Blue Grill
Blue Grill
Japanese ブルーグリル
Romanized Burūguriru
Aliases Underwater Gourmet Capital
Location Giant Shell (Area 6)
Affiliation Don Slime (ruler)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 327
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Blue Grill is one of the Seven Civilizations of Gourmet World, located deep beneath the sea of Area 6, inside Giant Shell, the largest shellfish in the world. It is a cooking paradise and the most prosperous civilization in all of Gourmet World whose glory is equal to the Human World during its Golden Age.


Blue Grill Entrance

The entrance to Blue Grill.

Blue Grill itself is located inside of the massive Giant Shell which resides somewhere deep within the deadly Black Triangle. The Giant Shell itself is over 10 million kilometers wide, making it a truly large civilization. Within Blue Grill is also the legendary fourth Food Spirit Door, the safest of all the Food Spirit Doors in Area 6.

Blue Grill also has its own artificial habitats with varied ecosystems constructed by its inhabitants to allow for the breeding of land animals in their undersea world. Both natural environments and farms exist in Blue Grill's vast valleys and all manner of flora and fauna can found there. The interior of Blue Grill also has its own daytime and nighttime thanks to the inner bio-luminescence of the Giant Shell's ceiling which provides "sunlight" to all.



A rough sketch of Blue Grill and its locations.

It is a gigantic and sprawling country with cities, villages and entire valleys filled with nature and beautiful yet humble architecture that is decorated with all manner of gourmet-themed ornaments and sculptures. Several palm trees also decorate the streets of Blue Grill's cities, indicating that it has a rather tropical environment. There are also large coral branches which resemble trees that grow within the cities and valleys.



The people of Blue Grill, much like the denizens of the Human World, appear to have a strong love for ingredients and cooking, and their culture primarily revolves around their love of food. It appears that many of the denizens here are chefs and almost all of its inhabitants (and even its animals) wear chefs hats and chef clothing. Their love of food and cooking truly does rival that of the Human World, as they even have their own cooking competitions and events. However, unlike the Human World's restaurant and chef-ranking system, they do not use "Stars", instead using "Shells", with the highest ranked restaurants having the rank of "10-Shell", and only five chefs and their restaurants in all of Blue Grill hold this rank, being referred to as the Five 10-Shell Cooks, who are much like the Top 100 Chefs of the Human World. The people of Blue Grill also employ the usage of large birds in their day to day lives which appear to aid them in making deliveries across all of Blue Grill.

Despite its apparent prosperity Blue Grill has its share of dark secrets, as during night fall, weaker and unhealthy citizens must wear Urchives around their necks or remain inside buildings with Urchives installed due to the malevolent Food Spirits referred to as "Ghosts" that appear at night, as these ghosts can posses individuals who are weak and unhealthy, and effectively take control of their bodies. The risk of getting possessed is even greater in the Back Channel, as even the strong and healthy are vulnerable to possession unless prepared. Those who become possessed become slaves to their possessors and are forced to wear unique and elaborate masks which protect their possessors from the light in the world of the living as most ghosts cannot stand the light due to the darkness in the world of spirits. However, all of this is far from being the most sinister aspect of Blue Grill, as there is also a sinister form of trade in Blue Grill known as "Soul Trade" where the weak and disabled inhabitants of Blue Grill are forced to surrender their bodies to the spirits in exchange for making them useful and contributing members of Blue Grill who aid in the country's "project" to pioneer a "new sense of taste". This is done as to not waste money and resources on health and education for the weak and focus it all on the mysterious "project".



Humanoids with multiple arms are the most common race within Blue Grill and many work as chefs.

Much like the other Seven Civilizations, Blue Grill is mainly inhabited by what are presumably the descendants of Gourmet Cell Mutants, with the most common type of humanoid being those with multiple arms. A few humans have been shown (something the other civilizations have lacked) as well as other odd-looking races with unique traits, such as pointy ears, three eyes or antlers, and a few individuals who resemble goblins. The overall population of the people of Blue Grill is approximately 500 million and their culture and society rivals that of the Human World. Food Spirits also make up a large portion of the civilization's inhabitants since they can freely come and go from the Food Spirit Door, however it seems the majority can only come out at night and many seem hostile to unprotected inhabitants vulnerable to possession. Also of note is that the inhabitants can clearly see and communicate with Food Spirits, a feat that is normally impossible by ordinary members of the living, however this could be due to their proximity to the Food Spirit Door or their civilization's long history with spirits.


The mutant humans that came to reside here were once residents of the Human World and their appearance was a result of being infused with Gourmet Cells by the Gourmet Nobles.


Below is a list of the known individual inhabitants of Blue Grill:


Below is a list of the known species of races and animals that inhabit Blue Grill:



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