Biotope 2
2nd Biotope Eps 98
Japanese 第2ビオトープ
Romanized Dai Ni Biotōpu
English Biotope 2
Aliases Undersea Restaurant
Location Human World
Affiliation Ico igo IGO
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 174
Anime Episode 98
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Biotope 2 (第2ビオトープ Dai Ni Biotōpu) is a massive structure floating in the ocean and is one of the many gourmet research facilities of the IGO which focuses on aquatic ingredients. Also known as the "Undersea Restaurant", its lower level serves as a high-class seafood restaurant where one can enjoy the sights below the sea through the glass walls.[1]

Beasts and IngredientsEdit

Creatures and ingredients bred at Biotope 2 are listed below.




Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

Toriko and Coco paid a visit to each of the IGO Biotopes which held the ingredients from Ichiryu's Full Course. Although it was not shown, they successfully captured the ingredients from each Biotope, including Biotope 2.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Toriko invited Komatsu to eat at Biotope 2 in order to inform him about their next trip which would be to the secluded Shokurin Temple in Lost Forest. Komatsu successfully arrived thanks to Tom via plane but was dropped off via parachute which naturally horrified him a bit, but he was soon greeted by Toriko. While there, the two got a chance to see the many creatures that were kept and resided near the biotope for research and they later enjoyed a fantastic meal in the biotope's undersea restaurant which offered them a wide variety of undersea food and drink.


2nd Biotope (manga)
2nd Biotope
Full view of Biotope 2's two labs and undersea section
Undersea Restaurant
Undersea Restaurant
Biotope2 above
The Biotope seen from above


  1. Gourmet 174 and Episode 98

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