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Battle flower
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Japanese バトルフラワー
Romanized Batoru Furawā
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Type Plant
Capture Level 1~88
Location Battle Island
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 22
Anime Episode 7
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The Battle Flower (バトルフラワー Batoru Furawā) is a flower that increases an animal's will to battle. Battle Flowers primarily grow on Battle Island, a place where battles between beasts constantly takes place due to the flower's strong influence.


It affects the animal's central nervous system making them violent while at the same time stimulating the body into its peak form.

Battle Fragance

Battle Fragrance bottle

It is used to make the Battle Fragrance, a potent perfume made from the extract of the Battle Flower and causes all the same symptoms the flower does.


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