Japanese ブルボ
Romanized Burubo
English Brubo
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday April 1st
Status Deceased
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation Gourmet Bounty Hunter;
Gourmet Hunter
Personal Status
Relatives None Known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 68
Anime Episode 25
Japanese Oobayashi Youhei
English Phil Parsons
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Brubo (ブルボ Burubo) was a Gourmet Hunter well known as the "Gourmet Bounty Hunter". He was one of the many hunters that traveled to Ice Hell to find the Century Soup for Colonel Mokkoi.


Brubo Expressions

Brubo was a tall, muscular, light-skinned man with short stylized black hair and a mustache. He had one scar on each of his eyes and was missing a tooth. His chest and arms were covered in hair.

His attire consisted of a simple pair of brown pants with black shoes and a white sash tied around his waist.


He loved to drink alcohol. He had a short temper and got violent while drinking.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Brubo's Weapons

Brubo's weapons

In the anime, he was seen using two metal spiked sticks against a Sharkcrocodile.


Century Soup ArcEdit

Brubo's Death

Tommyrod kills Brubo.

At the Bar Heavy Lodge, Brubo shouts for more booze. When Toriko enters the bar, Brubo is surprised. He is one of the Gourmet Hunters to travel to Ice Hell to find the Century Soup for Colonel Mokkoi.[1] When he is traveling in Ice Hell, his body is frozen but he struggles so he will not die. Tommyrod notices Brubo and drives his hand through Brubo's stomach, killing the Gourmet Hunter instantly.[2]

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit


Brubo alive in the anime.

  • All traces of blood were removed from when Tommyrod stabbed him.
  • During the Four Beast Arc, Brubo is seen alive and well near Morijii despite having been killed by Tommyrod in Ice Hell. This appears to be an oversight of the anime's staff since his wounds and near frozen state would've made it impossible for him to have survived.



  • His voice actor also voices Ram and Zyper.


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