Fork-knife-icon  Bohno's Gourmet Train   Fork-knife-icon
Japanese グルメトレーン
Romanized Gurume Torēn
Type Gourmet Train
Owner Fond De Bohno
Purpose To offer comfort, relaxation and gourmet ingredients while escorting passengers to their destination
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 69
Game Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2
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The Gourmet Train is a large luxury express locomotive owned by the young entrepreneur Fond De Bohno that acts as his main mode of transport and as a luxury mobile restaurant and resort.


The train itself is a giant purple locomotive with Bohno's signature golden fork and knife logo on the front and wing designs on the side. The smoke stack appears to be designed after Bohno's toque hair-style. The engine room has a cruise ship-like exterior and it appears to be manned by a large gorilla of unknown species who feeds the engine coal from the coal car. The train and its cars are incredibly large in size, so much so that they need to run on two tracks. At the very front of the train are two red pilots (cow plows) for each rail that it is on in case any wild beasts get in the way of the tracks.


The train is hooked up to four equally giant cars, each offering a unique cultural ambiance resembling that of some of the countries from our world, and they offer all the comforts, features, architecture, luxuries and gourmet ingredients that are common to the respective countries they represent and can prepare other ingredients in a similar style.

French CarEdit

GourmetTrain (2)

French Car

The first car is designed after French culture and has a few stone crafted buildings, some gardens and a walkway reminiscent of Paris and the Arc de Triomphe respectively and it offers a large assortment of french cuisine or other ingredients prepared in a similar fashion. The walkway is adorned with many light posts and the main building has a very regal appearances. The back of the car has a viewing area and numerous kinds of machinery, some of which resembles a tea set.

Italian CarEdit

GourmetTrain (3)

Italian Car

The second car is designed after Italian culture and resembles the famous Roman Colosseum with a building resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa within, and it has two platforms with green and red roofs that appear to be outdoor restaurants. The car mainly serves Italian-style cuisine. Under the back of the car there are two giant bottle-like containers that appear to be holding red and white wine.

Chinese CarEdit

GourmetTrain (4)

Chinese Car

The third car is designed with Chinese culture in mind and resembles a small mountain with a statue of a giant Buddha-like figure imbedded in it that is holding a large dome-shaped restaurant designed to look like a covered metal food tray in its right hand and on top of the restaurant is large gold handle-shaped ornament in the shape of a dragon. There are also two large Chinese buildings on the left and right side of the mountain, there is also a carpeted red floor with stairs leading into the Buddha's belly.

Japanese CarEdit

GourmetTrain (5)

Japanese Car

The fourth car is of a more traditional Japanese design. It has a classic Edo period structure lay ontop of what appears to be a circular two leveled resturaunt from the modern era, complete with a garden ontop of its roof. Lined with blue polished tiles along the side, held up by a, what appears to be a more stone curved stone foundation and glass windows to the sides.



Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2Edit

In Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2, Fond De Bohno used this locomotive as his main form of transport during his ingredient gathering trek through the Gattsuki Continent with Toriko, Komatsu, Coco, Sunny, Koryou, Setsuno, Jiro, Terry Cloth and Yun.[1]


Toriko's Break ArcEdit

Fond De Bohno loaned his train to Toriko for his vacation trip to Gourmet Beach. Toriko then brought along with him Komatsu, Terry Cloth, Ob and Yun so they could enjoy the vacation time.[2]


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