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Biotope 0
0th Biotope.jpg
Japanese 第0ビオトープ
Romanized Dai Zero Biotōpu
English Biotope Zero
Leader Ichiryu
Affiliation Ico igo.png IGO
Base of Operations Cloud Tree (Area 3)
Status Unknown
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 193
Anime Episode 111
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Biotope 0 (第0ビオトープ Dai Zero Biotōpu) is a special IGO Biotope that, unlike the rest of IGO's Biotopes, is located in the Gourmet World and its existence is a secret from the world at large. It is located on the Cloud Tree in Gourmet World's Area 3. The main goal of Biotope 0 is to locate and prepare Acacia's Full Course Menu before the Gourmet Solar Eclipse in order to prevent the Gourmet Nobility from reviving their Demon King, and to ensure that the Gourmet Corp. do not get a hold of the Full Course and use it to take control of the world.

By the end of the 50th Cooking Festival, many of the Biotope's members have disappeared or betrayed the organization or are killed, left unconscious, or forced to go into seclusion, thus leaving the fate of Biotope 0 itself uncertain.


Biotope 0, unlike other IGO Biotopes does not seem to consist of a large self-contained ecosystem, instead consisting solely of a few buildings and the Cloud Tree's surrounding environment. The environment overseen by the Biotope is a valley made entirely of solid clouds with tree-like formations all around.

Main Building[]

The main building is a large dome-shaped structure with beige linings near its roof and floor, several large and round blue windows and a violet roof with three silver-colored panels on its surface. Around the main building are three small towers with decorative architecture.


Biotope 0's staff, who number less than 20, are not IGO employees, but are all private citizens who have other professions when not at the Biotope. As revealed by Ichiryu this is done to reduce the number of potential spies. They are called "the best of the best," and are all chosen by the IGO president, Ichiryu. It is possible that the reason it can't be staffed with IGO employees is because not enough people in the IGO are strong enough to survive in the Gourmet World. This attests to the power of the staff there. More proof of the organization's strength is the fact that they capture and observe Nitro at the Biotope. However, even though they are extremely powerful and not exactly employees of IGO, they still take orders from IGO executives, including Mansam and Ray.

Biotope 0
YosakuGC.jpg Melk1stGC.jpg RappGC.jpg GuemonGC.jpg RyuuGC.jpg
Yosaku Melk the First Rapp* Guemon Ryu*
LoveGC.jpg ChinchinGC.jpg TackGC.jpg MalismanGC.jpg MaleeGC.jpg
Love Chin Chinchin Tack Malisman* Malee
MananGC.jpg GoblinRamonGC.jpg MegarodrasGC.jpg SakuraGC.jpg RalaGC.jpg
Manan Goblin Ramon* Megarodras* Sakura* Rala
AtashinoGC.jpg KuribohGC.jpg
Atashino Kuriboh
Former Members
KousairouGC.jpg IchiryuuMS.png
Kousairou Ichiryu

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