku): By covering himself with his oil secretion skill, Barrygamon can deflect bullets.[5]

Barry's Nikutataki Head small.gif

Meat Tenderizer Head (肉たたきヘッド Niku Tataki Heddo): Barrygamon swings his armored forehead at the target.[6]

Barry Mince Crush small.gif

Mince Crush (ミンチクラッシュ Minchi Kurasshu): Barrygamon leaps forward and punches the target.[7]

Koura Shield and Iai San Mai Oroshi small.gif

Shell Shield (甲羅シールド Kōra Shīrudo): Barrygamon brings his armored limbs together to block incoming attacks.[8]

Barry Mince Lariant small.gif

Mince Lariat (ミンチラリアット Minchi Rariatto): Barrygamon slams his armored forearm into the target, throwing them backwards.[9]

Mince Tackle (ミンチタックルを Minchi Takkuru): Barrygamon body slams the target.[10]


Century Soup Arc[]

The Branch Chiefs arrive.

Barrygamon first appears at a banquet headed by Kuromado.[11]

When he arrives at Ice Hell, he is resting while his body is frozen. When Bogie Woods arrives, he tells Barry to wake up so they can find the Century Soup. He fights against Match inside the cave.[12] Match's sword was no match for Barry's armor.[13] Match's subordinates attack Barry to buy him some time so he can use Full Exhaustion. Barry defeats all three subordinates and proceeds to attack Match, but he slashes him piercing his armor and body.[14] When Tommyrod releases his Parasite Emperor, he and Bogie Woods attempt to escape the cave but are eaten by the Hellboros revived by Teppei.[15] Alfaro frees him and Bogie and they return to headquarters.[16]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

When the Gourmet Corp. began their assault on the Cooking Festival, Barrygamon, Jerry Boy, Cedre, and Bogie Woods attack from the air and soon make their way into Cooking Stadium where they face off against the Gourmet Knights and the Gourmet Yakuza. However, he was once again defeated by Match only this time easily.


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