Black Triangle
Black Triangle
Japanese ブラックトライアングル
Romanized Burakku Toraianguru
English Black Triangle
Aliases Soup Stock Sea
Location Center of Area 6
Affiliation ANOTHER
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 325
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The Black Triangle is a pitch black ocean at the heart of Area 6 and it is here where the Stardust River, the habitat of ANOTHER can be found. It is a mysterious ocean where anything can disappear without a trace.

Geography Edit

The Black Triangle is an ocean which is said to be of pitch black visibility located with the heart of Area 6. This lack of visibility is caused by it being the source point of delicious ocean current that stretches through the Gourmet World's seas, the Taste Tide. The sea itself is 30,000 meters deep, making it the third deepest in the entire Gourmet World.

There are three islands which form the three corners of the 'triangle' itself, with the ocean's dark visibility forming the triangular shape within. The body of water itself houses the Stardust River within it, with the Startdust River forming different paths within the ocean itself.

As food Edit

As the origin of Taste Tide, the Black Triangle is the source of flavor of the entire ocean. The seawater divides into countless layers, which get more delicious the deeper you go, and can be eaten as soup or used as sauce.
The Black Triangle is said to be place of such deliciousness, that many great chefs of the past have completed their Full Course Menus just from the sea's ingredients.

All the deliciousness of the sea, its water and ingredients, comes from ANOTHER, which dwells in the deepest part of the sea.



Long ago, a gigantic moon-sized meteor fell into the Black Triangle and completely disappeared without a trace, making no sign of impact and leaving no hint that it ever existed behind.

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During the travels of all of Human World's skilled personnel, they used the Real Globe, a device that is said to mimic the terrains which are made within the real world through satellite images, in order to find the proper Stardust River path to ANOTHER.


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