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Bizarre Cooking
Bizarre Cooking
Japanese 怪奇料理
Romanized Kaiki Ryōri
Class Cooking Style
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 212
Anime Episode 128
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Bizarre Cooking (怪奇料理, Kaiki Ryōri) is a method of cooking that specializes in the preparation of bizarre and creepy ingredients that are of first-class flavor. This style of cooking appears to refer to any form of cuisine that relies on ingredients and methods that may be deemed odd or creepy and only a few restaurants and chefs use this method, namely "Bizarre Cooking" Tengu Brunch owner of Tengu Castle, and "Bizarre Food Queen" Kopuriko owner of Harawata. This style of cooking is the main and more popular form of cooking in Hex Food World and every year denizens from there host a Hex Food Exhibition where residents of the Human World can sample Bizarre Cuisine that would otherwise be unavailable in the Human World.

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