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Gourmet world dinosaur
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Japanese ブレスドラゴン
Romanized Buresudoragon
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 219
Length 300m
Height 260m
Weight 120,000t
Price 1kg/6,000 yen
Habitat Above Underground Forest
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 111
Anime Episode 49
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The Breath Dragon (ブレスドラゴン, Buresudoragon) is a powerful dragon-like beast from Gourmet World and was the very first beast that Toriko encountered in the Gourmet World.


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The Breath Dragon's head up-close

The Breath Dragon is a mammalian, quadrupedal, sauropod-like animal with dark beige skin. It has large thick legs, a seemingly long tail and an even longer and thin neck with a small head, and numerous spots decorated its back. Its head is rather small when compared to the rest of its body and its has a cranial crest on the back of its head. Its face is thin with small eyes and mouth, and it has a notable nasal bone shape that extends outward with a single large nostril, somewhat like a cannon and it could even fire air projectiles much like a cannon as well.

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Breath Dragon over trees

A Breath Dragon watching the Basin from afar.

The only Breath Dragons seen appear to have some sort of affinity with the Waterfall Basin of Life, likely considering it a part of their territory and they appear to inhabit the forested regions near it (which are located above the Underground Forest) in order to keep a vigilant eye on it. Anything that goes down the basin will immediately be shot by a Breath Dragon, indicating that it is very territorial about anything that enters or goes near its territory, and once its target is killed or defeated it will proceed to ignore it, showing no interest in eating it, which shows that it is a very aggressive and ruthless beast. This affinity for the basin and the constant watch over it to ensure nothing enters Gourmet World via it makes them almost appear as guardians of the entrance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Breath Dragon attacks Toriko

The Breath Dragon's powerful air blasts.

The Breath Dragon is a powerful beast, as is usual for the creatures of Gourmet World and can easily survive in its harsh environments, and having a CLVL of 219 makes it far more powerful then any natural Human World creature.

It has an incredibly powerful breath which it can release from its nozzle-like nose as compressed air blasts that can travel great distances and break through solid rock with ease and defeat someone like Toriko in an instant.

However it is still considerably weaker when compared to the other more fearsome lifeforms that dwell within Gourmet World, and even Toriko was capable of outmaneuvering and frightening off the dragon during his second encounter with it with just one blow of his improved Flying Fork.


The Reality of Gourmet World ArcEdit

Breath Dragon attacking

The Breath Dragon attacks Toriko.

When Toriko eagerly wanted to enter the Gourmet World to test his improved abilities after his trip to Vegetable Sky, he traveled to Zabel Island in order to enter Gourmet World via the Waterfall Basin of Life. When he leaped down the cliff side, he excitedly looked forward to what awaited him, however his excitement was cut short as he was blasted into the side of the cliff by numerous powerful blasts of compressed air which left him horribly bruised. He then looked far to see that he was struck by a Breath Dragon, he then tried sending a Flying Fork at it which faded away before it could reach it. It then launched another powerful blast which wounded Toriko even further. Toriko was then instantly defeated by its powerful blast of breath and fell down to the Underground Forest below. This would be his first encounter with a Gourmet World creature which made him understand the true ferocity of the Gourmet World.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit



After Toriko received a boost of moral from people within the Human World, he became determined to improve himself and capture more ingredients to achieve his dream. To start off he returned for a second time to the Waterfall Basin of Life to enter Gourmet World. He then encountered a Breath Dragon (which is the same one from before) which proceeded to attack him once more, and he thanked it for the last time it attacked him as it made him understand the true power of Gourmet World. He then swiftly knocked it back with ease using his improved Flying Fork.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga, this beast was not given a name, also the blast of air it launched at Toriko left him far more beaten and bloody in the manga while in the anime there was no sign of blood.
  • The Breath Dragon has two nostrils in the anime while in the manga it only has one.
  • The manga later used the name "Breath Dragon" when the beast appeared again. Indicating that either the author used the anime's name for it or the anime's staff asked the author.


  • The way Toriko comments on the Breath Dragon he sees during his second encounter implies that it may be the first Breath Dragon he encountered. However the one he first encountered had no visible scars while the second one had many. It may either be a different one or it had gained several scars since the last time they met.

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