Mushroom  Birth Cry Tree  Sushi
Birth Try Cree upclose
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese 産声の樹
Romanized Ubugoe no Ki
English Birth Cry Tree
Aliases Stardust Tree, Sector B
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Type Plant
Location Between West Mountain Area and Zero Mountain Range (Area 7)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 246
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The Birth Cry Tree (産声の樹 Ubugoe no Ki), also known as the Stardust Tree (星屑の樹 (スターダストツリー) Sutādasuto Tsurī), is a gigantic tree located on the Zero Mountain Range of Area 7 in Gourmet World. The Birth Cry Tree is designated as Sector B for being the location of the "Food King" PAIR. The Birth Cry Tree is the 3rd tallest living being in the whole world[1] and is considered one of the Gourmet 100 Sights.[2]



The many star-like PAIRs decorating the Birth Cry Tree.

It is a huge tree of tremendous size that appears to reach the heavens, and its trunk and roots are tremendously thick, and its trunk also has a tangled shape which makes it appear as though it is made from numerous trees. It is known as the Stardust Tree because of the starlit sky it harbors under its foliage.


Ancient PAIR

An ancient planet-like PAIR.

These glowing star and planet-like objects are in fact ancient PAIRs left on the tree by Ballboons of the past as part of their courtship ritual.

However the present and freshest PAIR can only be taken from the present "Monkey King" Bambina who resides on 100G Mountain.



Long ago, members of the Ballboon race used this tree to hang their PAIRs on its branches as part of their courtship ritual to impress the females of their species. The PAIRs that were hung here would eventually become shining objects with an otherworldly luster that made them resemble miniature planets.[3]

PAIR ArcEdit

When the Four Heavenly Kings first arrive at this location, they are amazed by the glimmering star-like objects among the tree's branches, but they are soon told by ATOM that the PAIRs within the tree are not the PAIR they need and that the one they seek is on "Monkey King" Bambina's body.[4]

After successfully capturing PAIR from Bambina, the Heavenly Kings make their way back to the Birth Cry Tree where they are greeted by millions of monkeys from across Area 7, with whom they share PAIR.[5] Bambina eventually arrives and begins plucking the PAIRs from the tree and sharing them with everyone below.[6]


  • This tree produces a rain similarly to how the Fall Tree does.


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