Billion Bird Arc
Billion Bird multiplies
Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Billion Bird Arc
Chapters: Chapter 264 - Chapter 271
Episodes: None
Description: Toriko and Komatsu return to the Human World after spending a year and a half at the Gourmet World, in order to capture the remaining main dish in Ichiryu's Full Course Menu.
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Cooking Festival Arc
Followed by: AIR Arc

The Billion Bird Arc is the 17th story arc of the manga series, Toriko. It takes place a year and a half after the events of the 50th Cooking Festival.


Back to the Human WorldEdit


Toriko Carrying an Egg while at Landsea

After the time skip, The series starts again after a year and half since Komatsu was kidnapped. It starts off with Toriko taking a nap in the afternoon somewhere in the Gourmet World. A fish emerges from the ground and then goes back to the ground. Toriko is wearing worn out clothes probably due to not changing his clothes in a long while. Toriko was able to catch an hour of sleep and he should be able to keep moving for two weeks without sleep. He finds a candy on the ground and soon a rain of candies falls. More of confectioneries rain and Toriko enjoys them. Suddenly a mountain falls from the sky. A big bird eats the mountain. It was a Mountain-Eater Pelican. Toriko decides to get one of the bird's eggs while it is away as one egg would be able to provide food to 100,000 people. Toriko notices the environment at the Landsea getting rough. He takes the egg and goes somewhere. He puts the egg in a hole in a large tree which rolls in and falls on many other ingredients hinting Toriko was collecting food.
Komatsu happy to hear that they will be going back to the HW

Komatsu's Entry

Toriko feels that he had collected enough food and says aloud that its time to head back to the Human World to Komatsu. Komatsu appears with long hair, crying and holding a plate of cooked food. Komatsu was happy as he had been waiting for that day for a long time. While eating Toriko remembers that he forgot to get a Feather-Robed Mushroom Child. Komatsu stops and assures him that they will get it next time. It has been a year and half since Toriko got Komatsu back. Komatsu looks out of the window and gets anxious at the sight of a wild beast. Toriko understands that he's just worried about his life. Komatsu asks how they will transport all the ingredients back to the Human World. Toriko says that it will be easy if they just move their house. Toriko cuts the tree open revealing their house. Toriko finds his hair growing back instantly after he cuts it. Toriko cuts his hair as well as Komatsu's. Toriko then carries the food he collected on his back. Next the Human World is shown in a pretty ruined state due to the impact of Meteor Spice. A truck is shown moving on the road from which a capsule falls down and it appears to be a Food Tablet of Almond Cabbage.

No trace of the once Gourmet Age is shown. In a high class Chinese restaurant which was formerly a one star restaurant, a
Destroyed hw

A destroyed Human World

customer is served food tablets of all the items he ordered. He couldn't eat tasteless food anymore requests fresh food be brought to him. The attack of Meteor Spice had such a great impact that all forms of vegetation in Human World withered and the soil dried up making it a wasteland. The IGO invented the Food Tablets which had the same nutritional value as the ingredient but had no taste at all. A boy is seen running to a store guarded by two security personal. He greets the personal and goes inside of the shop and orders what he wants. The old shop owner wanted to know how the boy's mother's health was to which he replies that the doctor said that she's getting a little better. The boy notices a Starch Syrup Daikon and expresses his desire to eat it. The Daikon used to be a very normal ingredient but now, every fresh ingredient is considered as a high quality ingredient. The boy then decides to save up
The Guards taking the Daikon

the guards stealing from the boy

enough money and buy the Ingredient and feed it to his mother. The old women gives the ingredient to the boy who rejects it at first but the old women persuades as the shop was going to be closed soon and he can have it if he just keeps it as a secret. The boy thanks the old women and runs out. On his way home, The guards intercept him as they were waiting for the moment they can have an real ingredient. The guard's index finger is shown to be injured. If the guards violate any rule the the ring on their hands' explodes. The guard states that he's starving very much and having his fingers taken is of no bother to him. The boy tries to resist giving them the ingredient but the guards snatch it from him. The boy is devastated after having the Daikon taken from him. Suddenly a large Daikon falls near him and Toriko and Komatsu appear with a large bowl of food.

Rain of FoodEdit

The boy seeing all the food

the boy seeing the rice bowl Toriko carried

Toriko upon seeing the state of the Human World smells the eagerness of people who want to eat something fresh. The boy is awe-struck when he sees a large rice bowl filled to the brim with food. Toriko then makes the food in the rice bowl project in the air randomly creating a rain of food. According to Toriko they were souvenirs from the Gourmet World. The rain of food washed away all of the people's sadness and filled everyone in happiness. Komatsu while walking towards the boy uses a portable stove and his Melk Kitchen Knife to make food out of the ingredients Toriko collected from Gourmet World. The boy is overjoyed as the person was Chef Komatsu. People immediately notice this and run towards them. An ingredient also falls on the two guards as punishment. At the IGO headquarters, A person is running towards Mansam to report the arrival of Toriko and Komatsu. Mansam was now the president succeeding Ichiryu who was killed by the Blue Nitro. Mansam replies that he already knows that Toriko and Komatsu are back.
Food raining over the HW

Rain of Food in Human World

Toriko and Komatsu head to the research laboratories head office where Mansam was waiting for him. Toriko couldn't believe that Mansam became the president. Komatsu greets Zebra, Sunny and Coco who were already present. The three have a lot of changes in their appearances. Zebra expresses his happiness that Komatsu didn't die in the Gourmet World in his own way. Sunny feels that Komatsu got a little manlier and his nose has changed. Komatsu instantly changes to a crying face saying about the difficulties he faced in the Gourmet World. Sunny agrees to it seeing Komatsu's honest face. Toriko understands nothing much has changed in the Human World. Just then Rin, The new IGO Gourmet Research Chief enters who is more than glad that Toriko returned after a long time.

Search for Ichiryu's Main DishEdit

Rin proposing to Toriko

Rin proposing to Toriko

Rin states that she always believed that Toriko would come back in great shape. Toriko thanks Rin for her help in cheering him after his return. Rin couldn't keep waiting anymore and asks Toriko to marry her. Toriko instantly agrees to it creating confusion as the answer was not expected. Rin asks Toriko again to marry her. Toriko says okay to her. This makes everyone present get dumbfounded and do some intense talking as marriage is something that is not easily decided. The Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu then head to the 1st Biotope. Toriko feels that he has to do something after seeing Human World's condition. Zebra had looked everywhere in the Garden but couldn't find Ichiryu's Main Dish. The terrain's condition was enough to conclude that Zebra was searching for it.

Ichiryu's Full Course Menu is then revealed which is Million Seed for Hors d'Oeuvre, Chameleon's Tears for Soup, Mitarashi Kelp for Fish Dish, Survival Bug for Meat Dish, Princess Straw Grain for Salad, Dry Melolon for Dessert, Lord Roasted Mochi for Drink. When all the items are brought together, they become an infinite source of Food and since each item was located in one of the 8 Biotopes, the Main Dish was supposed to be there but they could not find it even with Zebra's Echo Location. Coco's eyes couldn't find any electromagnetic waves and Sunny couldn't find anything with his Dining Kitchen. Toriko then starts searching as the food he brought from the Gourmet World will not last long. Toriko then spots a bit of original surface left and sniffs it. Toriko finds that the last beast to step of the spot was a Kucolsaurus. Sunny is amazed by this and asks him if he can still smell something. Toriko finds that before Kucolsaurus a Rock Drum, Jabrasnake, Pig Baboon, Namagorgon and other beasts passed there. Toriko then finds the scent of Ichiryu and tells the others about it. He then leads them they as he knew which way Ichiryu went much to the surprise of the others.

Coco is amazed by Toriko's skills as they could not find anything and thinks if this was the result of spending time in the Gourmet World. Komatsu then reveals that Toriko did the same thing in Gourmet World using his smell as a compass to return to him everyday during the days in the Gourmet World. Coco could also feel how Komatsu had changed by living in Gourmet World. Everywhere Toriko went could have been considered as a off-limit area in the Human World and he had to find a relatively safe place he and named it a Gourmet Restroom. A Rest Room is a place which has unique climate and in a rare ecosystem created by momentary safe spot. After Toriko found disappearing rocks and trees, he made a disappearing environment and created a comfort zone within their unseen space as it became a blind spot to surrounding beasts. According to Toriko, it was like being in an another universe in isolation but whenever the environment in Gourmet World evolved, that spot would be destroyed but in Human World it may prove otherwise. Toriko found an area of ground which was totally clean of any rubble.

FHK finding the final Ichiryuu's treasure chest

Ichiryu's main dish

Toriko finds the entrance to the Rest Room that was situated there. Toriko enters it and disappears from the other's sight, Toriko then comes out and calls them in saying the treasure hunt is over. Everyone are amazed seeing a place inside the 1st Biotope. Coco finds that they can see everything from inside but he can't feel any electromagnetic waves. They find a treasure chest on the stump of a tree and see a strange looking tree house nearby and an old Nitro is sitting inside. A pretty old Gourmet Case held Ichiryu's Main Dish. Toriko notices that someone was inside the tree house but decides to leave it for that moment. Then they reach a place called "17th cultivation court" in the 1st Biotope.

Ichiryu's Main DishEdit

The 17th Cultivation Court 1st Biotope

The 17th cultivation court

Komatsu is glad after seeing the world's top chefs with whom he competed at the Cooking Fest who were Damala Sky XIII, Yuda, Chiru, Sumire and Livebearer. The chefs were also glad to see Komatsu and then Chiru asks about the other cooks who were kidnapped along with them and taken to the Bishokukai's Headquarters in the Gourmet World. Komatsu doesn't say anything and then Toriko says that it was already in shambles when he arrived and no one other than Komatsu and one other person were waiting for him there. Komatsu then assures that the cooks were safe even though they were taken to some other place. To make the Human World back to how it was before, they will need the help of lots of chefs and a lot of ingredients. The chefs have gathered there because they heard the ingredients' voice. Yuda tries to guess what was inside the box and Livebearer already knew what was inside from the data he had eaten a long time ago. Komatsu opens the box and finds an egg. Livebearer reveals that it was the egg of the phantom bird, the Billion Bird's egg. Yuda explains that the Billion Bird is a bird which lived in the Gourmet World during ancient times whose every body part is very nutritious and the most amazing point of the bird is that its reproduction ability to give birth under any condition or environment and also self fertilize to lay infinite number of eggs.
Ichiryuu's Main Course

Billion Bird's Egg

Komatsu couldn't believe when he heard this. Yuda continues saying that its life span is about thousands to hundreds of millions of years, a bird which can live hundred million years, the Billion Bird. With this bird they can fill the stomachs of every person in the world. Komatsu then grabs the egg with him body and asks everyone to huddle closely to share body heat so that the egg would hatch faster. Sunny states that rubbing the egg is the better way. Zebra asks them to move aside so that he can break the egg and the bird would come out. Komatsu and Sunny stop him. Coco apologies to the chefs present. Toriko then says that for the bird to hatch, its needs Ichiryu's full course.
Billion Bird nest completed

Billion Bird's Nest is complete

Toriko says that first the Appetizer, The Million Seed should be planted as the Billion Bird's Egg must be incubated on a nest made on the Million Tree and the soup Chameleon's Tears will help the Million Tree to sprout immediately and next for the nest, Ichiryu's salad Princess Straw Grain must be planted as the egg won't hatch unless its in a nest made from the straw. Toriko continues that Ichiryu's Drink Lord Roasted Mochi will fertilize the grain and the Princess Straw grows, With that they make a nest and keep it on the top of the Million Tree and place the egg on the nest and wait for it to hatch. Coco could already sense some Electromagnetic waves. Zebra could hear its heartbeat and he predicts that it will hatch in a few days. The rest of the chefs depart to ready their shops which they have closed due to lack of ingredients. While waiting, Komatsu asks Toriko that if there was such an awesome bird then why no one has ever mentioned it until then.
Komatsu awaiting the egg to hatch

Komatsu and Toriko waiting for the bird to hatch

Toriko answers that the bird tastes awful and long ago the Billion Bird who couldn't fly had many predators, developed an ability to lay countless number of eggs every time it was attacked so it wouldn't die out and since it tasted bad, nobody wanted to eat it and since it was stopped being hunted, It didn't lay eggs and became extinct. Komatsu feels sorry for the bird as it lived thousands of years and became extinct just because no one desired it. In the Gourmet Age where taste mattered the most, It couldn't be helped. Komatsu then remembered Setsuno's words which were "ingredients choose the chefs". Komatsu wonders if the Billion Bird Choose them. Komatsu then decides to stay with the egg till it hatches.
Billion Bird

The Billion Bird hatches

Next morning on the first rays of the sun, The Billion Bird's egg hatches. A baby bird who was not really cute emerges from the egg. Komatsu calls out to everyone saying the bird hatched. Sunny finds the bird to be ugly but Komatsu finds it really cute. Toriko then feeds it Ichiryu's Fish Dish, Mitarashi Kelp and the Billion Bird instantly grows out to its adulthood. Toriko then gives Ichiryu's Dessert, Dry Melolon to Ichiryu's Meat Dish, Survival Bug's larva. The survival bug grows after eating it. The Billion Bird then eats the Survival Bug and an antenna on its head becomes longer. Now the Billion Bird was ready to lay their infinite supply of eggs and all that's left is to surprise the bird with an attack. Toriko scares the Billion Bird and it lays countless eggs at a go. The eggs hatch right away. Toriko then says aloud that it was Ichiryu's Full Course, An infinite supply of Billion Birds. Coco and Sunny feel that the Human World will be saved with this while Zebra tells that the problem is that they taste just like how they look. Komatsu and the cooks of the Human World assure that they will definitely make tasty food. Then they spread the Billion Birds across the Human World. Damala, Yuda,
Human World eating again real food

People eating Food

Chiru, Wabutora, Sumire, Livebearer, all make different dishes. The people tasted real food after a gap of a year and half.  All the people were happy and though it was not the best tasting ingredient but it was lot better than the Food Tablets and people once again remembered happiness. Toriko realizes that the Human World's chefs were really something as what they made couldn't compare to what he ate from the brain data in the Gourmet Casino.
Billion Bird flying

Billion Bird flying

Komatsu never thought that the Billion Bird would taste bad but saw it as an ultimate ingredient. Komatsu then comforts the Billion Bird as its predators from long ago didn't understand its flavor and sympathizes with the Billion Bird as it lived from thousands of years without having an eye turned towards it but people now talking about how delicious it was and thanks it for being born again into the world. Hearing all this, The Billion Bird becomes happy flaps its wings and the wings suddenly grow out to become long and beautiful. Toriko is surprised by this as he never thought of that. The Billion Bird takes off the ground and flies away. Toriko knew that the bird wasn't supposed to fly. Komatsu has never before seen wings so beautiful. Toriko remembers Ichiryu and says that his Full Course is flying after being accepted by all the people in the world. The Billion Bird is very happy and while it was flying it lays some eggs. Komatsu catches a sparkling egg and Toriko understands that the Billion Bird is a Special Preparation Ingredient.

Toriko's DrinkEdit


Toriko holding the Billion Bird's egg

Toriko and Komatsu decide to share the food they got with their friends and the whole world. They head to the Gourmet Hotel and sit with Coco, Sunny and Zebra. Sunny couldn't believe that the Billion Bird flew with beautiful wings. Komatsu explains to the rest that the eggs they got were laid when the bird was not being attacked and they were eggs which came by appreciating and complimenting the bird for the first time in its life. Everyone break an egg and pour the contents into a wine glass. Toriko felt it like a pudding and couldn't find its yolk. Coco found that the yolk has been scattered through and gold dust was sprinkled in the egg. Toriko drinks the yolk and his hair grows out instantly. The egg was so good that Toriko couldn't resist it. The flavor has aged itself for millions of years and layered upon itself all the time making it so delicious.
Toriko deciding his Drink

Toriko's updated Full Course Menu

Sunny drinks it and his eye lashes grow out long. Coco, Zebra and Komatsu drink and their hair also grows out due to the drink. Toriko then says that the moment those eggs were laid, he decided with Komatsu. Toriko breaks another egg and fills his glass and says a toast for the ingredient as he decided it as his lifetime Drink. Just then Rin enters wanting to talk about her wedding with Toriko and is astonished at the sight.

Revival of Gourmet Age and the Human WorldEdit

Terry, Quin and Kiss creating an Emperor Ring

Terry, Kiss and Quinn training in Human World

Terry, Kiss and Quinn are training hard in the absence of their partners and they fight with such force that they create a small Emperor's Ring. The three then notice Toriko walking towards them. Terry is overjoyed at seeing Toriko and leaps at him. Toriko promises him that they will hunt together again and be together forever. Toriko notices Quinn and Kiss and acknowledges that they are all ready to enter the Gourmet World. Tomu comes to Toriko with a bottle of alcohol. Toriko is glad on seeing him.

At the IGO's headquarters, an underling reports to President Mansam that they have enlisted all the Saiseiya in the Human World and they are working towards restoring the soil. Mansam was sure that the vitality of the Human World returned by the Billion Bird and the reorganization of IGO, the revival of Gourmet Age can take place. Just then IGO's Bureau Chief reports to Mansam that the Capture Level Measuring Device for use on the Gourmet World ingredients is nearly complete. Mansam then feels that the Billion Bird was just a beginning and to restore the Gourmet Age, Gourmet World ingredients are really needed and for that they need the help of the Four Heavenly Kings. Mansam then turns to Toriko's Drink, Billion Bird's egg and says that Ichiryu must be glad. He then remembers back when they found a young Toriko. Toriko was extremely starved and when Ichiryu offers him bread, he instantly takes it to share it with everyone in his village and collapses before he could walk. Ichiryu notices how Toriko thought of everyone before himself and decides to adopt him. Ichiryu's Full Course was made for people like Toriko and when the Gourmet Age is on its knees, Toriko will help it to get back on its feet and Ichiryu would really like to see his Full Course.

Food Immersion Cape

Food Immersion Cape in Gourmet World

At Food Immersion Cape in the Gourmet World Setsuno and Jiro see a Million Tree planted at the edge of the cape. Jiro understands that Midora planted it in place of a gravestone for Ichiryu. Setsuno notices the flowers on the cape and asks if Seisaiya did that. Jiro replies that it was work of Midora. Jiro remembers the time when he, Ichiryu and Midora trained together at the same spot and feels that even he might not be able to handle Midora at present. Setsuno thinks that Joie is the main person they have to worry about and Jiro assumes that they may have to fight them themselves. Setsuno then percieves that the Gourmet World is going to enter the 'Night" and they will not be able to move freely and may even meet their end there. Jiro is determined to do all he and Setsuno can and wait for Toriko and the others in the Gourmet World.
Komatsu meeting Nono

Komatsu meeting Nono

Back at the Human World, Komatsu goes to visit Setsuno but finds Nono instead who conveys that Setsuno is at the Gourmet World. Komatsu takes his leave. Nono stops him and asks him if he's going to the Gourmet World as well. Komatsu replies that he is going there with everyone.Nono invites him to eat at her restaurant and Komatsu gladly accepts. Meanwhile Tom and Toriko are drinking from a bottle Tom saved as he wanted to drink with Toriko when he got back. Tom asks if he was heading out soon back to the Gourmet World. Toriko replies that there was someone he needed to talk to first and since his next journey will be very long, he doesn't know if he will ever return to Human World so he will spend a little more time.

Chichi the Flavor SageEdit

Zebra using Voice Cutter on Chichi's house, but with no success

Zebra using voice cutter.

Toriko and the others are ready to enter the Gourmet World as the strongest representatives of the Human World. Before they leave, Toriko takes everyone back to the 1st Biotope. Toriko reasons that for every single item of Ichiryu's Full Course, there always was a guardian protecting it and they couldn't retrieve it without defeating the beast first. Komatsu says that there wasn't anybody there in Restroom where they found the treasure. Toriko and the others reach the Restroom and Toriko says that there must be something in the tree house. Zebra being impatient uses his Voice Cutter on the tree house but it doesn't even get a scratch. Toriko says to him that it was a Gourmet World tree as a normal one couldn't stand an attack. Sunny asks them to find and entrance. Coco says there's an entrance on the third floor. Everyone uses the leaf stairs on the tree and go inside the tree house. They find most of the things made out of leaves and also normal household stuff. Komatsu finds a refrigerator made out of leaves and says that it can also work as an Gourmet Case. Coco sees a bookshelf and finds most of the books to be explicit. Then they go to the second floor and it looks like a bedroom. This time Coco finds books again and there happen to be some cook books along with some explicit ones.

The Bed Room floor.

They couldn't find any stairs going to the first floor. Toriko finding no choice uses his Nail Gun on the floor but the floor comes out clean. Zebra uses his Sound Bazooka but it also doesn't do anything.
Chichi's Bath House

The Bath House floor

After that they all go outside and then Toriko says that his sense of smell says that there is someone on the first floor. Sunny uses his hair to search every inch of the place and the finds an open well. Komatsu says that there's a passageway inside. They go to where the passage leads and find a bath house. They find a hot spring inside and just when Toriko and Komatsu are about to enter it Coco reminds them the reason why they were there. Then Coco says he picked some electromagnetic waves from pond nearby and dives in. But he just comes out of the well. Zebra says to him that he already knew it with his echolocation.

Komatsu then finds an open window to the first floor much to the amazement of the other four. Toriko kicks open the door and they enter. They find a Nitro inside. Toriko asks them to bring some water as it was in cryptobiosis. The Nitro suddenly scratches Toriko's head and says that it was awake. The Nitro goes berserk and scolds everyone. Komatsu asks who he was. The Nitro gets angry and asks if Ichiryu didn't tell them about him and then says he will say who he was. He then says that he is Chichi, the Flavor Sage and Ichiryu's partner. The five get instantly amazed and Chichi says that the partner part was a lie.

Ichiryu's MessageEdit


Chichi the Flavor Sage

Chichi says to the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu about his connection with Ichiryu. He says that about 500 years ago Ichiryu found him in the cryptobiosis state and revived him and then he says that that brings them to the present. Komatsu and Coco say to him that he skipped way too much. Chichi then says that he was pretending to be in cryptobiosis when they found the treasure chest as he was planning to surprise them and was surprised when they ignored him and he was glad that they found him. Chichi plants a few seeds and asks them to be seated on the plants he called as "Chair Leaf". Toriko says that he had no choice back then as their main priority was to complete Ichiryu's Full Course and didn't meet him as he thought it would be troublesome.
The mysterious apple

The apple which has the stain of one of Acacia's Full Course Menu

Chichi gets angry on this and then notices Komatsu's dress and asks him if he had met with a female before coming to him. Komatsu replies that he had just met Nono. Chichi asks him his clothes as a alternative as they didn't bring him a cake or he won't tell them anything. Komatsu gives him his clothes and Chichi acts strange after wearing them. Chichi finally gets serious and says that since they were going to the Gourmet World, Ichiryu asked him a favor a while back. Chichi says that Ichiryu asked him to provide them with an ingredient. The spot they were sitting on then goes down a floor. Chichi introduces them to his kitchen and points to an apple and says that that was the ingredient he was going to give them. Just by looking at the apple, all the Heavenly Kings's Appetite Devils forcefully take control of their host and almost complete take over their body but Chichi hits them with his claws and everyone return back to normal. Komatsu asks Chichi what was that ingredient as it made everyone lose their sense of reason by just looking at it. Chichi replies that it was an item of Acacia's Full Course. Everyone get utterly surprised. Chichi says that it was just a lie.

Toriko gets angry and says to him that there are something which shouldn't be joked about. Chichi replies that though he told a lie, the ingredient got the scent on it. Chichi continues and says that though it was an ordinary apple, the smell of an item of Acacia's Full Course was stained on it. Chichi then says that the allure of the real thing was not anything like that and the place they were going in next has tons of ingredients like it. Toriko says that he spent a year and half in the Gourmet World but never felt a shock like this. Chichi replies that he must have been in safe spots. Toriko says that Acacia's Full Course must be in a different level that the other ingredients. Chichi asks them for a final dinner and asks them to eat the apple together. Komatsu asks him if he can use his kitchen. Chichi replies that he can do so as they will be using that place for the opening of their journey.

The group having a feast with Chichi

Komatsu, Chichi and the Heavenly Kings having a feast

Komatsu then asks him to cook with him as he was a Flavor Sage. Chichi asks him not to underestimate him. Coco asks him to answer some more of their questions. Chichi just replies that they can find out all the answers in the Gourmet World. Komatsu asks him to answer their questions as he had given him his clothes and promises him that he will get more clothes for him. Chichi gets happy over this and says that he will cook and this will be their last dinner. Everyone have a hearty dinner. Chichi says that there are many things that they will not achieve unless they work together. He then says that the 'Night' the Gourmet World is about to enter is a place where the strength of the wild beasts is not anything like during the 'Daytime'. Chichi asks them to get going if they have resolve. The Heavenly Kings and Komatsu reply that they are ready.




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