Blue Demon Full View
Japanese 青鬼
Romanized Ao Oni
English Blue Demon
Aliases Blue Oni
Race Appetite Demon
Gender Male Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Toriko (host)
Personal Status
Relatives Red Demon (counterpart)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 286
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The mysterious entity simply known as the "Blue Demon" (青鬼 Ao Oni) is one of the Appetite Demons residing within Toriko, the other being its counterpart Ogre. Unlike its counterpart, Toriko himself did not know of its existence until it was awakened during his battle with Heracles; the only beings who were aware of it were Ichiryu, Mansam, Chichi, and the aforementioned Red Demon. Guinness is later made aware of his presence within Toriko alongside the other two demons when he sniffs Toriko. The Blue Demon existed deep within Toriko's subconscious, being sealed away due to its dangerous personality and level of power.


Red and Blue Devils

Toriko's Red and Blue Demons in color.

When compared to its red counterpart, the Blue Demon has a somewhat less humanoid appearance, having two slightly curved horns that protrude on its head, spikes under its chin as well as on its shoulders, eyes which are completely black with large white pupils and unique black markings covering parts of its body (most noticeably the face area where the markings cover its nose eyes and mouth), as well as hands that can turn into large deformed claws. When manifesting, it wears a simple black cloth tied around its waist. Oddly enough, the Blue Demon is the cause for why Toriko's hair is blue as Toriko states that he was originally born with black hair.
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The Blue Demon appears to reside in a part Toriko's mind that was sealed behind a "door". The area it was sealed in is completely black, akin to the Red Demon's, but it also has what appears to be smoke or mist along its "surface". The door which leads to the domain of the Blue Demon is represented as a dark colored door with what seems to be bolts of lightning covering the door. 


That's some great snorting!!! Perfect for playing around at a rodeo!!!!

—The Blue Demon shows its rude nature to Heracles

The Blue Demon is a vicious creature that when awoken behaves like a wild man filled with a desire for battle. It is constantly shown with a "happy" expression and when in battle it becomes very frenzied and overexcited. Unlike the Red Demon, it does not seem to care what becomes of its host and was even willing to let him die until it was convinced to help him by the Red Demon. It also seems to have no qualms about killing its red counterpart, as it was willing to crush its head with its claw for disturbing him. The relationship seems unlike that of friendship, as he found it surprising he would visit him in the first place. The Blue Demon is also very overconfident and disrespectful, and tends to underestimate its opponents, a mistake which cost it heavily when it fought the mighty Heracles.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Blue Demon is apparently stronger than Toriko's Red Demon, and in his not-revived state he has enough power that can temporarily match that of Heracles, one of the fearsome Eight Kings. Fighting with her even for a moment caused the creation of an Emperor Ring, showing that the Blue Demon's power is something to truly be feared. The Blue Demon can alter the shape of its hands, turning them into deformed spiked claws. It has also demonstrated the ability to manifest outside Toriko's body and fight separately from him for a short time before eventually returning to the main body if he is weakened.


Devil Fork

Devil Fork (デビルフォーク Debiru Fōku): A more powerful version of Toriko's Fork, the Blue Demon morphs its left arm into a fork with several sharp tines. It shows to be equal in strength to the Heracles's own Herac Kick and Acacia's Gourmet Punch.[1]

Blue Spit

Blue Spit (ブルースピット Burū Supitto): The Blue Demon morphs its right arm into a spike and quickly pierces through the enemy's body. This attack is strong enough to pierce through Acacia and have an impact visible from space.[2]

Devil Knife

Devil Knife (デビルナイフ Debiru Naifu): The Blue Demon swipes it's arm to slash an enemy. The cut cleaves through the continent and can be seen from space.[3]



It is unknown when the Blue Demon first manifested, but it and the Red Demon have existed within Toriko since he was a child and they were first sensed by Ichiryu when he and Mansam first discovered the orphan Toriko. When Toriko's demons manifested, it was the Red Demon who became the more common demon to manifest. However, while the Blue Demon laid dormant within Toriko, it still had influence within him, causing his hair to turn from black to blue as a sign that the Blue Demon is present within him. 

AIR ArcEdit

When Toriko lost almost half of his body after confronting Heracles, his body began to heal with the aid of the Cure Water he had received from Chichi, but to ensure his survival, his Red Demon awoke the Blue Demon and requested that it save their host before "it was too late" as he was still not strong enough to fight Heracles. At first the Blue Demon was hesitant and stated that it had no interest in eating Heracles, and it even threatened its counterpart, but the Blue Demon eventually complied and sped up Toriko's healing process and proceeded to leave its host body to fight off Heracles while Toriko recovered. As soon as it leaves its host's body, the Blue Demon doesn't hesitate to attack.

After the sudden attack from the Blue Demon, Heracles became alarmed due to the immense strength that the Blue Demon possessed. Despite not receiving any life threatening damage from the attack, Heracles felt the need to execute the opponent quickly. The Blue Demon then continues its attack with a Devil Fork. However, Heracles would counter it with her powerful kick. The Blue Demon compliments Heracles, saying that the kick would most likely send it to outer space had it taken the kick on directly, the Blue Demon then explains to its host that both he and the Red Demon eat different forms of food but they are the original appetites of Toriko himself, and telling its host to hold out. As their fight continues, the Blue Demon would realize the true cause of Heracles' alarm, Heracles was pregnant. It mocks Heracles, telling her that despite looking composed she cannot hide the fact that she was indeed pregnant and the attacks from the Blue Demon threatened her foal. This battle ends in an instant, however, as Heracles inhales for the first time in many years, quickly forcing the Blue Demon to retreat as its host is in a life-threatening situation and could not hold out. Fortunately, Toriko stood his ground despite the lack of air to breath. Just before Heracles could finish Toriko, AIR is prepared and fresh air rushes to their battlefield, ending the battle.

The Blue Demon would then show itself once more. This time it would visit the domain of its counterpart, the Red Demon, opening the door from its domain to the Red Demon's domain. As it walks along the large area filled with numerous dining tables, the Blue Demon would find its counterpart and ask how the AIR tasted. The Red Demon states that it was a delicious food and part of its body has been resurrected, thanking the Blue Demon for lending its strength to delay Heracles. The Blue Demon says that the next time Heracles and it fight, he would quickly end Heracles, and the Red Demon sees this as a form of compliment. The Red Demon also says that the Blue Demon had some pleasure going into the outside world once more. However, the latter states that the only true pleasure for Appetite Demons is eating and it wishes to have a meal soon until its stomach is about to burst. The Red Demon responds that this may take some time as the world is different and the Blue Demon catches the attention of the Red Demon's arm, noticing that it had bonded with Toriko, giving Toriko control over it. The Blue Demon becomes excited as it finally gets to see for the first time in a while the power of its red counterpart.


While Toriko's Blue Demon was inactive for the most part during the hunt for ANOTHER, during Komatsu's travel into the World of Souls, Komatsu comes upon a place where many souls and demons are seen feasting together. Toriko's Blue Demon is seen on the same dining table as the Red Demon and a third demon feasting together before Komatsu awakens regains his consciousness.

Toriko Three Demons

Blue and Red Demons with Toriko's original Demon

When Komatsu opens the Golden Can, the Blue Demon and Ogre stand in front of yet another Appetite Demon within Toriko. Ogre tells this third Demon to wait its turn but the Blue Demon states that the waking demon was the first demon within Toriko.[4]

GOD ArcEdit

Toriko manifests Red and Blue

Toriko manifests his Red and Blue Demons

Toriko's Red and Blue Demons manifest to defend him from Acacia's Gourmet Hand, with Red Demon blocking the attack and Blue Demon slowing them down when knocked back. The Blue Demon pierces Acacia with Blue Spit, and its Devil Fork is countered by his Gourmet Punch. The demons return to Toriko as GOD attacks Acacia. When ATOM and PAIR try to interfere, Toriko stops them and manifests the two demons to attack.[5] After Neo is defeated and begins to gush out tons of ingredients, the blue demon expressed great excitement and joy as he notices the "blue ingredients" (indicating that they are his preferred food and may be necessary for his revival).


  • Chichi describes Toriko's red and blue Appetite Demons as Oni, a direct reference to the popular ogres from Japanese myth and folklore. The colors red and blue are also a direct reference to the folklore as these are known to be the most common colors which an oni is depicted in.


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