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Bison Frog 1
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Japanese バイソンガエル
Romanized Baison Gaeru
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Type Amphibian Beast
Capture Level 35
Habitat Death Season Forest
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 86
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The Bison Frog is a giant species of frog with the horns, nose and mane of a bison, hence its name.


It resides in Death Season Forest and like all the beasts that reside there, it remains in a dormant hibernation throughout most of the year until the forest's "Monster Season", however it may awaken prematurely during the "Freeze Season" on the days known as "Chill Rest Day", when the terrible blizzards of the season briefly cease.


It appears to travel in packs and attacks together with others of its kind, but as it is considerably weak compared to the other creatures of the forest, it will flee if a stronger one approaches.


Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

When the Toriko, Coco, Rin and Komatsu went into Death Season Forest to find the lost Johannes and Patch, they encountered a large hoard of Bison Frogs that tried to attack them, but they were all easily dispatched by Sunny. More soon arrived but quickly retreated after sensing the presence of the White Devil.

They are later seen staring in awe at the decorated Sweet Dew Tree.


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