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Japanese 血虫 (ちむし)
Romanized Chi Mushi
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Type Insect Beast
Capture Level 8
Length 7cm
Weight 100g at maximum capacity
Price 90,000 yen per bug
Habitat Healing Forest, near Life
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 97
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Blood Bug is a type of tick that sucks up large amounts of blood and stores it in its abdomen, making them a good source of blood in transfusions by Saiseiya.


They are small, tick-like, purple bugs with six legs, two antennas, and a circular light purple marking on their back. They possess a very large red abdomen where they store all the excess blood they intake. This abdominal sack can be easily popped to release the blood.


Like mosquitoes, Blood Bugs suck up large amounts of blood; however, their bite does not hurt in the least and they only suck up blood that contains toxins and impurities from one's body. The blood is purified in their stomachs and stored in their abdomens, making this clean blood reusable for medical practice. Individual Blood Bugs each store a different type of blood, such as A, B, O, AB, and RH.


Blood Bugs have great use in medicine as a source of blood in transfusions, and the wide variety and large quantity of blood they can store makes them incredibly useful in emergency operations. Although they are mainly used by Saiseiyas rather than standard hospitals.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

The Blood Bug was not shown in the anime, likely due to censorship.