Ingot Bedrock Mineral Ore
Bedrock mineral
Ingot Name Ore
Japanese 岩盤鉱物
Romanized Ganban Kōbutsu
English Bedrock Mineral
Ingot Statistics Ore
Type Organic Mineral
Capture Level Unknown
Location Anywhere deep underground except Central Human World
Ingot Debut Appearance Ore
Manga Chapter 259
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The Bedrock Mineral (岩盤鉱物 Ganban Kōbutsu) is a mysterious rock that was found by Coco during his fight with Grinparch deep below ground under the Cooking Stadium. According to the information from a geologist, this rock can be found almost anywhere in the world with the exception of Central Human World.


Coco hypothesizes that the original mineral of this rock landed on the planet some billion years ago. It then grew on the inner core of the planet until it burst out creating new land. This land apparently became the Gourmet World and some parts of Human World. The world then entered the Cambrian Period.

It possesses the following characteristics:

  • Life: It is alive and is extremely close to a living organism.
  • Gourmet Cells: Coco sensed electromagnetic waves of Gourmet Cells coming from the rock.
  • Energy Drain: It drains calories from creatures and absorbs every kind of energy in the world
  • Growth: It physically grows over time little by little.