The IGO Biotopes

Biotope Gardens (ビオトープガーデン Biotōpu Gāden), or simply Biotopes (ビオトープ Biotōpu), are a numbered series of enclosed natural and man-made habitats maintained by the International Gourmet Organization. Inside these artificial or semi-natural habitats, the IGO cultivates and monitors anything from endangered plant species to clones of extinct Beasts. The level of danger within the Biotopes is usually high enough to warrant the IGO hiring a powerful Gourmet Hunter, rather than risking their own soldiers or tanks against the creatures within. Many of the weaker staff who work directly with the beasts are badly maimed, missing limbs or eyes.

The IGO president, Ichiryu, left one dish from his full course menu in each Biotope; all of them within massive, near-indestructible chests guarded by powerful beasts. Finding the dishes, defeating the guardians, and breaking the chests all served as training for Ichiryu's pupils, the Four Heavenly Kings.



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