Mushroom  Blue Blood Corn  Sushi
BB Corn Eps 20
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Japanese ブルーブラッドコーン
Romanized Burūburaddokōn
English Blue Blood Corn
Aliases BB Corn (BBコーン BB Kōn)
IGO Icon 2 Statistics IGO Icon 2
Type Vegetable
Capture Level 35 (unmeasurable in Gourmet World)
Location Wul Jungle and Gourmet World
Height 1m (up to 50m)
Price Varies by size. Generally:
100,00 yen (kernel);
Several billion yen (ear);
3000 yen (one serving of popcorn)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 58
Anime Episode 20
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Blue Blood Corn (ブルーブラッドコーン Burū Buraddo Kōn), or simply BB Corn (BBコーン BB Kōn), is a giant breed of rare corn that was eaten by Gourmet Nobility as a snack long ago, hence the reason for its name "Blue Blood". According to Jiro it is one of the few rare Gourmet World ingredients to be grown successfully in the Human World.[1]



Small BB Corn Eps 20

Small BB Corns.

They mainly resemble larger than average corn plants that seem to vary in sizes, as there were some as big as normal corn, and others growing above 20 stories high.

Structure and PhysiologyEdit

BB Corn 1

BB Corn fibers and kernels.

They are all very tough, with their fibers entwined and their roots deeply rooted so that the giant birds that live nearby can't pluck them easily. It took Toriko many attempts with his Knife until he could cut a small cob. Also, when he attempted to pull it out, he felt as if trying to pull up the entire forest. The bigger corn is even tougher, as Toriko couldn't even cut its skin nor pull out its kernel, leaving him no choice but to hit the back of the corn with a 5-Hit Nail Punch forcing the kernels out. It is said that there are as many kernels as the number of strands on the corn. It is shown that the kernels grow between and underneath the initial kernels found on the corn.

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Cooking MethodEdit

Toiko and Terry trying to pop the corn

Terry and Toriko cooking BB Corn.

When cooking the corn for popcorn, the kernel must be roasted to a very high temperature. If the timing is off by even one second, the kernel burns and the taste is ruined. Cooking the kernel is a very meticulous and delicate task and takes a day and a half to fully prepare.

Toriko and Terry making the BB Corn into popcorn

BB Popcorn.

If popped, there is enough popcorn for a hundred people. The popcorn itself is quite large, more like cotton candy size than actual popcorn, with a fragrant odor of roasted croquettes.


Terry eating BB Corn popcorn 2

BB Corn can even satisfy Terry, a Battle Wolf with refined taste buds.

The consistency is smooth and easily travels down the throat. It is so delicious that most people swallow unconsciously upon putting it into their mouths. It is delicious enough to satisfy a beast originating from Gourmet World, Terry, a Battle Wolf. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about BB corn is its incredible appetite-stimulating effect; rather than getting full, eating it causes people to feel even hungrier (Toriko noted that he could "eat them to no end") which gives the effect of making other foods even tastier. It is primarily because of this appetite-increasing effect that Toriko chose the BB Corn as his Hors d'Ouvere.


BB Corn ArcEdit

After acquiring the Jewel Meat, Terry seems to not like any food from Human World. Toriko visits Tom, who tells him about Jiro bringing some BB Corn to the Market before, and gives him the location where it's growing, the Wul Jungle.[2] After Terry defeats the Goblin Plant, they trace the giant roots to find many small BB Corns above the trees.[3] Each small corn has roots connected to the whole jungle, making it hard for Toriko, who has to use multiple Knives to cut it. Terry leads Toriko to the building-sized BB Corns, and with a combined effort from Terry and Toriko's Knives and Nail Punch, they are able to cut through the husk and fibers and to pop the kernels out. Before taking the kernels to Wul Volcano for cooking, Toriko notices another distanced huge corn cut off its roots.[4] At the volcano, they slowly heat the kernels, from the highly-positioned low-temperature rock and going down, to avoid burning it. Finally, the corn pops at the lowest 1200 degrees rock, after a day and a half. Terry finally has his first meal in a long time, and Toriko adds it to his Full Course Menu. Suddenly, Grinpatch shows up and sucks up all the popcorn with his straw,[5] and before leaving, his pet Jack shows up, carrying the huge corn that Toriko noticed had been cut earlier.[6] After the clash, Toriko takes some corn back to Hotel Gourmet, where everyone has a taste of Toriko's Hors d'Oeuvre.[7]

GOD ArcEdit

Hors - Toriko and Komatsu

BB Corn and Chicken Quiche

At Toriko and Rin's wedding reception, the Hors d'Oeuvre is served sprinkled with Melk Stardust and accompanied by a quiche made with Pincer Fish and Five-Tailed Giant Eagle.[8]


BB Corn has been mostly featured on snacks, such as corn chips, corn puffs, and corn bread. It has also been featured as a collectible mini-figurine and on a trading card.

BB Corn figurine
BB Corn trading card
BBCornMerch (1)
BB Corn Snacks
BB Corn stickers
BB Corn stickers


  • The term "blue blood" is used to refer to someone of noble or social prominence.


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