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Battle Wolf in Gourmet World

IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese バトルウルフ
Romanized Batoru Urufu
Aliases Legendary King
IGO Icon 2 Bestiary IGO Icon 2
Type Mammal
Capture Level Up to 6550
Length 18m to 100m
Height 8m to 50m
Weight 11t to 52t +
Price Unknown
Diet Omnivore (will only eat food from Gourmet World, however after adapting it can enjoy all sorts of food from the Human World)
Habitat Gourmet World
Status Extinct in the Human World, populations exist in the Gourmet World
Related Eight Kings
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 21
Anime Episode 7
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The Battle Wolf (バトルウルフ Batoru Urufu) is the largest and most powerful wolf species in the world; a presumed extinct species native to the Gourmet World but one of its survivors has been revealed to be a member of the fearsome Eight Kings. Its presence is enough to make even some of the world's most dangerous beasts shake in fear, earning it the sobriquet "Legendary King".


The Battle Wolf is a large wolf beast with brilliant white fur, two blue marking beneath its eyes (which are black with pink pupils) and a proud mane that gives it a regal appearance befitting its title of "Legendary King". A Battle Wolf at birth is no bigger than a regular adult wolf, however within a short amount of time it can reach a great size and even grow as big as ten feet in height while still only being a pup. After this it will go through numerous growth spurts at a great pace eventually growing 8 meters in height. It is also shown that an ancient Battle Wolf was easily 50 meters in height, showing that they can reach titanic sizes. It is shown that a female Battle Wolf does not need to be at full size to be able to give birth, as the one that gave birth to Terry was a lot smaller than an adult Battle Wolf.

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Battle Wolves are highly intelligent creatures and can even understand humans and read the emotions of others. All Battle Wolves are born with a highly tuned natural instinct inherited from their ancestors' many battles, as such they can anticipate almost any attack and even create strategies in battle and analyze their opponents movements with ease making them true combat geniuses. Battle Wolves are also loners by nature and are not known to form bonds with anyone, preferring to live and hunt by themselves, the reason for this is that a Battle Wolf parent will show utmost affection and love to its pup upon birth, giving them the strength and courage to face life head on by themselves. This solitary lifestyle may have been what led to the decline of their population, as only a small pack of them still remain in the Gourmet World. Terry Cloth however is the only exception to this rule, having formed a bond with Toriko after he avenged its mother and showed it compassion.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Battle Wolf kills Demon Devil Python

The Battle Wolf killing a Devil Serpent in a flash.

The Battle Wolf has the second highest Capture Level shown so far and is perhaps the fastest creature in the world; even a newborn can run 100 meters in 1.5 seconds. It is an intimidating omnivorous animal with incredibly sharp claws and a gargantuan appetite, which terrifies other beasts. The only way to provoke other beasts to fight a Battle Wolf is to drug them with Battle Fragrance. Nevertheless, an adult Battle Wolf, even while weakened, can tear other beasts to shreds virtually instantly. The Battle Wolf possesses incredible inborn instincts that show themselves the moment they are born. They also possess immense strength, being able to cut clean through the Four Beast's tentacle/tendril/root-limb with a single bite. They have an incredible growth rate, as a Battle Wolf pup is capable of growing to an enormous size in less than a year. They are also noted to have high intelligence, as it is noted that a Battle Wolf's brain is 6 times of a dog's, and have the innate ability to detect danger and warn its owner before harm can befall any of them.

Besides possessing immense strength, what truly set them apart from most other Gourmet World beast, is said to be their "sensitivity", which allows them to sense potential dangers, and has helped them survive mass extinctions. The power and sensitivity of the Battle Wolf species is so great that one of its members was able to become one of the Eight Kings. The Battle Wolf King's strength is so immense that it rules over one of the continents of Gourmet World.



Four Beast facing Battle Wolf in the past

An ancient Battle Wolf from long ago battling the Four Beast.

The Battle Wolf is a species that has been around since ancient times and was well known for its tremendous power and noble yet fearsome presence. Even within the fearsome Gourmet World it was a beast to be feared, and even the likes of the equally ancient Four Beast feared its power, having once battled with a gigantic Battle Wolf eons ago it carried the memory of its encounter with it even after so many centuries, knowing full well how fearsome and deadly they can be.

Battlewolf vs Deathgore anime

Ancient Battle Wolf obliterating the Death Gores.

The most notable legend of the Battle Wolf was its encounter with the Death Gore, an enormous herbivorous beast that once brought the world to the brink of total environmental collapse by consuming whole continents of forests and migrating to others across the seas. The Death Gore pack left behind them no indication of life, until they were mysteriously stopped and disappeared at a continent full of greenery of which they never managed to take a single bite of. The continent they had landed on was the habitat of a single Battle Wolf, which proceeded to wipe them all out. Because of this, the Battle Wolf went down in history as a great legend and viewed as one of the strongest beasts in history.

It was shown that the Battle Wolf had enough power to create an Emperor Ring along with a Mother Snake in one of its countless battles, a testament of its true power.


The IGO had recently managed to bring a female Battle Wolf back to life through cloning and decided to test her power in the Gourmet Coliseum. On the same day of testing Toriko and Komatsu were present during the Battle Wolf's appearance in the coliseum and were quite amazed by it, but Toriko soon realized that this Battle Wolf was actually pregnant and soon tried to put a stop to the match when it realized it had no intention of fighting its opponents. Thanks to Toriko, the Battle Wolf clone was able to give birth to her young, however their time together was short as the Battle Wolf clone was mercilessly shot through the neck by the laser of a GT Robo piloted by the Gourmet Corp. member, Bei. In her dying moments, the Battle Wolf clone gave her pup as much love and strength as she could before her passing and stood proudly tall even in death as her pup mourned its mother's death. As an act of compassion, Toriko adopted the young Battle Wolf and named it Terry Cloth, who would then go on to be his faithful Animal Partner.

Despite being believed to be extinct by the world at large, Starjun reveals that a pack of them may still live deep in the Gourmet World, showing that the species has not completely died out yet.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Later on, a lone member of the Battle Wolf species is shown to be very much alive in Gourmet World and was shown to have a CLVL of 6090.[1]

AIR ArcEdit

Guinness, along with the rest of the Eight Kings, hears the call of the young Herac of Heracles' after consuming high amounts of fresh air that had blanketed Area 8 to give birth to it.

PAIR ArcEdit

"Kaka" mentions to the Four Heavenly Kings that much like how Heracles is the representative of the Phantom Beast Heracs, Guinness itself is a representative of the Battle wolves. Kaka also states that Guinness is also a more famed ruler within the Eight Kings.


Here, Guinness himself makes an appearance, disproving that the Battle Wolf shown at the start when Toriko re-enters Gourmet World is Guinness and in fact is his number two of the wolf pack. Guinness also prepares to battle Toriko just as GOD is about to appear in their vicinity.

GOD ArcEdit


The Battle Wolf's about to battle CENTER.

Known Battle WolvesEdit

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

The Battle Wolf has pretty much made an appearance in a majority of Toriko media due to the species representative Terry Cloth, including games, merchandise, OVAs and specials.


While a majority of merchandise has been based directly on Terry Cloth rather than the species as a whole, a few trading cards have been released featuring a normal Battle Wolf on them.


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  1. Gourmet 263 A battle scarred Battle Wolf appears; revealing of his CLVL and status as one of the Eight Kings.

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