No matter how amazing the full course you supply is... without someone to "cook" it, it has no value whatsoever... like my Full Course...

Ichiryu to Toriko regarding the Billion Bird

RiceBall  Billion Bird  Manga meat
Billion Bird
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese ビリオンバード
Romanized Birion Bādo
Aliases Phantasmal Bird
IGO Icon 2 Bestiary IGO Icon 2
Type Bird
Capture Level Below Level 1
Length 45cm
Weight 8kg
Price 5 yen (Egg / 10,000 yen)
Diet Mitarashi Kelp and
Survival Bug
Habitat Gourmet World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 267
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The Billion Bird (ビリオンバード Birion Bādo) is a bird that is usually found in the Gourmet World but unknowingly became extinct due to the taste of the bird being unsatisfying to the point where nothing would eat it. It is Ichiryu's Main Dish which everyone deems can be "eaten infinitely".


Billion Bird growing wings

A Billion Bird's wings, fully grown.

The Billion Bird is a small, chubby bird with a small hair like protrusion on its head which grows longer as it grows. It has a large beak and large puffy cheeks and small eyes. The belly is covered in light feathers while the rest of its body is covered in darker feathers. It has two large feet supported by large talons with sharp claws. 

When the bird itself becomes highly praised as a respected ingredient, the bird itself will expand its wings into an enormous span with beautiful sparkling feathers to support it. This allows the bird to fly with its enormous wings as it lays a new type of egg. 

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Special TraitsEdit

The Billion Bird is known to have a high amount of nutrients in its body parts however due to its taste, the bird itself is an unlikeable ingredient by many. It also has an immensely long lifespan, going as far as hundred million years as Yuda expressed. 

Billion Bird description

Billion Bird

The most notable trait of this bird is its unnatural reproductive ability, due to having immense number of predators during the time in which the bird was present the bird itself was unable to defend itself from its natural predators. The bird adapted to these harsh environments by boosting its reproductive system in an immense phase through Parthenogenesis, this means that the bird itself can not only produce eggs at an unnatural speed, but it can also produce an immense number in such a short time meaning that if the parent were to be devoured by a predator, it would already have hundreds, perhaps even millions of eggs laid and that hatch in an instant after being laid. Toriko has shown that the reproductive abilities of the bird can be boosted by scaring the bird, making it lay a huge number of eggs.

As FoodEdit

The BirdEdit


Billion Bird chicken curry.

Every part of the Billion Bird can be used for food making it an excellent and abundant source of ingredients, and its entire body can be prepared and cooked in any number of ways and be made into a wide assortment of dishes. Its legs if dried and grounded into a powder can be kneaded into a paste that can be used as a substitute for rice and its powdered claws make a good spice for the rice substitute. Its feathers have a texture like that of vegetables and its blood can be made into a proper dipping sauce, medicinal ingredient or even a soup. Other parts of its body can be used to make doughy meat-filled dumplings and even bread, and creamed soup can also be made from the bird.

A wide assortment of Billion Bird dishes.

The meat itself can be used as a substitute for chicken that, while it is not an overwhelmingly delicious meat like other high quality ingredients, still tastes very good and can be fried, stir-fried, grilled and boiled like regular chicken meat, but with a higher variety of uses. Dishes that can be made from its body are vast and numerous with many based on chicken dishes, and world-ranking chefs have prepared it into excellent dishes on their own menus, with dishes such as "Billion Bird Chicken Curry", "Billion Bird Chicken Nanban", "Stir-Fried Chicken and Vegetables in Medicinal Cooking Sauce" and "Billion Bird Fried Chicken", even "Chicken Nuggets", "Chicken Dumpling Soup", "Creamed Chicken" and "Chicken Cutlets" can been made from the Billion Bird.

The EggEdit


The yolk of the Billion Bird's edible egg.

The Billion Bird itself is known as a Special Preparation Ingredient, therefore meaning that there are conditions for it to truly unleash its flavor. The most notable of these conditions is the praising of the bird as an ingredient giving it an immense boost in confidence in comparison to scaring it. When the Billion Bird is acknowledged as a great tasting ingredient, the bird's wings span will increase into gigantic proportions allowing it to fly but the most important of all is that the bird itself will lay a new type of egg, completely different from the one it originally lays. This egg has a shell that sparkle like jewels, and when cracked open the yolk is spread throughout the rest of the egg, giving the appearance of being suffused with golden dust. The nutritional value of this egg has exceedingly high protein content, which mends the body beyond microscopic level and lengthens not only the hair, but also the fingernails and eyelashes, giving those who eat it a very feminine appearance. 



In the past, since the Billion Bird was so easy to raise and breed, it was known as the "King of all Domesticated Animals" and "The Bird which can be eaten for a 100 Million Years". However, since nobody, human or otherwise, enjoyed the bird's flavor it eventually died, despite its incredible long life. Due to the fact that the Billion Bird's Parthenogenesis is initially triggered by fear of potential predator, the fact that the bird's taste drove away predators from it most likely caused most, if not all, of the Billion Birds to die out through natural causes, and with no predator to trigger their reproductive capabilities, the birds did not reproduce at an unnatural rate, or at all.

Billion Bird ArcEdit

Due to the Meteor Spice destroying the Human World's ecology, a year and a half after the event, the world started to experience a severe food shortage. In order to counter this, the Four Heavenly Kings went to each of the IGO's Biotopes based in the Human World, and hunted down Ichiryu's Full Course. The Full Course was designed to raise the Billion Bird, and save the Human World from starvation.

When all of the chefs that have managed to prevent captivity in the Gourmet World managed to cook the Billion Bird into different high quality foods, the Human World finally tasted real ingredients after a year of total decline in food. The Billion Bird itself was an ingredient that can only be eaten by humans themselves due to the fact that the bird is specifically designed to be cooked rather than be eaten raw. When Komatsu explained to Toriko that the Billion Bird was not a bad tasting ingredient to begin with, the theory was clearly proven true when the Billion Bird itself shed tears of joy and its wings expanded into gigantic size, flying away with confidence as it is now acknowledge as a tasty ingredient. The bird laid a new batch of eggs that were completely different from before. Toriko and Komatsu both knew then that it was a special preparation ingredient. When Komatsu and Toriko headed to Hotel Gourmet, Komatsu explained the situation, stating the the bird laid the new eggs after being praised. Toriko, Komatsu and the rest of the Heavenly Kings then decided to drink the yolk of the newly laid eggs and in an instant they savoured a flavour that was so tasty it completely mended them. 

Toriko then decided that for his Drink in his Full Course Menu, he would add the Billion Bird's Egg.

GOD ArcEdit

Drink - Toriko and Komatsu

Billion Bird Egg and Mellow Cola

During Toriko's and Rin's wedding, the Billion Bird Egg was the final item served to everyone. Of course, it was a special blend mixed Mellow Cola in order to prevent the drinks from giving everyone the feminine appearance it normally gives.


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