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Japanese 出汁ペリカン
Romanized Dashi perikan
Aliases Soup Stock Pelican, Stock Pelican
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Type Bird
Capture Level 3
Height 80cm
Weight 7kg
Habitat Shorelines with abundant food (also available in stores)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 97
Anime Episode 39
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Broth Pelicans are large white or brown waterfowl. They're endowed with a rumen-like stomach compartment which stores about 20% of anything the bird has eaten at any given time. The contents of the rumen are called "Golden Broth". Unfortunately, unless you stumble across the leader of the flock, you won't get much broth. Broth gushers are pretty rare! It was one of the many ingredients used by Komatsu when he was recreating the Century Soup, although it is not known if this ingredient made it into the final version of the soup.