Biotope 8
8 biotope anime
Japanese 第8ビオトープ
Romanized Dai Hachi Biotōpu
English Biotope 8
Location South of Toriko's home
Affiliation Ico igo IGO
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 4
Anime Episode 3
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Biotope 8 (第8ビオトープ Dai Hachi Biotōpu) is one of the many Biotopes maintained by the IGO for research on ingredients and cultivation. It is located south of Toriko's house. This biotope houses the Troll Kongs and the Rainbow Fruit, Toriko's dessert course in his Full Course Menu.

It is also the place where Ichiryu hid the Hors d'Oeuvres of his Full Course Menu.

Biotope 8 has previously been the victim of several attacks from powerful figures, such as the Gourmet Corp. and the Four Beasts, leaving its current fate unknown.


The GardenEdit

Biotope 8 is a large mountainous region filled with many rocks, crags and rough stone terrains, and very little vegetation is seen other than grass, a few trees scattered about and the plant ingredients that are common there, such as the Bacon Leaves and the massive Rainbow Fruit plant that grows deep within the biotope in the Troll Kongs' territory. The Troll Kongs' territory is a large rocky valley where the Troll Kongs gather in groups close to one another and attack any prey that approaches the Rainbow Fruit. Deep within the mountains of the biotope are caverns, one of which is the home of a Basilicroc which keeps watch over Ichiryu's hors d'oeuvres which is contained in a giant stone chest.


The entire Biotope is surrounded by a thick concrete wall meant to keep all the dangerous beasts contained as well as keeping intruders from entering. The only known way in or out is through the large stone gate at the front of the biotope, however it is usually forbidden from being opened if a beast with a capture level of 5 or higher is within the 5 kilometer perimeter of the gate. There is also a large deep moat on the other side of the gate to make sure beasts do not get close to it.

8th Research InstituteEdit


The 8th Research Institute.

The IGO Development Agency's 8th Research Institute is located somewhere within or near the wall and watches over the biotope from the guards positioned at the watchtowers, and here is where the research on the creatures and plants within the biotope are made. The institute has buildings marked in alphabetical order, however only building C is seen and in its 9th floor (in the 2nd record data room) is a stuffed Troll Kong. Guards are also positioned within the institute and carry rifles.

Biotope 8 StaffEdit

The only members of Biotope 8's staff seen are guards, all of which wear brown uniforms with black undershirts and dark green caps with a gold emblem that says "IGO". Two guards are positioned at the front gate of the biotope while some are positioned in the Research Institute and watchtowers. In the anime, two agents are shown accompanying Johannes into the biotope and all three wore hazmat-like suits while near the Troll Kongs.

8th Biotope Staff
8thBGuard1 8thBGuard2 8thBGuard3 8thBGuard4 8thBGuard5
Macher  ????  ????  ????  ????




Fruit of Rainbow ArcEdit

When the IGO proved to have difficulties harvesting the newly grown Rainbow Fruit from the vicious Troll Kongs' territory, they sent out Johannes to find Toriko and request him to acquire the fruit on their behalf. Toriko eagerly agrees in hopes of getting to eat the fruit himself. Johannes then drives Toriko and the accompanying Komatsu to Biotope 8, where they are met with some intimidating threats from the Troll Kongs, however Toriko is unmoved and makes his way into the garden with Komatsu and manages to find the area the Rainbow Fruit is and Knock most of the mighty Troll Kongs before finally taming them all when he tamed their leader into peaceful submission. Toriko then took only one fruit from the plant as to not upset the Troll Kongs' ecosystem and went on his way to deliver the fruit to the IGO and keep some for himself which he then made part of his Full Course Menu.[1] Also they spelt Biotope 8 to Biotrope 8

Puffer Whale ArcEdit

Biotope 8 had come under the attack of the Gourmet Corp. Vice Chef Starjun after he came to steal the Biotope's Rainbow Fruit. During his attempt to steal it, he massacred countless Troll Kongs, putting them in a state of near-annihilation. News of this quickly reached the IGO directors who realized the Gourmet Corp. finally made their move and would need the aid of the Four Heavenly Kings to deal with them.

Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

Toriko and Coco paid a visit to Biotope 8 in search of Ichiryu's hors d'oeuvres, the Million Tree's seed as part of their training. Once they arrived to the hidden location of the ingredient, they were forced to face a Basilicroc which Coco easily incapacitated with his tranquilizing poison. Toriko then used all his might to break the chest containing the seed, and both were finally able to retrieve the ingredient, although they were disappointed at its less than stellar size and ordinary appearance.[2]

Later (although it was not shown) they successfully captured the ingredients from each of the other Biotopes as well and showed the seed to Setsuno.

Four Beast ArcEdit

One of the Four Beasts, Gaoh, did a great deal of damage to the Biotope leaving the fate of its remaining beasts and the Biotope's future uncertain.[3]

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Like the rest of the Human World, it is likely that whatever was left of Biotope 8 was also affected by the Meteor Spice.

Billion Bird ArcEdit

After the revival of the Billion Bird, the IGO began a Human World restoration project alongside the Saiseiyas, although it is unknown if the restoration of Biotope 8 is part of their goals.


Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit


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