Bei Full
Japanese ベイ
Romanized Bei
Aliases "Omnivorous Bei"
Race Mutant
Gender Male Male
Birthday August 18th
Status Alive
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Gourmet Corp. 6th Branch Subordinate
Partner Cedre (superior),
Dohsa and Zyper
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 24
Anime Debut Episode 8
Japanese Voice Yabe Masahito
English Voice Chris Cason
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Bei (ベイ) (also called "Omnivorous Bei") is the Gourmet Corp. member responsible for the GT Robo attack in the Gourmet Coliseum and the one who killed Terry Cloth's mother.


Bei Anime

Bei resembles a green-skinned mutant resembling a goblin with bulging veins and eyes, and a mouth full of sharp teeth. His attires consists solely of a pair of black shorts.

Sometime after the events of the Regal Mammoth Arc, Bei became gigantic in size and is now more muscular, he also now has two small horns growing out of his head.

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He is a major glutton and is apparently an omnivore (as implied by his epithet), as he was even seen chasing after a Butt Bug to eat it, despite its unsavory appearance, Starjun even claims that he has bad taste. He also may be a pervert and a cannibal as he was very excited upon seeing Rin's "delicious" thighs and appeared to show a perverse and voracious interest in them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Not much is known about his physical abilities, however he was very skilled at operating a standard GT Robo and managed to pose some difficulty against Toriko.

After his increase in size, it can be assumed that he is now far stronger than before. He is also immune to the highly potent "King Sleep Fragrance" of the King Sloth which can put any creature to sleep for a whole month, however he claims he is immune to it due to his excitement.


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

Bei has his GT Robo disguise itself as the President of the Roto Republic, Dohem in order to enter the Gourmet Coliseum. When everybody escapes the coliseum, Mansam notices him just sitting and watching Toriko fight. When Mansam asks him to leave, Bei has his robo sticks its hand through Mansam's body. He uses a Fry Pan Punch on the robo, revealing its true form. Mansam realizes that Bei is operating the GT Robo when he hears his voice. He uses knocking on Mansam, but his muscles increase and he uses a Fry Pan Sandwich on him. However, Bei is not affected by his punch and fires a laser through his neck. He then fires his laser at the mother Battle Wolf and says it looks disgusting and doesn't have the will to eat. Toriko gets mad and fights Bei's Robo. He punches it but it doesn't do any damage because its body is made of titanium alloy with carbon fiber. Bei then fires multiple Peeler Shots at Toriko. Toriko then tries to use Knife on it, but it damages his hand, then he tries a 5-Hit Nail Punch, but it does no damage to it. Bei continues to fire Peeler Shots at Toriko while he finds out his weak point. He then proceeds to fire his laser at him, but Toriko uses a 5-Hit Ice Pick Nail Punch inside its mouth, causing its laser cannon to backfire and it destroys its head. Bei attempts to self-destruct the robot to kill Toriko along with it, but Mansam fires security lasers at the robo, destroying it. The Core Antenna tries to escape the coliseum, but it gets destroyed by Mansam's pet Hannyapanther, Rikky. Bei says that he will kill Toriko the next time he sees him. Joejoe explains that he would have died if he used his real body against Toriko. He is later seen chasing a Butt Bug to eat and captures it. Starjun cooks it for him and says he has a bad taste.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Bei, Zaiper and Dohsa arrive in front of Rin

Bei, Zyper and Dohsa arrive in front of Rin.

Bei, along with assigned partners Dohsa and Zyper, was one of the many Gourmet Corp. members that invaded Cooking Fest. During the invasion they proceeded to confront Rin after they noticed she was knocking out their beasts. After seeing her, Bei commented that seeing her "delicious" thighs made him far too excited to go to sleep and prepares to attack her.

During their unseen fight, Rin manages to incapacitate Dohsa with ease and appears to have the advantage against Bei in battle, but she is soon disrupted from her fight by the sight of Shigematsu attacking Mansam.

Anime/Manga DifferencesEdit

In the anime, the Butt Bug hides when Starjun appears rather than him cooking it for Bei.

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